The Priesthood and the SSPX

Many Saints have spoken on the greatness of the Priest.

The Priesthood is the love of the Heart of Jesus.  Just as Our Lord’s  Church was born from his side as Eve from the side of Adam, so too did He give us the Priesthood, for there is no Church without the Priesthood and no Priesthood without the Church.  Our Lord Jesus Christ left us when he ascended into Heaven but really He didn’t because His Priests are Himself still walking on earth, forgiving and healing, saving souls and offering sacrifice.  Our Lord desires that we treat His Priests as we would Himself.

All Priests must strive to be worthy of such a great calling.

How many would speak like this today? How many would love the Priesthood? Very few because those who should be the lights of the world were devils and derided and soiled the Sacred Priesthood, those who should have saved souls instead destroyed them.  All of this was foretold by Our Lady of Good Success so many centuries ago. Nothing could be worse than sodomites in the Priesthood. Such wicked men have the intention of the devil, to destroy the Church and destroy souls.  All who know me, know of my great love for the Priesthood, and great sorrow at what has happened to the Priesthood. I’ve always offered my prayers and sacrifices for the Priests, those who destroyed the lives of children, those who destroyed the Sacred Liturgy, Archbishop Bugnini, Congar, Cardinal Mahony, Cardinal O’Brien and the many, many Modernists and Freemasons that have attempted to destroy the Church.

Can you imagine the number of Priests and Bishops in hell, for what they’ve done? I believe the punishment in hell is far greater for the ordained then it is for us, they who have the sacred anointing on their hands, the tongue of Christ, the ordaining hands of the Bishop on their heads, the feet of Christ, the heart of Christ, all to be burned for all eternity! A Priest. A Priest who should be Our Lord living and walking on earth is thrown into hell for eternity! Just such a thought should make all save the souls of Priests and Bishops and even Popes, of course. God knows if the Pope is sending people to hell. God forbid he should send himself there he, the Supreme Pontiff and Vicar of Jesus Christ, charged with every soul, living and walking on this earth, charged with handing on what Our Lord has handed to him.  If only his was the motto of the great Archbishop Lefebvre’s: “I have passed on what I have received.”

Woe to a Priest who would allow any soul in his parish to be lost. Woe to him if he doesn’t preach the True Faith for their salvation. And very few do so.  The large majority of “Catholic” parishes are wastelands.  Why? The Priest is not doing his God-given duty of saving souls. He’s one of them, just as spiritually barren as his own people.

The same can be said of Bishops, those who have the souls of all in their Dioceses in their care. And what does he do for them? Nothing. Only a handful are truly Catholic Bishops. Nowadays, the Bishop acts like nothing more than a business man. That can be said of the Bishop of this Diocese. Everything is a joke to him. He’s more of a jolly Santa Claus than a Catholic Bishop and too busy laughing it up to even worry about passing on the True Faith, therefore this Diocese is a spiritual wasteland, a spiritual desert.  Even my Priest said from the pulpit that we have to pray for his conversion. Indeed. To think, we have to pray for the conversion of the Catholic Clergy to the One, True Faith because they’ve lost it.

And woe to the Pope. Woe to Pope Francis, for the unimaginable damage he may have caused the Church and to souls. How many souls could be damned or are in danger of damnation because of his “who am I to judge” comment, for example?  What about the countless other “atomic bombs” that he has dropped on the Church through his words and actions? How many in the world think that the Church is starting to approve of sodomy because the Pope supposedly won’t judge?  Last I checked, the Pope was the judge since he is Christ’s vicar on earth. If anyone should judge what is right and wrong, sin and not sin, good and evil, it’s the Pope. He’s supposed to guard the deposit of Faith, guard the True Faith and preach it. But, of course he gave up the Triple Crown so what do we expect?  The Oath for the Papal Coronation says this:  “Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art father of princes and kings, ruler of the world, vicar on earth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, to whom is honour and glory for ever and ever.”  Additionally, he gave up the Oath against Modernism, the St. Michael prayer and on and on. No wonder the smoke of Satan is in the Church.  It’s no longer smoke.  It’s thick fumes, suffocating us to death.

Instead of guarding the True Faith, the Pope mocks it and those who adhere to it. He persecutes those True Catholics, calls them names, destroys a thriving Catholic religious order.  All for what?  To guarantee the Church of Man continues?  Never!  It will be destroyed in God’s good time and the True Church will be restored.  Modernism will be destroyed.  The errors plaguing souls will be destroyed.  Who can ever imagine a time such as this in the Church, when not only the world hates us, but those who say their Catholic, those who are our Pope, Bishops and Priests?  The case is simply that they have lost the Faith, yet Our Lord has a remnant and he always will.  There will always be Catholics keeping the True Faith, in every age and persecution.

We have to follow Our Lord, who was persecuted.  And we have to do our part in saving the souls of Priests from hell.

Yes, yes I may sound like a harsh, rigid fanatic but the TRUTH must be said, no matter how many people may get their feelings hurt.  All the souls in the world, including the representatives of Our Lord Jesus Christ are at stake.

Hell is the point of no return. You can never go back.  Never.  And it’s all your own fault.

-Damsel of the Faith


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