Pope Francis fiddles as Rome burns

It is as I thought. The Council continues, but this time there are no ambiguities. They are out in the open in attacking the moral edifice of the Church. Pope Francis fiddles as Rome burns – Burns with lust to commit sacrilege.

From Rome:


The Synod of public acceptance has revealed that they want to drop anything to do with sin from the Church’s language. After all, saying “disordered” or “living in sin” offends people. You can’t say that adulterers are living in sin. They have to be allowed to live in sin. This is the devil’s desire, to see the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony desecrated when the day comes that adulterers are allowed to approach the Table of the Lord.

The rites of every Sacrament of the Church were changed as a result of the Second Vatican Council, except Marriage. Now, they’re coming for that. The Masonic infiltrators could not corrupt the Sacrament of Marriage through the ecclesiastical process. Their attempts at using the Scripture to justify their sinful lifestyles has been unsuccessful. Unfortunately for them, the people know how to read. So now, they have devised a scheme to pull the curtains at the Synod and corrupt Marriage through “pastoral application.” They are going to corrupt Matrimony ‘pastorally’ it seems.

The only way they have left to trash the sacrament of Holy Matrimony is to allow adulterers to profane the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Satan could not do it directly, so he does it indirectly. This is what the Synod is all about – How can they nullify the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony? This is the ultimate objective of the devil. Satan wants to get the Church to marry people into adultery and call it Holy Matrimony, but he knows he can’t do it and he is mad as hell about it. The next best thing is to have adulterers trash every other sacrament of the Church and then profane the Blessed Sacrament. This is a doctrine born of the Reformation, a doctrine that will lead fatally to the very denial of God. To knowingly receive the Holy Eucharist in a state of mortal sin, kills all sanctifying grace in the soul from Baptism. For the Church Herself to advocate such a sacrilege from the highest summit of Catholicism, is to deny the very existence of God.

The Synod is essentially saying that the whole mission of the Church, which is to condemn sin and save souls is no longer Her mission because it, “offends” people. Then what is the point of the Church anymore? Is it just an NGO, a community center, a club where everyone’s nice and nobody gets their feelings hurt? This isn’t the Catholic Church anymore. No, it’s not. The Church is being emptied of all divine content, but the Church will triumph again. The greater Her sufferings, the greater will be Her resurrection and triumph.

This is unprecedented, unheard of, what is coming out of Rome these days. When Rome was Catholic, what is taking place right now would have been unthinkable. Catholics would have stormed Rome in protest, if such occurred, as they did when Pope Gregory dared to touch the canon.

They are convening this Synod to attack the only Sacrament over which they have no authority, Marriage. This Synod is not just an attack on the Church, but on God Himself. What the leading Princes of the Church are saying is, “We hate you, God! We despise you! You’re a tyrant! Your moral law is unjust, and we refuse to obey it!”

Apparently, the world has changed to the point where we can no longer be Catholic. Apparently, we have to abandon our Faith. I for one will not. I will remain Catholic come what may, rack or rope, or unholy Pope.

Here we see the Romans’ desperate attempt to glorify sodomy and introduce sodomite “marriage” into the Church: The pastor of these sodomites praises their abominable sin.


I quote the priest, Fr. Bob White:

“The way Jamie came to his decision to marry was consistent with the man I’ve been proud to call my friend for the past 18 years. It is an honest and open expression of who he is and how he lives his life.”

The reason that this story made national attention is because they are trying to introduce sodomite “marriage” into the Church. They desperately want to torpedo the Catholic Church and sink her to the bottom of the ocean. The devil is trying to get a validly elected Pope to teach this heresy.

Even in Portugal, the sodomites are taking over. Our Lady of Fatima said that the dogma of the Faith would always be preserved in Portugal. The devil is coming for everything.


Spiritual Adultery is the worst kind. It is unfaithfulness to God on behalf of His Bride. That’s what this Synod is – Spiritual Adultery of the worst kind. Listen, as Satan whispers into the ears of those who have conjured up this Sick Synod, “never mind doctrine or dogma, we will just use them as stepping stones to reach the summit of our false faith – A complete and total rejection of anything that remotely resembles the True Catholic Faith.”

And when you’re finished, let me show you another scene; Behold your Saviour, the Holy, Spotless and Lovely Jesus, struggling with convulsive efforts to raise the cross, beneath which He has fallen – His visage is more marred than any man, His blood is dripping to the ground. Come quietly with me now, shhhhh, kneel down, look closely and see the stammering lips of your suffering Saviour as He seems to say, “sinner, for thee I freely suffer, for thee, I endure these afflictions that thou mightest be saved.” And finally, see His Father turn His back upon Him as He cries, My God, My God – Why hast thou forsaken Me! Thus an awful price was payed that day for our Redemption, but here too it must be noted, that without true repentance, there can be no forgiveness there…

Our Lord is permitting all of this to happen, He is testing the faithful ones, but He will not be mocked for much longer. God is not mocked, and yet; He is mocked by His own people and priests.


“The world has changed and the Church can not withdraw into supposed interpretations of dogma. We have to approach these social difficulties, both new and old, by extending a hand to give comfort, not by stigmatizing and criticizing people.” ~ Pope Francis

Well, isn’t that special. It’s Mr. Rogers neighborhood, where everybody is happy, happy, happy. No one is criticized, nobody is stigmatized; everyone is pastorized, homoized, just not catechized. Everyone is saved, with no repentance required!

Stay tuned for tomorrow when we will see the devil continuing to influence the Romans in their attempt to solemnize adultery. They will stop at nothing to get adulterers to stick their tongue out at God, with the approval of Rome.

Rome is blessed to still be standing on it’s foundation.

God will not be mocked.

~Damsel of the Faith


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