Prophecies from Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich

All of the following Prophecies are taken from The Life and Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich by Carl E. Schmoger.

She saw the restoration of the Church and the priests and laics who would help in that restoration, namely the SSPX.

I saw St. Peter’s utterly demolished, all excepting the choir and main altar.  St. Michael, girt and armed, descended into the church and with his sword repulsed several bad pastors who were trying to enter.  He drove them into a corner where they sat looking at one another.  The part of the church that had been demolished in a few instants was surrounded by light wicker-work so that divine service could be perfectly celebrated.  Then from all parts of the world came priests and laics, who built up the walls of stone, for the enemy had not been able to shake the firm foundation.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – September 10,1822

The current Passion of the Church was revealed to her in the following vision:

I saw heartrending misery, playing, drinking, gossiping, even courting going on in the church.  All sorts of abominations were committed in it; they had even set up a ninepin alley in the middle of it. The priests let things go their way and said Mass very irreverently; only a few of them were still a little intelligent and pious.  I saw Jews standing around the doorways.  All this grieved me deeply. Then my Heavenly Spouse bound me as He Himself had been bound to the pillar, and He said:  ‘So will the Church yet be bound.  She will be tightly bound before she shall again rise.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – September 27, 1822

The attacks of Freemasonry upon the true Church was shown to her in this fascinating vision:

Last night I had a vision of the Pope.  I saw St. Francis carrying the church, and the basilica of St. Peter borne on the shoulders of a little man who had something of the Jew in his countenance.  It looked very perilous.  Mary stood on the north side of the church with her mantle extended over it. The little man was almost bent double.  He is, as yet, a laic.  I know who he is.  The twelve men whom I always see as the twelve new apostles ought to have helped him, but they arrived too late; however, just as he was about to fall, they all ran up with myriads of angels to his assistance.  It was only the pavement and the back part of the church, for all the rest had been demolished by the secret society helped by the servants of the church themselves.  They bore it to another place, and it seemed as if rows of palaces fell before it like fields of wheat in harvest time.  When I saw St. Peter’s in this ruinous state and so many ecclesiastics laboring, though secretly, at its destruction, I was so overcome that I cried earnestly to Jesus for mercy.  Then I saw my Heavenly Spouse before under the form of a youth.  He spoke to me for a long time.  He told me that this translation of St. Peter’s signified that the Church would apparently fall to total ruin: but that, resting on these supports, she would be raised up againEven if there should remain but one Catholic Christian, the Church would again triumph since its foundations were not cast in the intellect or councils of men.  She had never yet been without members praying and suffering for her.  He showed me all that He Himself had endured for her, what efficacy He had bestowed upon the merits and labors of the martyrs, and He ended by saying that He would endure it all over again if it were possible for Him again to suffer.  He showed me, also, in numberless pictures, the miserable aims of Christians and ecclesiastics throughout the whole world.  The vision grew wider, more extended, until it embraced my own country; and then Jesus exhorted me to perseverance in prayer and expiatory suffering.  It was an unspeakably great and sorrowful picture.  I cannot describe it!  I was also told that very few Christians, in the true sense of the term, are to be found nowadays.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – October 4, 1822

The crisis in the Church:

“I see the Church alone, forsaken by all and around her strife, misery, hatred, treason, resentment, total blindness.  I see messengers sent on all sides from a dark, central point with messages that issue from their mouths like black vapor, enkindling in the breast of their hearers rage and hatred.  I pray earnestly for the oppressed!  On those places in which some souls still pray I see light descending; but on others, pitchy darkness.  The situation is terrible!  My God have mercy!  How much I have prayed!  O city! O city (Rome) with what art thou threatened!  The storm approaches – be on thy guard!  I trust thou wilt stand firm!”  ~October 7, 1822

Saints and mystics have seen the current Passion of the Church centuries ago.  They have said that the Church will triumph.  Take comfort in knowing this.  Despite the devastation and the almost annihilation of the Catholic Faith, she will be raised up gloriously like Christ in the end.

More of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s Prophecies forthcoming.

~Damsel of the Faith


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