Quotes from the Saints

With the Feast of All Saints approaching, we would do well to meditate on some of the powerful sayings from the Saints of the Holy Catholic Church.

“The honor and glory of the saints surpass all eloquence, for God himself would praise all the saints with the whole world, all men and angels as an audience, and he will crown them like victors, and they will be seated on the throne of Christ as participants in his kingdom, something that surpasses every dignity.”   ~St. Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church

“The sermons of the saints are their examples.”   ~St. John Vianney

“Those who seek to perfect themselves in every aspect of virtue should look to the lives of the saints, which are like living and breathing works of art, and thus by imitation try to reproduce their virtues in their own life.” ~St. Basil the Great, Doctor of the Church

“You cannot be half a saint. You must be a whole saint or no saint at all.”   ~St. Therese of Lisieux, Doctor of the Church

“Those in the Catholic Church, whom some rebuke for praying to saints and going on pilgrimages, do not seek any saint as their savior. Instead, they seek saints as those whom their Savior loves, and whose intercession and prayer for the seeker He will be content to hear. For his own sake, He would have those He loves honored. And when they are thus honored for His sake, then the honor that is given them for His sake overflows especially to Himself.”   ~St. Thomas More

“Humility has been regarded by the saints as the basis and guardian of all virtues.”   ~St. Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor of the Church

“…humility repulses Satan and preserves us in the gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit. For this reason all the saints, and especially the King of Saints and His Mother, ever honored and cherished this virtue above all others.”   ~St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church

“I would give my life a thousand times that God might not be offended.”   ~St. Gerard Majella

“Jesus, Mary, The Cross: I want no other friends but these.”   ~St. Bernadette Soubirous

“They who praise me, truly reproach and confound me.”   ~St. Bernard

“Thank God I am deemed worthy to be hated by the world.”   ~St. Jerome

Too late have I loved Thee, O beauty so ancient, yet so new! Too late have I loved Thee!”   ~St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church

“Had I a thousand bodies, O my God, a thousand loves and a thousand lives, I would immolate them all to your service.”   ~St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

“Majestic and Heavenly Maid, Lady, Queen, protect and keep me under your wing lest Satan the sower of destruction glory over me, lest my wicked foe be victorious against me.”   ~St. Ephrem, Doctor of the Church

“All the ends of the earth, all the kingdoms of the world would be of no profit to me; so far as I am concerned, to die in Jesus Christ is better than to be monarch of earth’s widest bounds. He who died for us is all that I seek; He who rose again for us is my whole desire.”   ~St. Ignatius of Antioch

“The interests of God shall be Our interest, and for these We are resolved to spend all Our strength and Our very life. Hence, should anyone ask Us for a symbol as the expression of Our will, We will give this and no other: ‘To renew all things in Christ.”   ~Pope St. Pius X, “E Supremi”, 1903 A.D.

“I often speak with my Teacher, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, because I can learn from Him. Jesus is the Teacher of the science of holiness. I go to Him because I would like to learn from Him how to become a saint. Of what use to me is all knowledge and education, if I do not become holy?”  ~St. Francis de Sales

“Follow the saints, because those who follow them will become saints.”   ~Pope St. Clement

“You say you see no reason why we should pray to the saints since God can hear us and help us just as well, and will do so gladly, as any saint in heaven. Well, then, what need, I ask, do you have to ask any physician to help your fever, or to ask and pay any surgeon to heal your sore leg? For God can both hear you and help you as well as the best of doctors, He loves you more than they do, and He can help you sooner.”   ~St. Thomas More

“But if the Apostles and martyrs while still in the body can pray for others, at a time when they ought still be solicitous about themselves, how much more will they do so after their crowns, victories, and triumphs?”    ~St. Jerome

“If Saint Paul exhorts us to pray for one another, and we gladly think it right to ask every poor man to pray for us, should we think it evil to ask the holy saints in heaven to do the same?”   ~St. Thomas More

“I protest to everyone that I die for God willingly, if only you do not hinder me. I implore you, do not proffer me an unseasonable kindness. Let the wild beasts have me, for through them my way to God lies open. I am God’s wheat, and I am ground by the teeth of wild beasts that I may be found pure bread of Christ. Rather, entice the wild animals that they may become my tomb, and leave nothing at all of my body. Thus when I sleep in death I shall burden no one. Then shall I be truly a disciple of Jesus Christ when the world cannot see even my body. Beseech the Lord on my behalf, that through these instruments I may be found a sacrifice to God… May the beasts prepared for me by my joy! And I pray that they will make short work of me. I will coax them with flattery to devour me without delay, and not treat me as some others whom they have been afraid to touch. But if they should be reluctant and unwilling, I will compel them by force.”   ~St. Ignatius of Antioch

“The saints were filled with the love of God… When you love a person, you show him more or less affection, according as the ardor of your love for him is more or less great.”   ~St. John Vianney

“The saints were so completely dead to themselves that they cared very little whether others agreed with them or not.”   ~St. John Vianney

“The saints had no hatred, no bitterness; they forgive everything and think they deserve much more for their offenses against God.”   ~St. John Vianney

“All those who have become saints have frequented the Sacraments and have raised their souls to God by prayer.”   ~St. John Vianney

“All the angels and saints are engaged in trying to prevent us from committing sins.”   ~St. John Vianney

“O Jesus, watch over me always, especially today, or I shall betray you like Judas.”   ~St. Philip Neri


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