Series on the sermons of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (In dedication to Fr. Christopher Brandler)

The words of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre must be proclaimed far and wide for these are the words of a great saint.  I will begin to post his profound sermons on my blog.

The Archbishop loved his Priests and wanted them to be true Catholic Priests to continue the True Catholic Faith, for the honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls.  The Priests of his Society continue his work and these holy men will be repaid for their dedication to the True Faith, not only in this life, but in the next.  I dedicate these posts to one such Priest of Our Lord and the SSPX, Father Christopher Brandler.  It is the Archbishop who will help you to better appreciate your Priesthood, Father. Remain faithful to his vision and His Faith, the True Catholic Faith.  God bless you, Father.

Here are the words of a saintly defender and hero of the True Catholic Faith.  By reading his words we can see that the Archbishop had a burning love for the Church, the Mass and the Catholic Priesthood.

Viva Archbishop Lefebvre!

From his June 29, 1987 Priest Ordination Sermon:

“You are going to be ordained in the Catholic Mass. You are not going to be ordained in the neo-Protestant Mass. And this Catholic Mass has been, is still, and always will be the great priestly program, the great program of the Christian life. To modify this Mass is also to change the priestly ideal and the Christian ideal, the Catholic ideal. Indeed, this Holy Mass is, before all else, the Cross of Jesus, the continuation of the Cross of Jesus. The veil of the temple is torn because Jesus died on the Cross. The Old Testament disappeared in order to give place to the New Testament. Was everything then changed?  Yes and no. Without a doubt all the rites of the ancient law and a certain conception of the law of God were changed; but the main point of the law of the Old Testament was transformed into a living vision of the law of love. What are the Ten Commandments, if not to love God and to love our neighbor?  It is Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself who told us this. And this law of love from now on is no longer inscribed only on stones but in the Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the law of love and He has shown it on the Cross. What more beautiful manifestation of this law of love and of this charity could Our Lord give than dying on the Cross for the glory of His Father and for the salvation of souls?”

“In this way your souls will be comforted before the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, before His Blood, before His Body, which you will have in front of you on the altar and which you yourselves will make come down from Heaven by the words of consecration that you will pronounce. What a sublime mystery: God obedient to men to offer and continue His Sacrifice. That will be the design of your priestly life: to penetrate the souls who will come to you and who will take part in your Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, with these sentiments of love towards God, of love towards your neighbor, right up to the sacrifice of yourself. And God knows that Our Lord Jesus Christ gives us the example for this: up to the sacrifice of self, up to death if necessary, up to pouring out your blood to remain united to Our Lord Jesus Christ. May that be your resolution. That is why you must be attached to the life and death of Our Lord at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that you are going to celebrate with me.”

“Who has been uncrowned? Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Who has uncrowned Him? The Roman authorities of today.”

“Jesus Christ is uncrowned. He is no longer the King, the universal King, the King whom we proclaim from the Feast of Christmas right up to His Ascension. All the religious feasts proclaim the royalty of Our Lord Jesus Christ. All during the liturgical year, we sing: Rex regum, et Dominus dominantium—King of kings and Lord of lords!

And behold!Instead of magnifying the royalty of Our Lord Jesus Christ, a pantheon of all religions is instituted!  Just as the pagan emperors of Rome had made that pantheon of all the religions, today it is the Roman authorities of the Church who are doing it!

This is a tremendous scandal for souls, for Catholics, to see thus cast into doubt the universal Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is precisely that which is called Liberalism.

Liberalism is the institution of man’s freedom vis-à-vis God. As a consequence, the man who in his conscience believes, hopes, professes any religion becomes as respectable as the one who says that he is professing the true religion.”

“This is not a human battle. We are in close combat with Satan. It is a struggle that demands all the supernatural forces which we need in order to fight against him who wants to destroy the Church radically, who wishes the destruction of the work of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He has wanted this ever since Our Lord was born, and he wants to go on abolishing and destroying His Mystical Body, wiping out His reign and all His institutions, whatever they may be. We have to be conscious of this dramatic, apocalyptic struggle in which we live and not minimize it. To the extent that we minimize it, our eagerness in the battle grows less. We become weaker and dare no more to proclaim the Truth. We no longer dare to proclaim the social Kingship of Our Lord, because that sounds bad to the ears of the secular and atheistic world. To say that Our Lord Jesus Christ should reign in society seems to be a folly to the world. We are taken for laggards, old-fashioned, frozen in the Middle Ages. ‘All of that belongs to the past. It is finished. That time has ended. It is no longer possible that Our Lord Jesus Christ can reign in society.’  We could perhaps suffer a little of the tendency to be afraid of this public opinion that is against us, because we affirm the Kingship of Our Lord. Let us not be surprised then that the demonstrations that we can hold in favor of the social Kingship of Our Lord raise up in front of us an army directed by Satan in order to impede our influence from growing and even to destroy it.”


4 thoughts on “Series on the sermons of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (In dedication to Fr. Christopher Brandler)

  1. Fr. Christopher Brandler

    The photo at the top is from my ordination Mass on May 19, 1985 in Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA, where St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary was located before it moved to Winona, Minnesota. At the altar for the Elevation are Archbishop Lefebvre raising the Host for adoration after the consecration, with Father Richard Williamson [seminary rector, assistant priest] kneeling on the left, and Father Franz Schmidberger [Superior General, deacon] kneeling at the right, and Father François Laisney [US District Superior, subdeacon] kneeling in the center on the bottom altar step. My colleague Father Loren Gerspacher [Canadian] is kneeling at the right wearing his chasuble, whereas I am next to him off camera with a part of my chasuble showing. This chasuble was a gift from Frau Katharina Tangari (1906-1989), which was part of a Mass kit which she gave to priests who studied at Ecône.
    And the sermon of the Archbishop in Ecône from 1987 is remarkable. I was there for that one.
    I can still hear it resonating in my memory and imagination.
    Thank you for sharing these. God bless you for your kindness and hard work.


    1. damselofthefaith Post author


      Thank you for sharing this with me! I honestly did not have this pre-planned nor did I have any idea the sermon or picture was relevant to you. I just wanted to do something nice for you, in thanks for your dedication to God, the SSPX and the Church.

      You’re always welcome, Father. God bless you as well. Keep the Holy Faith. +


  2. Chris Brandler

    Thank you for the dedication. I feel so unworthy. Nine years ago I had brain surgery and am semi-paralyzed. See photo.

    I still try to do all I can for souls.

    The other photo shows me at 12 years old after serving Christmas midnight Mass in Chicago, Illinois. God bless you always.

    In Jesus and Mary,

    Father Christopher Brandler


    1. damselofthefaith Post author


      Which photos are you speaking of? I have a photo in this post of you at 12 years old?

      Despite your disabilities, you are still a chosen Priest of Our Lord. All the more are you closer to Him, especially through your sufferings. I’m sorry, Father. I know that you do all you can for souls. This only demonstrates that you are a true Priest of Our Lord whose only goal in life is the salvation of souls.

      “Do you wish to know if the people of any place are righteous? Look what sort of a pastor they have. If you find him pious, just, sound, believe the people will be the same, for they are seasoned with the salt of his wisdom.” ~St. John Chrysostom



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