They pull the Church down while the SSPX builds it up

Here is Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s vision of Freemasonry tearing down the Church:

I saw St. Peter’s.  A great crowd of men were trying to pull it down while others were constantly trying to build it up again.  Lines connected these men one with another and with others throughout the whole world.  I was amazed at their perfect understanding.  The demolishers, mostly apostates and members of the different sects, broke off whole pieces and worked according to rules and instructions.  They wore white aprons bound with blue riband.  In them were pockets and they had trowels stuck in their belts.  The costumes of the others were various. They were among the demolishers distinguished men wearing uniforms and crosses.  They did not work themselves, but they marked out on the wall with a trowel where and how it should be torn down.  To my horror, I saw among them Catholic priests.  Whenever the workmen did not know how to go on, they went to a certain one in their party.  He had a large book, which seemed to contain the whole plan for the building and the way to destroy it.  They marked out exactly with a trowel the parts to be attacked, and they soon came down.  They worked quietly and confidently, but slyly, figuratively, and warily.  I saw the Pope praying, surrounded by false friends who often did the very opposite to what he had ordered, and I saw a little black fellow (a laic) laboring actively against the Church.  While it was thus being pulled down on one side, it was rebuilt on the other, but not very zealously.  I saw many of the clergy whom I knew.  The Vicar-General gives me great joy.  He went to and fro, coolly giving orders for the repairing of the injured parts.  I saw my confessor dragging a huge stone by a roundabout way.  I saw others carelessly saying their Breviary and, now and then, bringing a little stone under their cloak or giving it to another as something very rare.  They seemed to have neither confidence, earnestness, or method.  They hardly knew what was going on.  It was lamentable!  

Soon the whole front of the Church was down; the Sanctuary alone stood.  I was very much troubled and I kept thinking, ‘Where is the man with the red mantle and white banner whom I used to see standing on the church to protect it?’  Then I saw a most majestic lady floating over the great square before the church.  Her wide mantle fell over her arms as she arose gently on high, until she stood upon the cupola and spread it over all the church like golden rays.  The destroyers were taking a short repose, and when they had returned they could in no way approach the space covered by the mantle.  On the opposite side, the repairs progressed with incredible activity.  There came men, old, crippled, long-forgotten, followed by vigorous young people, men, women, children, ecclesiastic and lay, and the edifice was soon restored. Then I saw a new Pope coming in procession, younger and far sterner looking than his predecessor. He was received with pomp.  He appeared about to consecrate the church.  But I heard a voice proclaiming it unnecessary as the Blessed Sacrament had not been disturbed.  The same voice said that they should solemnly celebrate a double feast, a universal jubilee and the restoration of the church.  The Pope, before the feast began, instructed his officers to drive out from the assembled faithful a crowd of the clergy both high and low, and I saw them going out, scolding and grumbling. Then the Holy Father took into his service others, ecclesiastic and lay.  Now commenced the great solemnity in St. Peter’s.  The men in white aprons worked on when they thought themselves unobserved, silently, cunningly, though rather timidly.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich December 27, 1819

Here’s 2 Bishops tearing down the Church while the SSPX is trying to rebuild the Church.

It is interesting that these Bishops consider the only “enemies” that the Church has are the SSPX.

They are angry that we are not really “excommunicated” so they think they will take care of business by imposing an “excommunication” unjustly, with no reason whatsoever, other than pure hatred for the True Catholic Faith, plain and simple.  They realize their time is short and so is their new religion. In the not too distant future, the True Church will be restored and the SSPX are and will be playing a great part in that restoration of the Church.  Thanks be to God for the Society of St. Pius X!

How is it that the SSPX has no “canonical status” in the Church when heretical Priests, Bishops and Cardinals are allowed to run rampant with no canonical censure whatsoever?  Do they not realize the SSPX is of pontifical right and was canonically established?

“The pope has never suppressed the SSPX: only the pope, not a local bishop, has the authority to suppress a religious order (1917 Code of Canon Law, canon 493 and 1983 Code of Canon Law, canon 616).”

What these Bishops are saying is very grave.  How can you be excommunicated from the Church for being Catholic?  It just isn’t possible.

As the Archbishop said:

If one day they shall excommunicate us because we remain faithful to these thesis, we shall consider ourselves excommunicated by Freemasonry. ~Archbishop Lefebvre, sermon given in 1978

These Bishops tell us that the Society Priests do not have the faculties and, therefore, the jurisdiction, for the Sacraments of Penance and Matrimony.

It is the Church Herself, because of the grave crisis She is in, that supplies jurisdiction, extraordinary jurisdiction.  The extraordinary jurisdiction is given in times of great need.  If the Church isn’t in a state of great need, I shudder to wonder what it will be like when it is. The above article proves this by quoting Canon Law:

“Jurisdiction is ordinarily given by mandate from the pope or diocesan bishop, or perhaps delegated by the parish priest. The priests of the SSPX do not have jurisdiction in this way. Extraordinarily, however, the Church supplies jurisdiction without passing by the constituted authorities. This is foreseen in the 1983 Code of Canon Law:

  • when the faithful think the priest has a jurisdiction which he does not have (canon 144) [common error],
  • when there is a probable and positive doubt that the priest has jurisdiction (canon 144),
  • when a priest inadvertently continues to hear confessions once his faculties have expired (canon 142, §2), and
  • when the penitent is in danger of death (and then even if the priest is laicised or an apostate, even though a Catholic priest is at hand) (canons 976, 1335).

Therefore, the Church, wanting the ready availability of penance,extraordinarily supplies jurisdiction in view of the needs of her children, and it is granted all the more liberally the greater their need.

The nature of the present crisis in the Church is such that the faithful can on good grounds feel it a moral impossibility to approach priests having ordinary jurisdiction. And so, whenever the faithful need the graces of penance and want to receive them from priests whose judgment and advice they can trust, they can do so, even if the priests do not ordinarily have jurisdiction. Even a suspended priest can do this for the faithful who ask: “for any just cause whatsoever” (canon 1335). This is even more the case if a faithful Catholic can foresee his being deprived of the true sacrament of penance from priests with ordinary jurisdiction until he dies. Only God knows when this crisis will end.”

This is a David and Goliath situation. Freemasonry and the enemies of the Faith vs. the SSPX.

Here are the Bishops of the restoration:

Here are some Priests and Brothers of the restoration:

Thanks be to God for the Priests of the Society:

Keep the Faith, Your Excellencies and Fathers.  You fight for Our Lord and His Church, for truth, justice and the Catholic Faith of 2,000 years.  Let nothing stop you, come hell, high waters or false excommunications.  You will be remembered as those splendid warriors of the Church that fought until the last breath for the rights of God and His Church.  Generations to come will remember and thank the SSPX and one day, the Archbishop, Marcel Lefebvre, will be remembered and honored as the great hero, guardian and defender of the Catholic Church in the most unprecedented and catastrophic crisis in her history.

Archbishop Lefebvre once said:

We have to build, while the others are demolishing. The crumbled citadels have to be rebuilt, the bastions of Faith have to be reconstructed; firstly the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of all times, which forms saints; then our chapels, monasteries, our large families, our enterprises faithful to the social politics of the Church, our politicians determined to make the politics of Jesus Christ – this is a whole fiber of Christian social life, Christian customs, Christian reflexes, which we have to restore.

Don’t forget that the Angelic Pope, flanked by the Great Monarch, will one day anathamize this Revolution and we will worship God as we did in ancient days.  Then and only then will the Archbishop finally be vindicated and his detractors put to shame.

Viva Christ Rey!

~Damsel of the Faith


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