Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions on the Church

Again I saw St. Peter’s with its lofty cupola on whose top stood Michael shining with light.  He wore a blood-red robe, a great banner in his hand.  A desperate struggle was going on below – green and blue combatants against white, and over the latter, who seemed to be worsted, appeared a fiery blood red sword.  None knew they they fought.  The church was all red like the angel, and I was told that it would be bathed in blood.  The longer the combat lasted, the paler grew the color of the Church, the more transparent it became.  Then the angel descended and approached the white troops.  I saw him several times in front of them.  Their courage was wonderfully aroused, they knew not why or how, and how the angel struck right and left among the enemy who fled in all directions. Then the fiery sword over the victorious whites disappeared.  During the engagement the enemy’s troops kept constantly deserting to the other side; once they went in great numbers.  

Numbers of saints hovered in the air over the combatants, pointing out what was to be done, making signs with the hand, etc., all different, but impelled by one spirit.  When the angel had descended, I beheld above him a great shining cross in the heavens.  On it hung the Saviour from whose wounds shot brilliant rays over the whole earth.  These glorious wounds were red like resplendent doorways, their center golden-yellow like the sun.  He wore no crown of thorns, but from all the wounds of His head streamed rays.  Those from His hands, feet, and side were fine as hair and shone with rainbow colors; sometimes they all united and fell upon villages, cities, and houses throughout the world.  I saw them here and there, far and near, falling upon the dying, and the soul entering by the colored rays into the Saviour’s wounds. The rays from the side spread over the Church like a mighty current lighting up every part of it; and I saw that the greater number of souls enter into the Lord by these glittering streams.  I saw also a shining red heart floating in the air.  From one side flowed a current of white light to the Wound of the sacred side, and from the other a second current fell upon the Church in many regions; its rays attracted numerous souls who, by the Heart and the current of light, entered into the side of Jesus.  I was told that this is the Heart of Mary.  Besides these rays, I saw from all the wounds about thirty ladders let down to the earth, some of which, however, did not reach it.  They were not all alike but narrow and broad, with large and small rounds, some standing alone, others together. Their color corresponded to the purification of the soul, first dark, then clearer, then gray, and, at last, brighter and brighter.  I saw souls painfully climbing up. Some mounted quickly, as if helped from above, others pressed forward eagerly but slipped back upon the lower rounds, while others fell back entirely into the darkness.  Their eager and painful efforts were quite pitiful.  It seemed as if they who mounted easily as if helped by others, were in closer communication with the Church.  I saw, too, many souls of those that fell on the battlefield taking the path leading into the body of the Lord.  Behind the cross, far back in the sky, I saw multitudes of pictures representing the preparation begun ages ago for the work of Redemption.  But I cannot describe it.  It looked like the stations of the way of Divine Grace from the Creation to the Redemption.  I did not always stand in the same place.  I moved around among the rays, I saw all.  Ah, I saw inexpressible, indescribable things!

When the combat on earth was over, the church and the angel became bright and shining, and the latter disappeared; the cross also vanished and in its place stood a tall, resplendent lady extending over it her mantle of golden rays.  There was a reconciliation going on inside, and acts of humility were being made.  I saw Bishops and pastors approaching one another and exchanging books.  The various sects recognized the Church by her miraculous victory and the pure light of revelation they had seen beaming upon her… When I saw this reunion, I felt that the kingdom of God was near.  I felt so sensibly the approach of the kingdom of God that I was forced to run to meet it crying tears of joy.

I had a vision of Mary in her ancestors.  I saw their whole stock, but no flower on it as noble as she.  I saw her come into this world.  How, I cannot express, but in the same way as I always see the approach of the kingdom of God with which alone I can compare it.  I saw it hastened by the desires of many humble, loving, faithful Christians.  I saw on the earth many little luminous flocks of lambs with their shepherds, the servants of Him who, like a lamb, gave His Blood for us all.  Among men reigned boundless love of God.  I saw shepherds whom I knew, who were near me, but who little dreamed of all this, and I felt an intense desire to arouse them from their sleep.  I rejoiced like a child that the Church is my mother, and I had a vision of my childhood when our schoolmaster used to say: ‘Whoever has not the Church for his mother, looks not upon God as his father!’ – Again I was a child, thinking as then, ‘The church is stone.  How, then, can it be thy mother!  Yet, it is true, it is thy mother!’ – and so I thought that I went into my mother whenever I entered the church, and I cried out in my vision, ‘Yes, she is, indeed, thy mother!’  Now I suddenly saw the Church as a beautiful, majestic lady, and I complained to her that she allowed herself to be neglected and ill-treated by her servants. I begged her to give me her Son.  She put the Child Jesus into my arms, and I talked to Him a long time.  Then I had the sweet assurance that Mary is the Church; the Church, our mother; God, our father; and Jesus, our brother – and I was glad that when a child I had gone into the stone mother, into the church, and that, through God’s grace, I had thought: ‘I am going into my holy mother!’  Then I saw a great feast in St. Peter’s which, after the victorious battle, shone like the sun.  I saw numerous processions entering it.  I saw a new Pope, earnest and energetic.  I saw before the feast began a great many bad Bishops and pastors expelled by him.  I saw the holy Apostles taking a leading part in the celebration.  I saw the petition: ‘Lord, thy kingdom come,’ being verified.  It seemed as if I saw the heavenly gardens coming down from above, uniting with pure places on earth, and bathing all in original light.  The enemies that had fled from the combat were not pursued; they dispersed of their own accord.

I saw in the shining streets of the city of God brilliant palaces and gardens full of saints, praising God and watching over the Church.  In the Heavenly Jerusalem there is no Church, Christ Himself is the Church.  Mary’s throne is above the city of God, above Her are Christ and the Most Holy Trinity, from whom falls upon Mary a shower of light which then spreads over all the holy city.  I saw St. Peter’s basilica below the city of God, and I exulted at the thought that, in spite of all men’s indifference, it ever receives the true light from on high.  I saw the roads leading to the Heavenly Jerusalem and pastors conducting therein perfect souls among their flocks; but these roads were not crowded.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich –   December 30, 1819

“O who can tell the beauty, the purity, the innocence of Mary!  She knows everything, and yet she seems to know nothing, so childlike is she.  She lowers here eyes and, when she looks up, her glace penetrates like a ray, like a pure beam of light, like truth itself!  It is because she is perfectly innocent, full of God, and without returns upon self.  None can resist her glance.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – December 23, 1819

“I see the Crib and above it, celebrating the feast, are all the blessed who adored the Child Jesus at His birth, all who ever venerated the Holy Place, and all who have gone there even only in devout desire.  They celebrate in a wonderful spiritual church the eve of the Redeemer’s birth; they represent the Church and all who desire the sacred spot to be honored, the holy season celebrated.  Thus acts the Church Triumphant for the Church Militant; and thus should the Militant act for the Church Suffering.  O how indescribably beautiful it is! What a blessed certainty!  I see these spiritual churches all around, far and near, for no power can destroy the altar of God. Where it is no longer visible, it stands invisibly cared for by blessed spirits.  Nothing is perishable that is done in the Church for the love of Jesus!  Where men are no longer worthy to celebrate it, the blessed do it in their stead and all hearts that turn to the service of God are there present.  They find a holy church and a heavenly feast, though their corporal senses perceive it not; they receive the reward of their piety.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – December 23, 1819

I see Mary in Heaven on a magnificent throne offering to Her Divine Son, sometimes as a newborn babe, sometimes as a youth, and again as the crucified Saviour, all hearts that have ever loved Him, that have ever united in celebrating His feast.”  ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – December 23, 1819

“I understood that the Church would be saved only after a great storm.  The fire so frightful to behold indicated in the first place, a great danger; in the second, renewed splendor after the tempest.  The Church’s destruction is already begun by means of infidel schools.”

“I saw combats and streaks of blood far and wide in the heavens over many places, and endless woes and misery threatening the Church, the Protestants everywhere laying snares to entrap her. The servants of the Church are slothful.  They use not the power they possess in the priesthood.  I shed bitter tears at the sight.”   ~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – December 23, 1819

Long live the True Church of Jesus Christ, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church!

~Damsel of the Faith


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