“Religious Narcissists”

The Pope’s latest sermon can be found here:


“Creating a world within one self, all closed in.  Closed within oneself, in one’s community or parish, but always closed in.  And this closure can revolve around so many things. But let’s think about pride, self-sufficiency, thinking I am better than others, and vanity too, right?  There are ‘mirror-men and women’ (who are wedded to their own image in the mirror), who are closed in on themselves and are constantly looking at themselves, right? These religious narcissists, right?  But they have a hardened heart because they are closed in on themselves, they are not open.  And they seek to defend themselves with these walls that they have created around themselves.”

Who, other than a true Catholic, does he think is “closed in on themselves?” It truly makes no sense. Is he saying that Catholics throughout the centuries, on down for generations, all of the great Saints and Popes of our Church, were a bunch of religious narcissists, people closed in on themselves, only caring about their own pride and ambition? It simply isn’t true. Catholics throughout the ages, on down to the present time, cared about the Faith and the salvation of souls.  We just believe what the Church has always believed and taught.  If the Pope does not like it, we simply go on, believing and practicing the same Faith.  If we were wrong then, we are wrong now as well. But, if we were wrong then, than God would be a deceiver.  God is not deceived.

“The Pope said these hardened hearts in people can also arise from a problem of insecurity, such as those who barricade themselves behind the laws and rules, as though inside a prison, to feel safer and follow these rules to the letter, 

“When a heart becomes hardened, it’s not free and if it’s not free it’s because that person isn’t capable of love, that was the fate of the Apostle John in the first Reading.  A love that’s perfect banishes fear: in love there’s no fear, because fear is expecting a punishment and a person who’s afraid doesn’t have a perfect love. He or she is not free. They are constantly afraid that something painful or sad will occur, that will cause their life to go badly or will endanger their eternal salvation… What an (over-active) imagination, because he or she can’t love. A person who isn’t capable of loving is not free.  And their heart was hardened because they hadn’t learnt how to love.”

The Pope is setting rules against Christ and His Church.  The rules are there for our greater good, and for our eternal salvation.  There’s a set of rules called the Ten Commandments that we have to abide by if we love Our Lord… One must wonder if the Pope has ever heard of them.

Mortal sin will endanger your eternal salvation, Your Holiness!  Sin is disobedience of God’s law. If you do not believe that, then you are simply wrong. If you die in the state of mortal sin, which is separation from God, you do go to hell.  A Catholic must fear hell and have a filial fear of God. There is no fear of God in our Church anymore, not even from the Pope.

On the fear of God:

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. A good understanding to all that do it: his praise continueth for ever and ever.”  ~Psalm 111:10

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is prudence.”  ~Proverbs 9:10

“For they alone who fear God are truly wise.”  ~Catechism of the Council of Trent

“We must fear God out of love, not love Him out of fear.”   ~St. Francis de Sales

“For I have learnt for a fact that nothing so effectively obtains, retains and regains grace, as that we should always be found not high-minded before God, but filled with holy fear.”   ~St. Bernard

“The spirit of independence and of false liberty, which is nowadays so rife amongst us, is a great enemy to the fear of God; and one of the miseries of our age, is that there is little fear of God. Familiarity with God but too frequently usurps the place of that essential basis of the Christian life. The result is, that there is no progress in virtue, such people are a prey to illusion; and the sacraments, which previously worked so powerfully in their souls, are now well-nigh unproductive. The reason is, that the gift of fear has been superceded by a conceited self-complacency. Humility has no further sway; a secret and habitual pride has paralyzed the soul; and seeing that these people scout the very idea of their ever trembling before the great God of heaven, we may well ask them if they know who God is.”   ~Dom Gueranger

When the Pope speaks of “freedom” and “love”, the first thing that came to my mind was the “Free love” hippie generation…

“You can follow a thousand catechism courses, a thousand spirituality courses, a thousand yoga or zen courses and all these things. But none of this will be able to give you the freedom as a child (of God).  Only the Holy Spirit can prompt your heart to say ‘Father.’ Only the Holy Spirit is capable of banishing, of breaking that hardness of heart and making it … soft?  No, I don’t like that word, … ‘docile’.  Docile towards the Lord.  Docile when it comes to the freedom to love.”

It is absurd to equate the catechism with practices of false religions.

Once upon a time in the Church, a Catholic had to know his Catechism because it contained within it the truths he needed to know for his eternal salvation.

Isn’t freedom, true freedom, found in living the Ten Commandments, in keeping the Ten Commandments, living in obedience to the laws of God and His Church? This is true freedom and this is what the Church teaches.  The Pope has in mind a foreign freedom, a freedom that is divorced from the laws of God and His Church.

Freedom is not found in sin. Freedom is not found in false religions. Freedom is not found in a life devoid of the Commandments of God nor the teachings of the Church. Freedom is not found in a sentimental love that requires nothing of us, not even our obedience to God and His Laws.

Freedom is found in God and in His Church.  Freedom is found in the same religion that has always been practiced.  Freedom is found in obedience to God’s laws and there, and only there, will one find true love, the love of Our Lord who laid down His Life for us, His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church.

I only present what the Church teaches.  It must be done.  If the Pope is leading souls into error, someone must speak up.  Those who should speak cannot fall silent.

Finally, I beseech all true Catholics to pray for the Pope, that he will abandon Modernism and return to the true, unchangeable Catholic Faith.

~Damsel of the Faith


One thought on ““Religious Narcissists”

  1. newenglandsun

    The full context of the Pope’s speech here though is about how only the Holy Spirit can change us in contrast to taking “Yoga” and “Zen” classes. Specifically, Pope Francis is actually speaking against modernity here. Context is very important. Something literary critics say a lot is “a text without a context is a pretext”.



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