Catholic families are now “rabbits”?

“Rabbits” or a holy family blessed by God with many children?

This should be shocking, scandalous, deplorable, despicable, abominable and dreadful to any true Catholic! And this came from the mouth of the Pope. I no longer want to hear the mistranslation and “it’s just his personal opinion” excuse.

If it’s the person opinion of the Pope that families should not have as many children as God sends them, then God help him.  If it’s the opinion of the Pope that man becomes God and decides when he wants children and when he doesn’t, then God help him.

“Responsible parenthood” sure sounds like the diabolical planned parenthood to me. Here is the Pope, advocating that you plan the way you want your family to be, instead of what God wants, the will of God. He may not be explicitly endorsing contraception, but what do you think people that use contraception are going to think of this? Not only do they think it’s not wrong to contracept and abuse sex which God gave us for the procreation of children in case the Pope forgot, they will now be confirmed in their error by the Vicar of Christ.

That’s just fact. Fact. This is utterly disgraceful. Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get worse, it does.

Someone once said to go forth and multiply and to fill the earth. That someone was God. I guess He was pretty irresponsible, don’t you think?

Don’t forget that the great, saintly Catholic families of the past (and present, for there are many large Catholic families out there in the SSPX and elsewhere) were insulted and ridiculed in these remarks as well (it’s already enough that they are ridiculed by society, but now the Pope as well!). You know, like the Martin family, St. Therese’s family, who had 9 children. What the Pope is essentially saying is that the Catholic families of generations were irresponsible for trusting that God would provide?!

The Pope conforms to the world. THIS is what the world says. Those who are friends of the world are enemies of God. I know it’s hard to take, but it’s fact. But, alas, the Pope appears to be on a rock-star mission to be popular. Saying something that’s Catholic or doing something to defend the Faith is news. News. Before everyone goes into a tizzy about me insulting the Pope and whatnot, which is not what I am doing, for I am only pointing something out that is going to lead souls astray, which every Catholic needs to recognize. Remember this: “Those who blindly and indiscriminately defend every decision of the Supreme Pontiff are the very ones who do the most to undermine the authority of the Holy See. They destroy instead of strengthen its foundations.”  ~Bishop Melchior Cano, Council of Trent

Quotes on the family and marriage:

“Large families are the most splendid flower-beds in the garden of the Church; holiness flowers in them and sanctity ripens in favorable soil.  Every family group, even the smallest, was meant by God to be an oasis of spiritual peace.  But there is a tremendous difference: where the number of children is not much more than one, that serene intimacy that gives value to life has a touch of melancholy or of pallor about it; it does not last as long, it may be more uncertain, it is often clouded by secret fears and remorse.”   ~Pope Pius XII

“Can. 1013 § 1 The primary end of marriage is the procreation and education of children; the secondary [end] is mutual support and a remedy for concupiscence. § 2 The essential properties of marriage are unity and indissolubility, which in Christian marriage obtain special firmness by reason of the sacrament.”   ~1917 Code of Canon Law

“The most important person on earth is a mother. She cannot claim the honor of having built Notre Dame Cathedral. She need not. She has built something more magnificent than any cathedral – a dwelling for an immortal soul, the tiny perfection of her baby’s body.. The angels have not been blessed with such a grace. They cannot share in God’s creative miracle to bring new saints to Heaven…What on God’s good earth is more glorious than this: to be a mother?”   ~Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty

“Disorder in society is the result of disorder in the family.”   ~St. Angela Merici

The family is the most ancient institution which God founded in Paradise, when He called the first pair of human beings into existence.”   ~St. John Vianney

“The families which do not live by faith seek their peace in the earthly advantages of this life; while the families which live by faith look for those eternal blessings which are promised, and use as pilgrims such advantages of time and of earth as do not fascinate and divert them from God, but rather aid them to endure with greater ease, and to keep down the number of those burdens of the corruptible body which weigh upon the soul.”   ~St. Augustine

“Jesus reigns over the family when it, modeled after the holy ideals of the sacrament of matrimony instituted by Christ, maintains unspotted its true character of sanctuary. In such a sanctuary of love, parental authority is fashioned after the authority of God, the Father, from Whom, as a matter of fact, it originates and after which even it is named. (Ephesians iii, 15) The obedience of the children imitates that of the Divine Child of Nazareth, and the whole family life is inspired by the sacred ideals of the Holy Family.”   ~Pope Pius XI

“In an ideal home the parents, like Tobias and Sara, beg of God a numerous posterity ‘in which Thy name may be blessed forever,’ and receive it as a gift from heaven and a precious trust; they strive to instill into their children from their early years a holy fear of God, and true Christian piety; they foster a tender devotion to Jesus, the Blessed Sacrament and the Immaculate Virgin; they teach respect and veneration for holy places and persons. In such a home the children see in their parents a model of an upright, industrious and pious life; they see their parents holily loving each other in Our Lord, see them approach the Holy Sacraments frequently and not only obey the laws of the Church concerning abstinence and fasting, but also observe the spirit of voluntary Christian mortification; they see them pray at home, gathering around them all the family, that common prayer may rise more acceptably to heaven; they find them compassionate towards the distress of others and see them divide with the poor the much or the little they possess.”   ~Pope Pius XI, “Ad Catholici Sacerdotii”

“Let us take our stand in front of that earthly and divine home of holiness, the House of Nazareth. How much we have to learn from the daily life which was led within its walls! What an all-perfect model of domestic society! Here we behold simplicity and purity of conduct, perfect agreement and unbroken harmony, mutual respect and love – not of the false and fleeting kind – but that which finds both its life and its charm in devotedness of service. Here is the patient industry which provides what is required for food and raiment; which does so ‘in the sweat of the brow,’ which is contented with little, and which seeks rather to diminish the number of its wants than to multiply the sources of its wealth. Better than all, we find there that supreme peace of mind and gladness of soul which never fail to accompany the possession of a tranquil conscience. These are precious examples of goodness, of modesty, of humility, of hard-working endurance, of kindness to others, of diligence in the small duties of daily life, and of other virtues, and once they have made their influence felt they gradually take root in the soul, and in course of time fail not to bring about a happy change of mind and conduct.”   ~Pope Leo XIII, “Laetitiae Sanctae”

“But a saint is not only the blessing of his parents, but also the salvation of many; as it follows, ‘And many shall rejoice at his birth’ (Lk. 1:14), parents are reminded here to rejoice at the birth of saints, and to give thanks. For it is no slight gift of God to vouchsafe to us children, to be the transmitters of our race, to be the heirs of succession.”   ~St. Ambrose

“Among all nations and all men, therefore, the advantage of marriage is for the sake of begetting offspring and in the fidelity of chastity. In the case of the people of God, however, there is also the holiness of the Sacrament”   ~St. Augustine

“Marriage itself among all races is for the one purpose of procreating children, whatever will be their station and character afterwards; marriage was instituted for this purpose, so that children might be born properly and decently.”   ~St. Augustine

“Marriage has three blessings. The first is children, to be received and raised for God’s service. The second is the loyal faith whereby each serves the other. The third is the sacrament, which signifies the inseparable union of Christ with His Church.”   ~St. Thomas Aquinas

“Marriage has God for its Author, and was from the very beginning a kind of foreshadowing of the incarnation of His Son; and therefore there abides in it a something holy and religious; not extraneous, but innate; not derived from men, but implanted by nature.”   ~Pope Leo XII

“How great is the dignity of chaste wedlock, Venerable Brethren, may be judged best from this that Christ Our Lord, Son of the Eternal Father, having assumed the nature of fallen man, not only, with His loving desire of compassing the redemption of our race, ordained it in an especial manner as the principle and foundation of domestic society and therefore of all human intercourse, but also raised it to the rank of a truly and great sacrament of the New Law, restored it to the original purity of its divine institution, and accordingly entrusted all its discipline and care to His spouse the Church.”   ~Pope Pius XI, “Casti Connubii”

“It will now be necessary to explain that Matrimony is far superior in its sacramental aspect and aims at an incomparably higher end. For as marriage, as a natural union, was instituted from the beginning to propagate the human race; so was the sacramental dignity subsequently conferred upon it in order that a people might be begotten and brought up for the service and worship of the true God and of Christ our Savior. Thus when Christ our Lord wished to give a sign of the intimate union that exists between Him and His Church and of His immense love for us, He chose especially the sacred union of man and wife. That this sign was a most appropriate one will readily appear from the fact that of all human relations there is none that binds so closely as the marriage tie, and from the fact that husband and wife are bound to one another by the bounds of the greatest affection and love. Hence it is that Holy Writ so frequently represents to us the divine union of Christ and the Church under the figure of marriage.”   ~Catechism of the Council of Trent

“It is a sorrow and a shame to have to mention and confess that even among Catholics, false doctrines on the dignity of woman, on marriage and the family, on conjugal fidelity and divorce, even on life and death, have stealthily infiltrated souls, and like gnawing worms have attacked the roots of the Christian family and of the Christian ideals of womanhood.”   ~Pope Pius XII

“We must not forget that the making of a home in which all feel at ease and happy, and the bringing up of children are very special contributions to the common welfare.”   ~Pope Pius XII

“As regards the offspring it is provided that they should be begotten lovingly and educated religiously”   ~St. Augustine

“Perfect married life means the complete dedication of the parents for the benefit of their children.”   ~St. Thomas Aquinas

“Planning” your family shows a lack of trust in God.

Pray for the Pope, that he returns to the true Faith, abandons Modernism and stops pandering to the ungodly, immoral ways of the world.


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