The Divine Sacrifice – Holy Mass (Pt. 8)

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This is the final part in the series.  What a wonderful work on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I hope you have enjoyed it.

Devotion to the Holy Trinity

Devotion to the Most Holy Trinity is an exquisite fruit of love for the Holy Sacrifice.  In all my experiences, I have never met a person who had a true devotion to the august Trinity, without having come to that devotion by the royal road of the Mediator of the Mass.  Knowledge and love of the Father and the Trinity are generated and developed in the radiance of the Altar.  This devotion will reach full growth on the day of the glory in the song of the Angels, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts” – Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, Dominus Deus Sabbaoth.

Here, it would see appropriate to speak briefly on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, celebrated the first Sunday after Pentecost.  More majestic than the Heavens, the Blessed Trinity so full of glory that the feast should be celebrated throughout the year.  This brings to mind the beautiful teaching that the great and marvelous Feast of the Most Blessed Trinity is celebrated daily by Heaven, earth and Purgatory together.  This uninterrupted and infinitely glorious celebration of the feast is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The Church triumphant, militant and suffering is united in one outburst of adoration, praise and love, singing in every Mass: “Glory to God in the Highest” – “Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” in the Sacrifice of the Altar.

No honor given to the Trinity is more divine, and hence none more worthy of the Divinity, than the official hymn of praise sung by the High Priest and Mediator, the Victim of the Holy Sacrifice. “I will praise thee upon the harp,” says the Church.  I praise thee on the divine harp, the Heart of the High Priest, the adorable celebrant of the Mass.  This is indeed the concert of eternity transposed to the Altar in the muted notes of the Eucharistic Mystery.  Holy Mass is the dawn of paradise, awaiting our death where its full splendor is revealed.

The reality of Heaven and the holy Altar is identical: substantial and divine.  The only difference lies in the vision and perfection of possession of this treasured reality.  Perfect vision, face to face, the eternal and definitive possession of this divine reality, is the prerogative of the citizens of Heaven.

Priests should have an especial burning devotion for this ineffable Mystery.  Their devotion should be extraordinary, based on solid doctrine and genuine piety.  Every priest should be a specialist on the Mass, for his own sake and the good of souls.  The priest is, what his Mass is.  That priest is fortunate who prepares his Mass carefully, lingers over it lovingly and piously lives it with all his heart!  “O Lord, give us many saintly priests who understand this doctrine, but above all, priests who live it.”

We have said that the Mass is the perfect and adequate expiation of the sins of the world.  Recall the insistence Our Lord made on the need for loving reparation when He appeared to Saint Margaret Mary.  He asked that fervent and solemn reparation be made for the horrible sacrileges committed against Him in the Blessed Sacrament.  Think also, that when Jesus gave Himself to the Father, He looked down the centuries and saw the agents and successors of Judas, yet willingly surrendered Himself to their will.

The race of Judas is not extinct.  The traitors who betray their Master with a kiss have been multiplied.  It would have been better for them had they never been born!  St. Paul says that these sacrilegious souls eat and drink their own damnation! You cannot imagine what devilish fury consumes them in their hatred for the Person of Jesus present under the white veil of the Host.  There, He is the centre and object of an exquisite Love.  But, there He is also the Victim of a hatred like that of the scribes and priests who sarcastically vilified the Christ dying on Calvary.  Have mercy on them all, O King of Love!  Pardon and mercy, O Jesus-Vicim, for all the Judases!  “May Thy pierced Heart take a merciful revenge, for they know not what they do.”

Parce Domine, parce sacerdotibus tuis, parce populo tue, me in aeternum irascaris nobis… miserere!  “Spare, O Lord, spare Thy priests, spare Thy people, lest Thine anger be enkindled against them forever…  Have mercy!”

To close this meditation, would that I had the inspiration and love of Him who sang the Lauda Sion Salvatorem!

If, in speaking of the majesty of the Holy Sacrifice, my words had been so full of conviction and so vibrant, that creation itself had been moved even as it was by the death of the Savior on Good Friday; and if, being so moved, it should begin a hymn of praise to the Creator hidden in the Host, I would stop the hymn, saying:

“Ye sun, stars and volcanoes, valleys and oceans, forests, vineyards and gardens, be still… do not sing, yet awhile!  Angels and Saints of Paradise you too, be silent for a while, do not sing!

And you, Mary, Queen of creation, divine Mother of the King of Kings, kneeling at your feet, I beg a moment of silence, for the divine harp of the Altar, Christ, is about to resound with song to His Father.

Jesus-Victim, Jesus-Mediator, Jesus-High Priest, sing, praise and bless the Most High in the name of humanity purchased with Your Precious Blood!

Heavens, be still; earth, be quiet, while thousands of priests from pole to pole elevate the Host and the Chalice.

And now, ye heavens and earth, hear the adorable harp vibrating.  He sings at the Altar the same hymn He sang on Good Friday on Calvary… O Jesus Christ, sing to the Trinity with the Church, and in the name of creation:

“Glory to the Father, the all-powerful Love.”

“Glory to the Son, the Merciful Love!”

“Glory to the Holy Ghost, the Substantial Love!”

“Glory to the Most High in the heavens!”

“Glory to the Trinity on the Altar of the Holy Sacrifice!”

And Heaven and earth would reply: “Hosanna! Hosanna!  Amen.  FIAT!  So let it be for ages without end!”

The fervent priest and the faithful Christian who knows the true appreciation of the wonder of the love and grace that is in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; who loves the Mass with a holy passion, and what is more important, tries to live the Mass, is one of the predestined who is fortunate in having found the Messiah – Savior, even as the Samaritan woman had found Him.  But more than she, the Christian has received that same Jesus into his heart – Jesus Who is the fountain of living waters springing up unto eternal life!  Fervently beg the Holy Spirit to give you the divine light which shines from a divine flame, in order that you may know most thoroughly this Divine Gift par excellence: the Eucharistic Sacrifice and the Eucharistic Sacrament.

Thus, by the ladder of Jacob, the Arms of the High Priest and Victim of the Altar, you will be lifted up to the throne of the Trinity.  Go, then, and with a filial boldness win over the Heart of the Father through the Heart of the Son, the Mediator of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

Radiate the Host:  The man who has received Communion cannot be, should not be, like the man who did not receive!  When a lily has been in a room, the room is filled with fragrance.  When incense is burned in the sanctuary, the odor lingers.  Thus, when the Host has sojourned in our souls, we ought to emit the good odor of Jesus Christ.  Like living monasteries, we should show forth Christ, so that people seeing us after each of our Communions may say:

“Look! The Blessed Sacrament is passing by!”


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