Marie Julie Jahenny, the chastisement and the restoration of the Church

Many mystics have prophesied the coming of the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope, who will both restore the Church and world after this revolution.  One such mystic, considered to be one of the greatest of all time, was the stigmatist, Marie Julie Jahenny of France.  She was chosen by Heaven to spread the love of the Cross, to make sacrifices and suffer for the salvation of sinners, to prepare the world for the chastisements, to warn the Church of the current crisis afflicting her and to announce the coming of the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope, who would both restore the Church and Christendom.  Monseigneur Fournier, the Bishop of Nantes, France declared all that happened to Marie-Julie was of a supernatural and divine origin.

The following visions, messages and prophecies are taken from the book “We are warned – The Prophecies of Marie Julie Jahenny” compiled, translated and edited by E.A. Bucchianeri:

“Pray for the Supreme Pontiff! Despite the anger of disbelievers, despite everything, he will triumph. They will never have his life…”   ~Marie Julie Jahenny, January 9, 1874

“The Virgin told me much of France and the Holy Pontiff and had recommended three prayers for France to recite every day three times a day: a Magnificat, a Ave Maris Stella and a Stabat Mater. He (the Holy Pontiff) will throw himself on his knees, and beg her to cast her eyes to heaven. Our Lady will deliver him by a King who will save him and govern for a long time, and She said we do not ask enough for that King, (the Great Monarch) and we do not beg enough that he may be accorded to us. She named him Henry V, and recommended us to pray much to Saint Michael.  ~Marie Julie Jahenny, March 25, 1874

“The Blessed Virgin told me we have to pray much to deflect the evils that must fall upon France.  It will unfortunately atone for two centuries of  political and social system of atheism, two centuries of a non-Christian régime. Democracy is indeed the Luciferian régime par excellence.The sole régime of a divine origin never comes from below, but only from above. Without making a pun, let us say in its very name, recognizes that it is the devil that guides democracy: the devil is the master.”  ~Marie Julie Jahenny, April 20, 1874

“I will upset, I will overthrow the band of wicked and ungodly. I will triumph with the just and devout souls. Yes, I will confound the earth that I will bring to the feet of the just one, the man who is to rule the land of France.  The time is terrible, but I will protect you.”  ~Our Lady, May 23, 1874

“I wanted to give France a King whom she refused, but the one I want to give her, she will accept and she will ask for him and place him on her heart. But before she has this king, France will undergo a crisis and a violent storm. The blood of Christians will mingle with the blood of the impious.”   ~Our Lord, June 21, 1874

On the Great Monarch:

Marie-Julie: “I see Saint Louis in glory. Before he had a throne in the world, but today he has a throne in Heaven. He never sullied his throne.

“But since then,” says this good Saint Louis, “how many blasphemies, how many perjuries on this earthly throne! I come back to reconcile Heaven and earth.”

Marie Julie: “You will reconcile France with the Heart of Jesus.”

Saint Louis, (King of France): “I want France to abjure her errors. Mary Immaculate gives me power and grace. Through my prayers I will give France a new baptism and then I will re-establish her throne. I will bring her this beautiful palm to the centre of this throne and my brother in JesuChrist who will govern her will preserve his innocence and purity, and Jesus and Mary will bless him, will bless his charity and his great heroic faith!”  ~August 25, 1874

“Get out, France, from your grave and your coffin! Jesus Christ wants you to be reconciled with Heaven; get out and take back your faith, this beautiful virtue that has flourished so many times, abjure your errors and swear true faith in the Blessed Sacrament because It will reconcile you to Heaven. Mary Immaculate comes to tear her children from the abyss. Jesus Christ blesses you! O France! Jesus Christ cleanses you!  Jesus Christ forgives you, O France! Jesus Christ washes you of your iniquities.  Jesus Christ gave His blood for you, O France! Jesus Christ blesses you, O France! Jesus Christ wants to save you and give you this beautiful promise, this beautiful pearl of great price that He has reserved for you after many years (King Henry V). He will give you a crown of lilies after your thorns. The angels worship Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and pray that He gives us this beautiful crown. He also blesses the Holy Father.”   ~Marie Julie Jahenny, September 10, 1874

“In Heaven, Saint-Michael will be celebrating with the Sacred Heart, the triumph of the Holy Father and of the Church. He will defeat the enemies of France.”   ~Marie Julie Jahenny, September 1874

“My son, suffer with patience. (The Holy Pontiff to come). Soon I will bless your chains and get you out of great trials and thorns that invade you, because you will be wrapped in the lily (the King and the princes of the lily). My son, long enough have you lived in chains in the middle of slander and persecution, it is time I break these chains and I destroy the temple of the infidels that surround you. My son, here is My Heart that comes to save you from the hands of barbarians and will confound them all. I come to give you a most glorious throne where you will reign until your death.  My Divine Son will deliver you, but by me. My son, (The Holy Pontiff) be consoled, the time of your deliverance is near. Know that I will triumph in France before yours, (I.e, before the Papal City).”  ~Our Lady, December 6, 1874

“In Rome the storm will be the blackest. The storm of Rome is even worse than the storm in France. All the wrath of the ungodly is in Rome.  All the anger of the wicked is focused on the Holy See.”  ~Marie Julie Jahenny, December 6, 1874

“Marie-Julie saw Jesus Christ seated on a resplendent throne. Near Him, was His Mother.  France presents herself all dressed in white and lilies. She is already crowned, but not yet with the Great Crown which will be given her only at the time of her salvation. From her heart issued the lily that Jesus Christ had placed. She was covered in flowers.  Amongst these flowers was one which shone more and was more dazzling. France climbed the steps to the throne. Our Lady was praying, smiling and weeping! Her Divine Son then cries out He is conquered, that He cannot resist, that He forgets and forgives: “From now on it is up to thee, My Mother, to thee alone, to command and fix the hour of the Victory of thy beloved Daughter!” And taking from His Heart a drop of Blood and a tear from the eyes of Our Lady, He placed this mysterious mixture in the big flower of the heart of France. At the right of the throne the Pope (The Holy Pontiff to come) was kneeling. Jesus Christ calls him and names him “His dear son.”  He makes him climb next to Him, then He says to him: “You have suffered enough, it is time you were consoled and that your enemies disappear so that your glory reigns sovereign in the universe.” The Pope in tears and presseagainst the Heart of his Master, exclaims he does not merit such a reward, that he is unworthy of such splendour.   At the left of the Throne was the King. He climbs in his turn, but a little less high than the Pope, and he too receives the divine promises. He is the beloved son of the Virgin and he will reign with his flag, symbol of purity and glory. (That is to say, the white flag with lilies.)  Meanwhile, all the great saints who protect France were hovering around. In the first row Saint Michael, in his armour, seemed to be waiting proudly the hour of battle against evil.  The chastisements will begin with Paris.”  ~May 24, 1875

Vision of the King:

“The King is brought by Our Lady, who will love him as her Son because of his innocence.  He appears as Sovereign, crowned in grandeur in the shadow of the folds of his flag.   After awhile,the scene changed and was completed.   France follows her Legitimate Head, walks resting on the Heart of the Virgin and her small crown changes into a diadem of victory. The Sacred Heart joins Mary to assure her of His Love and to announce once again that He would conquer His enemies with unequalled triumph. “France is saved!” Marie-Julie keeps repeating. The good friends of the Sacred Heart are grouped in large crowds behind France, preceded by all the Saints who protect the Eldest Daughter of the Church.”   ~June 25, 1875

“From My Divine Heart will come the triumph of France and the salvation of the Holy Church.”   ~October 27, 1875

“The triumph of the living will be beautiful,” said Saint Michael, “when the Holy Church, now surrounded by thorns, will be surrounded by a wreath of golden lilies. The defenders of the faith will be covered by the protection of heaven.”  ~September 18, 1877

“My Father, My zealous apostles, My priests, will have a share of consolation, however, they will suffer since they are the pillars of the Church. But woe to him who will mount the altar with a conscience veiled, woe to him whose heart will be one fibre to the right and the other to the left!”  ~Our Lord, March 19, 1878

 May Our Lord and Our Lady hasten the day of the restoration of the Church, ushered in by the Holy Pope, who will be flanked by the Great Monarch.

~Damsel of the Faith


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