The Pope and the Crisis in the Church


Why is there a crisis in the Church? How will it be resolved?  Ultimately, the root of this crisis in the Church is the deadly sin of pride, the first sin of the human race and of Satan.  “We would rather serve man and not God. We do not want the hard religion, the religion of penance and sacrifice which is the ladder to Heaven. We do not want to be like little children and allow ourselves to be fed and taught.  We want to be comfortable and do things the easy way because all that matters is life in this world.”  No longer do the Churchmen want Christ the King to rule over all peoples and Nations. No longer is Evangelization of the utmost importance.  The very mission of the Church is undermined and attacked, especially by the current Vicar of Christ, who considers doctrine and proselytism to be useless and even nonsense.

In the infamous interview to the atheist Eugenio Scafari, the Pope said:

Proselytism is solemn nonsense, it makes no sense. We need to get to know each other, listen to each other and improve our knowledge of the world around us. Sometimes after a meeting I want to arrange another one because new ideas are born and I discover new needs. This is important: to get to know people, listen, expand the circle of ideas. The world is crisscrossed by roads that come closer together and move apart, but the important thing is that they lead towards the Good.”

Nowhere does the Pope talk about the salvific role of the Catholic Church.  Why are we even Catholic if there is nothing special about the Church, if the Church is just a NGO that the Pope hypocritically condemns yet advocates for when he speaks about people’s happiness in this world, even going so far as to write a Papal Encyclical on the Earth and the Environment?  Truly, the Pope is a product of the Counciliar Revolution.  The whole of the Counciliar Revolution is embodied in the man.  Books could be written about the errors that this Pope has advocated publicly to the scandal of the Faithful and the detriment of souls.  One shudders to wonder what his Successor will be like.

On doctrine, the Pope calls it “cold.”,_not_cold_doctrine,_brings_joy/1132299

This is plain Protestantism.  The Church does not have the power to change or alter the truth divinely revealed for our salvation.  Our practices are based on our beliefs.  If we throw out our beliefs, the religion comes crashing down, the Catholic Church simply would not exist. Fortunately, we have the promise of Our Lord that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.  He never said they wouldn’t come close to it, though. Thankfully, we know the Pope has no power to change doctrine, no matter what he says.  Someone should place before the Pope the doctrines and dogmas of the Church and ask him if he believes them.  This is the man who is supposed to guard and protect the deposit of faith, not undermine and attack it.  As I’ve said before, even the immoral, thieving, corrupt Popes of the Middle Ages did not attack the Faith, the doctrines, the traditions, her very soul.

From all appearances, the Pope, sad to say, wants an easy religion where everyone gets along, nobody’s feelings are hurt by the hard truth and everyone takes care of the environment rather than their immortal souls. No longer can this be denied.  Facts are clear as day. The Pope would rather work towards a naturalist utopia, whose foundations would be the uniting of all religions in a false unity, thereby undermining the teaching that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.  The Faith is an intellectual assent to revealed truth, not a sentimental assent to one’s personal feelings and whims.  These matters are serious, thereby placing souls in jeopardy who are ignorantly led astray by this lying novelty.

What must be do in the face of this adversity?  Make our voices known and fight for our Faith until, please God, he shows us what we must do. Sitting on the fence is simply not an option. You must do whatever part you can to defend the honor of Our Lord’s Church against those who would attack Her very mission.  To refuse to do so is to abandon Our Lord’s Church at Her Passion, just as all but a few abandoned Our Lord at the foot of the cross.  The Church will only be restored through the Counter Revolution, the Traditional Catholic Movement, the only Catholics that are keeping the Faith of our Forefathers, in the face of abuse and persecution from the Counciliar Church. I believe that the restoration of the Church and Christendom will occur at the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which will usher in the promised era of peace. But, we can’t stand around, do nothing and wait. We are the Church Militant.  Our duty is to fight by virtue of our Confirmation, where we became Soldiers of Jesus Christ. Our Lady of LaSalette spoke to us all in these words. May the restoration come soon for the sake of the elect.

“I make an urgent appeal to the earth. I call on the true disciples of the living God who reigns in Heaven; I call on the true followers of Christ made man, the only true Saviour of men; I call on my children, the true faithful, those who have given themselves to me so that I may lead them to my divine Son, those whom I carry in my arms, so to speak, those who have lived on my spirit. Finally, I call on the Apostles of the Last Days, the faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who have lived in scorn for the world and for themselves, in poverty and in humility, in scorn and in silence, in prayer and in mortification, in chastity and in union with God, in suffering and unknown to the world.  It is time they came out and filled the world with light. Go and reveal yourselves to be my cherished children. I am at your side and within you, provided that your faith is the light which shines upon you in these unhappy days.  May your zeal make you famished for the glory and the honour of Jesus Christ. Fight, children of light, you, the few who can see. For now is the time of all times, the end of all ends.”   ~Our Lady of LaSalette

Fight worthily or die trying.  We will be victorious because we have the Mother of God at our side, the Saints of history trumpeting us on and the unchangeable Mass as our fortress, our consolation and our hope. Our Lord never changes and neither does His Bride, the Church, bulwark of the truth.

~Damsel of the Faith



3 thoughts on “The Pope and the Crisis in the Church

  1. pablothemexican

    Regarding Satan:

    God created Man in His image and His ‘ likeness”. God can create and made into His likeness, Man can create as well.
    Angels cannot create more Angels.

    Thus the reply across Heaven; ” Mi cha el!”

    “Who is like unto God?”

    Satan tempts man to perverse sex that he brings Man to death of his soul.


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