Priest denies Holy Communion to active Homosexual

The Novus Ordo Priests should at least be praised when they do something Catholic I’d say, and this Priest must be coming under much fire for doing something that any Priest would do when the Church was not being ravaged by the greatest crisis in her history.  You know things are bad in the Church when this is a piece of news.  Reverence and Adoration are due to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  St. Cyprian even says it is a sin not to adore the Holy Eucharist.  It is a sad state of affairs in the Church when there is so very little love for God in the Eucharist that the simple act of the creature protecting the Creator under such humble appearances of bread and wine becomes news.  Martyrs laid down their lives for this very reason, to protect Our Lord from sacrilege and profanation.  St. Tarcisius comes to mind.

Fr. Mark Bread’s duty as a Catholic Priest is to protect the Blessed Sacrament from profanation. If only all priests were faithful concerning the things of God. Those who are apologizing to the homosexual for being refused Holy Communion are simply rejecting Canon 915 which clearly states that “those persisting in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”

The spokesman for the Diocese of Baton Rouge states:  “That’s very surprising that he was denied communion. That just doesn’t happen. … We don’t deny people communion. Who are we to judge whether they believe or not? It’s between you and God.”

In this case, the man is in a state of manifest mortal sin because he is in a homosexual “marriage” which can be proven in the obituary for the man’s mother, as the article says.  This man is to be refused Holy Communion, lest he eat and drink judgment to himself.  Any true Catholic would believe this and those who don’t are not Catholic, if they are that careless concerning Our Lord’s Precious Body. The Holy Eucharist isn’t a free for all or a piece of bread.  Not only sodomites, but all in the state of mortal sin must be refused Communion and that includes adulterers, cohabitators, the divorced and remarried, etc.  It is no wonder that Catholics don’t believe that the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Our Lord when He is only treated like a piece of bread or as some sort of treat to be given out at one’s good pleasure.  The Holy Eucharist is God, before Whom Angels and Saints bow before in humble adoration in the Kingdom of Heaven and we, wretched creatures, dare to subject him to our wills and our selfish pride!

Clearly, the Diocese does not believe that those who eat and drink the Holy Eucharist unworthily, eat and drink judgment to themselves.  Those who receive Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin murder Our Lord anew.  Receiving Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin is not only a crime but an act of utter hypocrisy, for they pretend to be worthy to receive, yet they do not deceive God. Judas betrayed Our Lord with a kiss, but the unworthy Communicant betrays Our Lord by handing His very person in the Blessed Eucharist over to Satan, who reigns in their souls.

Excerpts taken from “The Blessed Sacrament” by Fr. Michael Muller on the horror of receiving the Holy Eucharist sacrilegiously:

“The Holy Eucharist is a pledge of love. In Holy Communion, God lovingly caresses the soul. When St. John reposed in Our Lord’s bosom, he did not enjoy so much familiarity with Him as does the soul that receives Him in Holy Communion. We call it “Communion” because it is a union between the soul and God. How horrible then must it be to abuse this Holy Sacrament, to receive it with a traitorous heart! How painful must it be to Our Lord to receive a false caress, to be folded in a sinful embrace, to be brought into the loathsome prison of a sinful heart!”

“O loving Saviour, how great is the wrong that is done to Thy love! Well has the prophet predicted of Thee: “The wicked have fought against me without a cause. Instead of making me a return for my love, they have only repaid me with evil and hate. They spoke indeed peaceably to me, but they devised guile. Their words were smoother than oil, but they are cruel darts.” From the tabernacle I hear Thy outraged heart complain: “Behold, all ye that pass by the way, come and see the wounds with which I have been wounded in the house of my friends; attend and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow!”

“The base treachery of Judas, however, was but the prelude to the many outrages that were heaped upon Our Lord by the Jewish priests and people. These too find a parallel in an unworthy Communion. When David had cut off a piece of the mantle of Saul, his royal enemy, his heart smote him because he had “lifted his hand against the anointed of the Lord.” Indeed, this feeling was quite natural, for the greatness of an injury depends always on the dignity of the person offended.”

“Can anything be conceived more horrible than this? Would it not be far better that the Sacred Host should be thrown upon a dunghill, that it should be devoured by an unclean beast than that it should be received into a heart defiled with mortal sin? Most certainly, for in that case Our Lord would suffer no real dishonor. He fills all things and is essentially everywhere. He cannot be sullied except in the heart of the sinner, where He is brought into contact with that which alone is hateful to Him—–sin.”

“What then will be the punishment of him who dishonors, not the Ark of the Covenant, but the Body of Jesus; who not merely raises to his polluted lips the holy vessels, but receives into his sinful heart the thrice Holy God Himself; who draws the Lord of Hosts from His sanctuary to place Him side by side with Satan in his heart; who becomes guilty of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ! What punishment is there for such a one? Listen once more to the words of St. Paul and tremble: “He who eats of this bread and drinks of this chalice unworthily, eats and drinks judgment to himself!” What an expression! Eats and drinks judgment to himself! His own condemnation! That is to say, his condemnation penetrates his innermost being. It incorporates itself with him; it flows in his veins; it becomes one flesh, one blood, one being with him.”

“O frightful punishment! He eats and drinks his own judgment! What kind of judgment does he eat and drink? A sentence of eternal damnation, a sentence of never-ending misfortune, a sentence sealed with the Blood of Christ Himself, a sentence which is often carried into execution even in this world! You see, continues St. Paul, your houses daily falling into ruin; you behold the daily ravages of war and pestilence; you see how unexpectedly death everywhere seizes upon its victims; you see how many among you are dragging along weak bodies, never enjoying an hour’s health. (See 1 Cor. 11:30.)”

God bless Fr. Mark Beard for defending the Blessed Sacrament from profanation and also, for his act of charity for this man’s soul by now allowing him to profane God.  May all Priests likewise follow his example by doing their God-given duty of protecting the Holy Eucharist and sanctifying souls.

~Damsel of the Faith


5 thoughts on “Priest denies Holy Communion to active Homosexual

  1. pablothemexican

    when he gets the boot, I will buy him a plane ticket to come join Our Lady’s Resistance at Boston Kentucky.

    a ticket for him and any Padre that wants to join Our Lady’s Resistance.

    ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    ¡Ave María Purísima!



  2. newenglandsun

    “That’s very surprising that he was denied communion. That just doesn’t happen. … We don’t deny people communion. Who are we to judge whether they believe or not? It’s between you and God.”
    Really?!? A priest is saying this?!? It has always been a part of the Tradition of the Church that only the BAPTIZED are permitted to receive communion first and foremost–it is a FAMILY meal for the Church. Should we punt this Tradition simply because we are “judging” people? No one is saying, by denying communion to an unbaptized person, that such a person stands outside communion with God. As has historically been proclaimed, if one who seeks baptism dies prior to receiving it, he will be given a baptism of desire as substitute. But this priest seems ignorant of even Church Tradition.

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  3. St. Joseph pray for us

    Every priest, every bishop should do, ought to, must do the same. The duty and responsibility of a Catholic rest on all of us, clergy and lay persons alike. If we do not love the truth, live the truth, preserve the truth and DEFEND THE TRUTH. Who will do it? None. We, the Catholics must be the light and the salt for the world. But what have we become lately for the last 58 years of the EVIL SATANIC VATICAN II COUNCIL?



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