A must watch video

These clerics have some strong words about the upcoming Synod on the Family and the German Bishops, who are in schism.  Listen to them yourself.  A must watch video.

This is the Passion of the Church.  Everything has been attacked and now the Modernists are coming for marriage and the family, the foundation of Society and the Church.

~Damsel of the Faith


2 thoughts on “A must watch video

  1. St. Joseph pray for us

    Jacinta before she died she did reveal this to the Mother of the House of the convent that she lived at that time. Jacinta said Our Mother said the last attack of Satan on the Church is to attack on Family Values and Marriage. This is the last attack of Satan/Lucifer. If we let them win this battle… We are all deserved to be doomed in Hell together with the evil wicked lusted world.


  2. Athanasius

    Damsel of the Faith,

    Thank you for posting this wonderful video demonstrating that there are still faithful prelates in the Church. It is a reminder that Our Lord is in charge, as always, even when the storm rages. It is just a pity that these good men of the Church do not yet acknowledge the holy wisdom of Archbishop Lefebvre, who recognised and resisted the rot more than forty years ago.



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