Adhering to the Faith cannot be schism

“The essence of schism consists in rebelliously disobeying the commandments: and I say ‘rebelliously,’ since a schismatic both obstinately scorns the commandments of the Church, and refuses to submit to her judgment. But every sinner does not do this, wherefore not every sin is a schism.”   ~St. Thomas Aquinas

Who can we say really scorns the Commandments of the Church, scorns Catholic tradition? Certainly not the SSPX, but rather, the Modernists.  They hurl schism at the SSPX when they themselves are guilty of the same.  It is not the SSPX that scorns Catholic tradition, that despises the Traditional Latin Mass and the whole Faith as practiced by generations of Catholic, while having the true schismatic mentality in ignoring what pre-Counciliar Popes have taught, infallibly and otherwise, to have it only replaced with the religion of Vatican II.  A true submission to the Roman Pontiff is not a mindless assent to everything he says but rather, a loving respect for the Office of Peter, obedience and assent to his infallible statements and obedience to his fallible statements, insofar as they do not contradict what has been passed down in tradition.

How is it that the SSPX, who holds to no heresy but keeps every single jot and tittle of what we have always believed, suddenly schismatic for not accepting the new religion of man and every word that comes forth from the mouth of the Pope?  For, that is what it comes down, too. Tyranny because of a refusal of submission.  We serve God rather than man.

~Damsel of the Faith


2 thoughts on “Adhering to the Faith cannot be schism

  1. Christie

    I used to watch Michael Voris but started noticing this mean spirited tone when he would exposed certain bishops, and then I noticed how he would reinterpret what Pope Francis would say and not comment on his obvious heretical statements. I thought uh-oh…diabolical disorientation! People become like who they hang around, so we need to be very careful who we let in, if you know what I mean. Schism means to cut. The new church cut themselves off from the past and these wolves in sheep’s clothing hold positions of power due to V2 & people not paying attention. The faithful have not cut themselves off from the faith, but have resisted these devastating changes and are holding fast to the true teachings of the church; which has warned us of these wolves. Voris is making a lot of money and he is using worldly almost Hollywood techniques to achieve it. I don’t see him renouncing the world and that is a huge red flag. Sad to see the downward spiral when one dips his toes into modernism. We mustn’t let him bully us! But pray for him.



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