Dogma and discipline cannot be separated

The following is an excellent post on this second day of the Synod.  According to Michael Voris, who attended the Vatican press conference today, a priest confronted Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher of Gatineeau, Quebec with these words:

“All you bishops, everything you’re doing here, is this conciliarism, which is destroying the Church! You are confusing the faithful. You don’t know the Faith.”

God bless that priest for telling the truth.


Day two of the Synod of Sacrilege has just ended with yet another demonstration of how traditionalists, who hold to the True Faith in every iota are cast as rigid, schismatic, pelegian, unfaithful, disobedient, and stuck in the 1950s, while the heretics and apostates who, while in ‘perfectly good standing’ with the Conciliar Church and with the help of satan, have taken root in the highest places of the Vatican and in positions of leadership in the synod…”

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3 thoughts on “Dogma and discipline cannot be separated

  1. J Light

    God told us in the Bible that Satan dragged down 1/3 of the stars of Heaven. That means 1/3 of the clergy is actually sold their souls to Satan and work for Satan right now. Our Blessed Mother Mary warned us over and over in La Salette, and Fatima that the Vatican II Council will be the work of Satan. Rome will lose the faith and become the SEAT OF ANTICHRIST. Rome had lost the faith and become APOSTASY. And the ANTICHRIST has appeared and seat at the temple of God right now. HE IS FRANCIS, THE DESTROYER. The last Pope is under Satan’s possession, that is Benedict XVI. He wrote 24 books full of heresy. He gave up his duty and responsible for the sheep to protect his own interest and life. God said he who tries to save his own life will lose it, he who will sacrifice his own life for My Sake will save his life… The whole 3rd secret of Fatima is telling warning us about them, the clergy is no longer Catholic but MASONIC-JEWISH come directly from TALMUDIC KABBALAH SATANIC LUCIFERIAN JEWS. They preach the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. RUN AWAY FROM THEM, DON’T FOLLOW THEM, DON’T OBEY THEM, PRAY FOR THEIR CONVERSION AND IF THEY DON’T REPENT… TIME TO KICK THEM OUT OF OUR LORD CHRIST’S CHURCH. THAT IS OUR DUTY AND NO SINS ABOUT THAT. THEY ARE ENEMY OF CHRIST, AND WE HAVE OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DEFEND CHRIST’S CHURCH. OUR LADY AND WHOLE HEAVEN HAVE BEEN AWAITING FOR THEM 98 YEARS FOR THEIR CONVERSION AND DO THE CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA … BUT SEEM LIKE THEY ARE COMPLETELY BLIND, DEAF, AND DUMB BECAUSE THEY ARE WITH SATAN AND FOR SATAN. IF THAT IS SO. I WOULD NOW FIGHT THEM IN BOTH WAYS IN SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY AS SAME TIME.

    No more nice talk, no more obedient to the enemy of God. No more support to Satan and Satan’s agents. No more popes, cardinals, bishops, nor priests, monks, nuns… whosoever with Satan are my enemy. If God not allow me to do that, then, GOD WILL HAVE TO DESTROY THEM BY HIMSELF. I will not sit back and let them hijack the Catholic Church and turn it into the den of thieves and the whorehouse of sodomites/pedophiles.

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  2. St. Joseph pray for us

    The 3rd secret of Fatima talked about them. They had lost the faith and become the seat of AntiChrist. That’s why they hide the secret and don’t let no one know. All the Catholics get away from them so that you don’t have to suffer the Wrath of God will pour upon them and you don’t have to drink the cup that God will make them drink. Their sins and their crimes had called up to Heaven for vengeance and the cup is full and overflow now… Get way from the wolves in sheep clothing. Get away from liars and murderers. Get away from sodomites and pedophiles…



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