Persecuted for the Mass

“The poor priests are driven out for saying the Old Mass by which all our saints were sanctified: St. Joan of Arc, the holy Cure d’Ars, the little Theresa of the Child Jesus were sanctified by this Mass; and now priests are driven out brutally, cruelly, from their parishes because they say the mass which has sanctified saints for centuries. It is crazy. I would almost say it is a story of madmen. I ask myself if I am dreaming. How can this Mass have become some kind of horror for our bishops and for those who should preserve our faith? But we will keep the Mass of St. Pius V because the mass of St. Pius V is the mass of twenty centuries. It is the Mass of all time, not just the mass of St. Pius V; and it represents our faith, it is a bulwark of our faith, and we want that bulwark.” – Excerpts from the sermon of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre at Lille, August 29, 1976


One thought on “Persecuted for the Mass

  1. j

    Why…? Why do Catholics hate us so…? The Vatican II church will conduct an inquisition to make sure no one attends an SSPX Mass… They threaten them with expulsion from their midst if they find out your car was in the parking lot, “over there”…

    Is it just me, or is there really some kind of deep seated resentment for the Society of Saint Pius X by those in the ranks of the Holy Ghost Father’s…???




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