Happy Thanksgiving!


A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all my readers! Be thankful for our great and glorious Catholic Faith.

Psalm 137

I will give thanks to You, O Lord, with all my heart, (for You have heard the words of my mouth); in the presence of the angels I will sing Your praise; I will worship at Your holy temple and give thanks to Your Name, Because of Your kindness and Your truth; for You have made great above all things Your Name and Your promise. When I called, You answered me; You built up strength within me. All the kings of the earth shall give thanks to You, O Lord, when they hear the words of Your mouth; And they shall sing of the ways of the Lord: “Great is the glory of the Lord.” The Lord is exalted, yet the lowly He sees, and the proud He knows from afar. Though I walk amid distress, You preserve me; against the anger of my enemies You raise Your hand; Your right hand saves me. The Lord will complete what He has done for me; Your kindness, O Lord, endures forever; forsake not the work of Your hands.

Thanksgiving to Christ by St. Anselm of Cantebury

 O Lord Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, our Salvation: we praise Thee and we give Thee thanks! And though we be unworthy of Thy gifts, and though we cannot offer unto Thee a fitting devotion, yet let Thy loving kindness supply for our weakness. Before Thee, O Lord our God, all our desires are known, and whatsoever our heart rightly wills is a result of Thy grace. Grant that we may attain a genuine love of Thee. Let not Thy grace be unfruitful in us, Lord! Perfect that which Thou hast begun! Give that which Thou hast made us to long for. Convert our tepidity to fervent love of Thee, for the glory of Thy holy Name. Amen.

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