The SSPX Pilgrim Virgin Our Lady of Fatima Statue

What beautiful ceremonies occurred at my SSPX chapel this weekend!  It was our turn to be visited by Our Lady of Fatima. All of the US chapels are receiving a turn to venerate her statue. Masses were offered in honor of Our Lady, as well as Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction, Rosaries, Processions (including by candlelight) and the crowning of the stunning statue of Our Lady of Fatima. And what a beautiful crown it is, fit for the Queen of Heaven!

I have provided some pictures, which follow:








“We need the Blessed Virgin Mary in our times. We need the Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to help us to keep our Faith, and to feel the warmth of the love that Our Lord Jesus Christ has for us. And as we no longer see Him before our eyes, as we see Him less and less, we need to feel that the Virgin Mary is with us.

I think that it is the reason why the Virgin Mary asked in Fatima that we pray to Her Immaculate Heart. We need this divine love which is widespread in the Heart of the Virgin Mary.

And we also need her Immaculate Heart, immaculate, that is to say, without stain, without sin.” ~Archbishop Lefebvre, Solemnity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Econe, August 1976



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