Homosexual marriage contains love and holiness?


You just can’t make this stuff up.

I just can’t stand when these Bishops talk about “the spirit.” What spirit? The same demonic spirit that has a foothold in the Church, influencing these men to praise and commend homosexuals? I’m pretty sure the Holy Spirit would want the Church to affirm that homosexual marriage is a great evil and cannot be extolled and commended under any circumstances because it is unnatural and contains within it one of the four sins that cries to heaven for vengeance.

But, alas, who are we to judge? What are we even talking about anymore? That’s all that old judgmental stuff. The Church was wrong for 1,950 years.

Right, Excellency?


11 thoughts on “Homosexual marriage contains love and holiness?

    1. damselofthefaith Post author

      “Therefore, I do not wish to lend our voice to notions which might suggest that same-sex couples are a threat incapable of sharing relationships marked by love and holiness and, thus, incapable of contributing to the edification of both the church and the wider society.”

      Does it matter if those “relationships” were said in the context of “marriage?”


      1. newenglandsun

        Hmmm…I would hope that the bishop is not talking about sexual relationships then but one cannot know for certain. Truly, same-sex couples can have celibate relationships founded in love and holiness, right?


      2. newenglandsun

        I think if there can be celibate but close relationships between those of the opposite sex, I don’t think it is impossible to see a celibate relation between those who suffer the temptation of being drawn to the same sex.

        I know people who are gay and while they are many afflicted by their distorted desires most of the ones I know are not actively acting on their animal behavior.

        It is important to show respect for their struggles and I think simply decrying them all as sexually perverted isn’t helpful to their spiritual health or to the spiritual health of the Church’s. That’s not to say that sexual sin that defies pro-creation isn’t a grave and mortal sin. On this, I agree. But is characterizing any group of sinners helpful?


    2. newenglandsun

      Calm down–I qualified that the relationships for homosexual couples must remain celibate. I’m pretty certain this is fairly common and spiritually healthy for men to form close but non sexual relations with men and women to do the same with women. I do not understand why a homosexual person can share a close friendship with another of the same sex without sexuality in the relationship but two of the opposite sex can share a non sexual relation with no trouble whatsoever.

      Please re-read what I said. Also, it appears to me that sodomy is a generalized term for all sexual acts that pervert the sense of pro-creation. And spell “stupid” correctly when hurling this accusation at me.


    3. newenglandsun

      “Same sex perverts can’t have celebrate relationships founded on anything but the disgusting desire for butfuggery… Evil communications corrupt good morals…”
      Thought I’d also remind you that slander is worse than cannibalism. Not all those struggling with this sin are “perverts”. That is a broad brush. We must remember that while we must hold onto a child-like faith, we do have an intellectual tradition built on wisdom and love for one another. We need to help each other when we fall to get back up and when someone does not understand why something is a sin, we must explain why in love. When St Thomas Aquinas dealt with the sensitive question of suicide as mortal sin, he made the point that suicide is ultimately a failure to love oneself which is why it is a mortal sin (Summa Theologica, Second Part of the Second Part, Q. 64, Art. 5).

      As we can see, the condemnation of homosexuality is sinful on the account that it is an abuse of human sexuality that is meant to be aimed toward benefiting the human body, race, and population. But, cursing is most certainly a mortal sin so instead of cursing those struggling with this sin, pick them up and help set them on the right track. Saying they only desire “butfuggery” I can guarantee you isn’t going to be helpful.


  1. Rosaria Marie

    Greetings, Damsel of Faith,

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  2. pablothemexican

    Catholic belief about homosexuality and its origin:

    Also, those perfidious Jews wanted to have Christ sodomized; that is why the Holy Mother stood watch over Him.




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