How Archbishop Lefebvre’s fight for the Mass began

The words of Archbishop Lefebvre’s biographer, Bishop Tissier de Mallerias:

“I remember that on the eve of the first Sunday of Advent in 1969, two months after my entry into Archbishop Lefebvre’s seminary in Fribourg, Switzerland, our founder called us together for a special spiritual conference, we his nine first seminarians, and told us gravely:

Tomorrow the Novus Ordo Missae becomes effective, the new mass instituted by Pope Paul VI, in all the parishes of Fribourg, Switzerland, France, and everywhere. What are we going to do?”

After a moment of silence, with his small, almost timid voice, he added:

We are going to keep the Old Mass, aren’t we?”

Those are the historic words with which Archbishop Lefebvre saved the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Of course, we were all of his opinion, and he did not need to ask us. We had all lived through the stages of the liturgical revolution since the year 1960: the altars turned around to say the Mass “facing the people”, the suppression of the psalm Judica me and the Last Gospel, parts of the Mass said out loud in the vernacular, the canon read out loud and in the vernacular, the words of the consecration changed, what was left to change?”


5 thoughts on “How Archbishop Lefebvre’s fight for the Mass began

  1. pablothemexican

    the smoke of Satan was surrounding him…it has led to a capitulation to satan and the jews by the Menzingen Regime…only two of Our Ladys sons are leading a white knucke fist fight against Hell: Reverend Father Joseph Pfeiffer and Reverend Father David Hewko.. listen to their sermons:



  2. pablothemexican

    Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was no one special. He only obeyed that which Holy Mother Church demands.

    He stands with two thousand years of Saints in Heaven.


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