Priests likened unto God

The holiness of the people depends on the example of the priest. The education of the people in the Catholic Faith depends on the priest. If the priest has not faith, holiness and a strong desire to save souls by teaching them the truths of the Church for their salvation, then the people will be lost and led astray.  Such is our example today.  The clergy have failed in their most sacred duty.  We need a resurgence of faithful, Catholic priests to set the Church back on track.  We need the laity to call the bad priests out for the damage and harm they are doing to souls. Amen.

“A priest should have a loftiness of spirit, a purity of heart and a sanctity of life befitting the solemnity and holiness of the office he holds. For this, as We have said, makes the priest a mediator between God and man; a mediator in the place, and by the command of Him who is “the one mediator of God and men, the man Jesus Christ.” The priest must, therefore, approach as close as possible to the perfection of Him whose vicar he is, and render himself ever more and more pleasing to God, by the sanctity of his life and of his deeds; because more than the scent of incense, or the beauty of churches and altars, God loves and accepts holiness. “They who are the intermediaries between God and His people,” says St. Thomas, “must bear a good conscience before God, and a good name among men.” On the contrary, whosoever handles and administers holy things, while blameworthy in his life, profanes them and is guilty of sacrilege: “They who are not holy ought not to handle holy things.””   ~Pope Pius XI, Ad Catholici Sacerdoti


One thought on “Priests likened unto God

  1. David Martin

    It’s so very true that the clergy have the power to lead or mislead souls, but this is not an absolute truth. In many cases, especially today, the scandalous example and preaching of many priests does not daunt the faith of those Catholics whose faith is strong, nor should it daunt their faith. God would be very displeased if those good Catholics listened to error just to please their priests. Whatever obedience we render in life, whether it’s laity to priests, priests to bishops, or bishops to the pope, it has to be done for God, otherwise it has no value. If we deny Christ just to make our fallen leaders happy, then we sin. For mere man, we shall never offend.



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