The sublime Virgin

“Let us not be surprised, therefore, at the enthusiasm and profound respect wherewith the Church extols the Blessed Virgin and her prerogatives. Let us on the contrary be convinced that all the praise the Church can give her, and all the devotion she can ever bear towards her, are far below what is due to her as Mother of the Incarnate God. No mortal will ever be able to describe, or even comprehend, how great a glory accrues to her from this sublime dignity. For, as the glory of Mary comes from her being the Mother of God, one would have first to comprehend God himself in order to measure the greatness of her dignity. It is to God that Mary gave our human nature; it is God whom she had as her Child; it is God who gloried in rendering himself, inasmuch as he is Man, subject to her: hence, the true value of such a dignity possessed by a mere creature, can only be appreciated in proportion to our knowledge of the sovereign perfections of the great God, who thus deigns to make himself dependent upon that favored creature. Let us therefore bow down in deepest adoration before the Majesty of our God; let us therefore acknowledge that we cannot respect as it deserves the extraordinary dignity of her whom He chose for His Mother.”  ~Dom Gueranger


One thought on “The sublime Virgin

  1. jimislanderjimislander

    Another wonderful post 🙂 you always find things that are uplifitng

    . Come, my lips, and wide proclaim
    The Blessed Virgin’s spotless fame.
    . O LADY! make speed to befriend me.
    From the hands of the enemy mightily defend me.

    HAIL, Queen of the Heavens!
    Hail, Mistress of earth!
    Clear star of the morning
    in beauty enshrined!
    O Lady make speed
    to the help of mankind.
    Thee GOD in the depth
    of eternity chose;
    and formed thee all fair,
    as His glorious spouse;
    tAnd called thee His WORD’S
    own Mother to be,
    by Whom HE created
    the earth, sky, and sea.
    V. God elected her, and pre-elected her.
    R. He made her to dwell in His tabernacle.

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