Save our homeland and Faith!

"Joan of Arc Triumphant".:

The following is an excerpt of a radio-message from Pope Pius XII for the 500th anniversary of the rehabilitation of St. Joan of Arc, June 25, 1956:

“Do raise your eyes, beloved sons, you worthy members of a nation that glories in the title of Eldest Daughter of the Church, and consider the great examples that came before you… Down on your knees before the God Who is expecting you in His Tabernacle, renew your profession of faith, promise Him anew your most perfect faithfulness, and be assured that in so doing, you will answer your calling of men, of Christians, of Frenchmen… And if, for one moment, you might deem that iniquity, mendacity, and corruption reign supreme, you will but need to keep silent for a split-second and raise your eyes towards Heaven, to imagine that the legions of Joan of Arc are coming back with unfurled standards to save your homeland and to save the faith.

I only hope to have some part in saving the Faith.  With St. Joan of Arc as my heroine and guide and the sword of truth in my hand, I will fight Modernism, heresy and corruption in the Church, for the greater glory of God and souls, with hope in the restoration of the Church and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Those who should speak should never fall silent and I will not.  Be the legions of St. Joan of Arc, doing battle for the Holy Catholic Church!  Let the legions of Heaven be our standard in spiritual battle, to save our and their Faith, the Faith of 2,000 years that is spotless, unchangeable and eternal!


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