SSPX must “unreservedly recognize” the errors of Vatican II?

“There is no greater enemy of the Immaculata and her Knighthood than today’s ecumenism, which every Knight must not only fight against, but also neutralize through diametrically opposed action and ultimately destroy.”   ~Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Just last month, Archbishop Pozzo stated that “the difficulties [my two cents: not a matter of difficulties, these are outright heresies] raised by the SSPX regarding questions of Church-State relations and religious liberty, the practice of ecumenism and dialogue with non-Christian religions, certain aspects of liturgical reform and their concrete application do not constitute an obstacle to the SSPX’s canonical and juridical recognition.” See here for more:

I repeat, canonical recognition will be a good if no compromise is involved, if we are accepted as we are and remain the same in our rejection of the errors that have emanated from Vatican II. It’s my personal opinion that Vatican II needs to be condemned, along with every specific error that has arisen from it, a Syllabus of Errors so to speak, as Archbishop Schneider proposed.

This just out yesterday:

But, now we have Cardinal Gerhard Muller stating that we have to accept religious liberty and ecumenism to be Catholic.

In an interview in the June edition of the German publication Herder Korrespondenz, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said that if one “wants to be fully Catholic, one must recognize the Pope and the Second Vatican Council.”

The SSPX does recognize the authority of the Pope. Since when has that been in question? As far as I know, the SSPX accepts the legitimacy of Vatican II as a valid Council of the Catholic Church.  It’s the errors and heresies that came forth from it that is rejected.

“Cardinal Müller said he expects a recognition of all the Council declarations that deal with these issues, according to the interview, reported on the Austrian Catholic website, Kathpress, May 24.

This will not be possible. They need to make up their mind about what they want from us so we can act accordingly.  If they want us to accept error, we remain as we are.

In Bishop Fellay’s recent interview, he states that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Pope have two different positions.  The Pope sees doctrine as “quite an obstacle in dealing with people” (Kyrie Eleison to that!) and admires the SSPX’s charitable aspect, from his experience with the SSPX in Argentina.

Earlier this month, the SSPX’s superior general, Bishop Bernard Fellay, told the Register that some in Rome were signaling to the Society that it was now possible to question the Council’s teachings on these issues “and remain Catholic.”

“That means, also, the criteria they would impose on us, to have us prove to them that we are Catholic, will no longer be these points,” he said. “That, to us, would be very important.”

Who is telling Bishop Fellay this? Why is this being contradicted by Cardinal Muller? These questions need to be asked and answered. This needs to be worked out now.  If not, their may be much dissension in the future if the SSPX is regularized and are forced to accept the Council under obedience, for then they would have to refuse.  One cannot obey what is against the Faith.

The CDF prefect said that no pope has ever proclaimed Christ’s Resurrection as an ex cathedra [infallible] dogma, and yet it “belongs in the center of the creed, it is the foundation.”

“Key statements, even if they are not proclaimed ex cathedra [infallible], are, for us Catholics, still essential,” he said, adding that it is “not acceptable to take one and reject the other.” 

Why is Cardinal Muller comparing the infallible dogma of the Resurrection to a pastoral, non-infallible Council that wrecked havoc on the Faith by promoting error and heresy that contradicted 2,000 years of Church teaching?

Amidst all the confusion, let us continue to pray for the Society, that they remain firm in their refusal to compromise the Faith and if be God’s will, that a solution come about that will be advantageous and beneficial to many, many souls in the Church.

Comments and thoughts are invited but please keep it charitable. Thank you.

~Damsel of the Faith




3 thoughts on “SSPX must “unreservedly recognize” the errors of Vatican II?

  1. editor

    How disappointing that Cardinal Muller is taking this ridiculous attitude – as if the controversial statements emanating from (or subsequent to) a merely pastoral Council could possibly be a matter of faith in the same league as the Resurrection.

    My tuppence worth on this is that the Cardinal is panic-stricken because Papa Francis is liable to announce that the Society is fully recognised “as is” (possibly on his next trip abroad – he just can’t resist those microphones!) And he wants to send out a warning shot across his bow, in a pre-emptive strike, if you don’t mind the mixed metaphors!

    You just have to laugh… er… don’t we?


  2. thesmilingpilgrim

    Be nice to see the church in full communion some day again.

    This goes past just the issues of Vatican 2 but with our eastern brothers and those in the protestant traditions.

    I’m sure the spirit yearns for us to be as brothers like the apostles where.

    Using our talents to draw out the content of the faith in solidarity and love amongst each other knowing we are understanding more of the glory of God.



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