The beauty of the Marriage bond

I found this beautiful quote on the definition, unity and purpose of Marriage on the Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals website. Though sedevacantist, they are an excellent source of moral theology and Catholic Doctrine. Highly recommended!

“It is part of God’s providence that when He sets before us an end to be attained He provides us also with the means of attaining that end. So in the case of marriage, having ordained it for the high purpose of preparing souls for heaven, God has endowed it with qualities which make it an apt instrument for the purpose for which it was instituted. These qualities are revealed in the truth of Christ and the Church. Christ’s Church was to be one only, and it was to last until the end of time. The bond of Christian marriage must likewise be one only and must last until broken by death. Unity and perpetuity are the qualities which make the marriage state specially fitted for the great object of bringing children into the world, of nourishing them in body, mind, and spirit, of bringing them to the final perfection for which man was created. If the bringing of children into the world is attended with great pain and labor, the bringing of their souls to perfection is attended with still greater pain and labor. It requires nothing else than the united life and love of both parents. Now such is the nature of man and woman that they cannot love effectually with a divided love. Let either partner give the other the slightest cause for jealousy and there is an end of that perfect love and harmony in the family which is so needful for the well-being of the children. The archetype of perfect love is the mutual love of the three persons of the blessed Trinity. One of the fairest created reflections of that love is the triple love of family life, the love of husband, wife, and child. It will brook no intrusion from without. It cannot bear the prospect of it coming to an end. This is a fundamental and universal law of nature, a law of nature which is accentuated, ennobled, and made perfect by a law of grace. The Sacrament of Matrimony implies a special divine sanction to the laws of unity and perpetuity in the marriage bond.”  ~The Sacrament of Marriage by the Rev. Thomas J. Gerkard 


The Damsel will be on vacation this weekend so the blog is on hiatus until next week. Thank you for reading!

~Damsel of the Faith


6 thoughts on “The beauty of the Marriage bond

  1. pablothemexican

    Nothing beats throwing a woman over your shoulders aand taking her kicking and screaming before an altar.

    That’s why Mexican Churches have tall entry doors…you can steal a woman up to the point the Padre pronounces her wife to her husband. (the man rides in on his horse and scoops her up, takes her to another church, and marries her. Why not? She’s already dressed for the occasion).

    Many lifelong Catholic Marriages have begun this way.

    Mediocre passions blow out quickly.

    Hot passion for one’s wife and duty before God last forever.

    An old Mexican proverb woman to man:

    “You better get going, or you better get going!”



    1. damselofthefaith Post author

      I fail to see what this has to do with the post. For a marriage to be valid, the mutual consent of the man and the woman must be there.

      Authentic love is not “hot passion” but doing the will of God and the spousal love of husband and wife is focused on getting each other’s souls to Heaven, along with all of the children God gives them.

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  2. Renee

    Never in my wildest dreams would i have imagine living in a culture which recognized the fallacy of “same-sex marriage.” But it is only through the sacrament of Traditional Marriage which will enable our civilization to survive. That’s why must preserve this sacred institution from those who seek its demise! Including vote seeking politicians who are contributing to its demise!

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      1. pablothemexican

        “…Never in my wildest dreams would i have imagine living in a culture….”

        Where have so many misguided Catholics come from?

        If you are Catholic you should understand, from your inculcation, there is a Satan. Striving to be “unto the likeness of God” one of his many attacks would be upon marriage and its subsequent activities.

        We should know that.

        In example,

        This ‘culture’ you speak of has been created by those that meet together against God and His Christ.



    1. Steven C.


      Renee and other concerned Catholics are simply amazed at how quickly the formerly Christian West has been moving from Christ and His Church, especially since the Second Vatican Council. They don’t deny that Satan exists or that he doesn’t strive to be “unto the likeness of God”. In fact, they understand best how this culture has been compromised by those working against Christ.

      Such sweeping generalizations and rash statements as the ones you often make on this site will not be tolerated. The authors of this blog do not endorse such motives or conclusions and believe them to be diametrically opposed to true Christian charity. Thank you.

      Filling in for my friend, Damsel of the Faith, who will be away from the blog until Monday.



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