A tribute to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

With permission from the Editor at the excellent Catholic Truth blog, I share with everyone this beautiful poem dedicated to the great Archbishop Lefebvre by Tom Weir to commmorate the blessing of St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Glasglow, Scotland, September 13th, 1986.  It can be found in the April 2016 edition of the Catholic Truth Newsletter.

Most Gracious Archbishop,

True Shepherd of your flock;

Defender of the One True Church,

protector of the Rock.

While brother Bishops scorn you,

and rebuke each word you say,

By your guidance and example,

from the Truth we cannot stray.

A pious humble prelate

and loyal priest of Christ.

When liberal ways deceived the fold,

you could not be enticed.

Steadfast until death are you,

no compromise you give.

And for many Catholics everywhere,

their true faith they can live.

Those many years ago, your Grace,

when you were first ordained;

To the vows made on that special day,

you devoutly have remained.

Your love of Christ and Holy Church,

her doctrine you defend;

Against the powers of Satan,

you will fight until the end.

This, our tribute, comes to you

From Scotland far away

Where Saint John Ogilvie was martyred

for the Mass we keep today.

He, like you, would not deny

his ordination vow.

But how many modern clergy

would gladly do that now.

God bless you dear Archbishop,

And give you special grace;

That in the future years to come,

We shall see your smiling face

With all those priests around you,

Who bring the Mass of Trent;

May Our Lord protect you always,

To us all, you’re heaven-sent.


What a beautiful poetic tribute to our dear Archbishop Lefebvre!  And it ever remains true.

~Damsel of the Faith



3 thoughts on “A tribute to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

  1. EditorCT


    Thank you SO much for posting Mr Weir’s beautiful poem. He is a lovely man, who, incidentally, celebrated his 45th wedding anniversary last Sunday. He is the faithful sacristan at the Society chapel in Glasgow, and – as one of my Great Nephews (who doubles as an altar server) says, “There’s just nothing that Mr Weir doesn’t know about Liturgy.”

    Well, if he’s ever sacked from that position, he can turn his hand to poetry!

    Thank you again for posting his beautiful poem, and for your kind words about and link to Catholic Truth.

    God bless you and your wonderful apostolate.

    Liked by 1 person


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