From the Damsel regarding the Louisiana flood



Hello everyone!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers and support! My house got 20 inches of water and most of my belongings are fine. Very happy about my religious items, my clothes and my computer. So many blessings to count. We are fortunate to have flood insurance which will take care of the house.  As for appliances and furniture, we’ll have to rely on God and the goodness of others.  As there will be much to do, posts from myself will be kept on hold. Please continue to pray for us that our house will be restored and refurbished. Also, for some of the parishioners of Our Lady of Sorrows, SSPX Chapel, in Baton Rouge, some of whom have lost everything, literally.  As for the chapel, praise God, it only got 6 inches of water.

God is good, of course, to protect His dwelling, His temple, His tabernacle and our only refuge in this disaster.

Please pray for my state. I am blessed but for others it’s a disaster like no other. This truly was unprecedented. And for myself, it’s still so unbelievable and catastrophic.

God bless you all!


8 thoughts on “From the Damsel regarding the Louisiana flood

  1. Steven C.

    I’m so happy for my dear friend and so grateful to God for blessing her abundantly! I can assure you all that she has borne all of this with such perseverance and love! I’m so blessed to have the most wonderful friend in her!

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  2. Suzanne Broussard

    From a fellow Louisiana girl, you have my prayers for your safety. The old towns were all built on high ground, but even that is no guarantee with this kind of rain. May God have Mercy on us, and protect us from the powers of Satan. This weather system has strange characteristics, for example New Orleans is being spared, with clear skies reported in a circle around the city for two weeks now. It seems that when it comes to weather modification technology, it’s never available to stop a disaster, yet it continues to be used by the military, and they admit this openly. Your blogs have been a source of comfort to me for a while now, thanks.

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    1. damselofthefaith Post author

      Thank you, Editor! Progress is being made. I’m very thankful. Please continue the prayers for us and all of South Louisiana. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this, in Livingston Parish, 107,000 out of a population of 137,000, lost everything.

      God bless you and all at Catholic Truth!

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