Voting as Catholics

We republish our post on voting for this Election Day in the United States of America. We ask that all of our non-American readers pray especially for our country on this most important day. May America give to the world a president who will exercise his authority for the greater honor and glory of God!

For our American readers, they also are asked to pray and do much penance, but they also have a duty of the greatest importance to fulfill. One of our two viable candidates up for election this day is running on the most anti-Christian platform this country has ever seen, perhaps even one of the most significant the entire world has ever witnessed. If elected after eight years of the current administration, this country would seemingly find itself in a pitiful situation. However, because of noted imperfections present in the other candidate, many wonder whether they can vote for him in good conscience.

I would like to remind our readers of the words of Pope Pius XII concerning the April 1948 elections in Italy, that of the Christian Democrats vs. the Communists. The Holy Father urged Catholics to vote against the Communists, despite the fact that the Christian Democrat party was by no means perfect:

“In the present circumstances, it is a strict obligation for all those who have the right to vote, men and women, to take part in the elections. Whoever abstains from doing so, in particular by indolence or weakness, commits a sin grave in itself, a mortal fault. Each one must follow the dictate of his own conscience. However, it is obvious that the voice of conscience imposes on every Catholic to give his vote to the candidates who offer truly sufficient guarantees for the protection of the rights of God and of souls, for the true good of individuals, families and of society, according to the love of God and Catholic moral teaching.”

Good Catholics, the Church has never required Catholics to vote for only Charlemagne or Louis IX. When it is necessary, a Catholic may certainly and even should vote for the candidate running on a platform of far greater good.

Our (SSPX) parish priest requested that we directly voice in this post what our readers MUST do this day, under pain of grave sin. Catholics must go to the polls and cast their vote for Donald Trump, the only candidate who has a viable chance of preventing Hillary Clinton’s demonic administration from reaching the White House.

“What if Trump doesn’t keep his promises on moral stances?”, one might ask. Even if he falls short on such promises as the overturning of Roe v. Wade (although I believe his selected Justices certainly may overturn it and many other evil laws), we will still have escaped outright Communism as a nation. We will still be able to practice our Faith openly, to support the Church, to continue raising our families with some semblance of normality in our country.

For those still uncertain, I provide two sermons from priests who regularly pray the Traditional Mass, explaining why Catholics should vote Trump/Pence. I also attach a video from Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara about this election. For those who can only listen to one, listen to the first sermon. With our combined sources from our repost and original post, I hope good Catholics can make a well-informed, prudent decision. As for me, I could never forgive myself if such an evil administration took office simply because I did not place a vote as I should have. May God bless our nation.

Damsel of the Faith & Knight of Tradition

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Cardinal Raymond Burke has spoken regarding the upcoming U.S. Presidential election.  We do appreciate the Cardinal offering counsel on this subject, as there has been so much unnecessary confusion, even amongst good Catholics.

Given the present tragic state of the world, it is understandable that Catholics may be confused as to how to approach the corrupted political landscape.  I attach below an article from the SSPX, in the hope that it might also help good Catholics to form a clear conscience about the application of this important duty.

~Steven C., “The Knight of Tradition”

The Catholic Dilemma in Voting

October 10, 2015

Why is it that today in Western Countries, we have so many elected officials, and some who even identify themselves as Catholic, who promote such evils as abortion, same sex marriage, and euthanasia? Did not many of these countries, particularly in Europe, have Catholic constitutions with Catholic principles?…

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7 thoughts on “Voting as Catholics

  1. rescuedbymary

    Who is this that has told you two that if you don’t vote for Trump you’re going to hell…??? That’s what “grave” sin does, is it not…???

    “Our (SSPX) parish priest requested that we directly voice in this post what our readers MUST do this day, under pain of grave sin. Catholics must go to the polls and cast their vote for Donald Trump,…”

    Each one must follow the dictate of his own conscience. ~ Pope Pious XII

    I’m sure your priest is a very well-intentioned and holy man,, but he is no Pope Pius XII…


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    1. Steven C. Post author

      I think the better question would be, who has not told us? We’re not the only ones saying this. If you look at other Traditional and even Conservative outlets, you’ll find the same position. What our pastor has told us is consistent with the general consensus of the solid, faithful remnant of the Church.

      In quoting Pius XII, you left out the sentences that directly follow. This isn’t the most progressive factions of the Novus Ordo where one just “follows his conscience”. Pius XII then explains how one should properly form his conscience: “However, it is obvious that the voice of conscience imposes on every Catholic to give his vote to the candidates who offer truly sufficient guarantees for the protection of the rights of God and of souls, for the true good of individuals, families and of society, according to the love of God and Catholic moral teaching”.

      Now, Trump has indicated repeatedly(e.g. in his message to Catholics, his list of Supreme Court Justices) that he does respect and will preserve our rights as Catholics to practice our Faith, to hold our moral stances. One might ask, but what if he is not sincere? Well, we never really know if any candidate is sincere unless they’re put in office. Even if he isn’t perfect(and who of us is?), the stakes are enormous here. He’s running against the most evil platform this country has ever seen and which will most likely be the final dagger if elected. Are you not worried, sir, about yourself and your family and the Church if this woman gets elected? When the gap is this wide, Catholics would be required to vote under a sin of omission.

      Objectively speaking, yes, it would bind under grave sin to vote Trump/Pence. If you want to get a “big-picture” argument, then I suggest you watch the first sermon posted above. It’s not very long at all, just 13 minutes. However, I realize that subjectively speaking, the circumstances are quite confusing, so I will not judge that every person who decides to abstain has sinned mortally. This does not mean that we cannot promote objective truth, though. It is a very big misconception in Tradition that we can only vote for Charlemagne essentially to lead us. This misconception probably exists because in Europe, Catholics there usually only have a choice between two anti-Christian, anti-God candidates. This is not always the case(for now, at least) in America, thank God. Believe me, I’ve heard from many European Traditional Catholics who would love to have an opportunity to vote Trump/Pence.

      Thank you for your comment!


      1. rescuedbymary


        I’ve thought very carefully about what you have said in your previous posts, including this one.

        I’m sorry, but there’s no way I could vote for an adulterer, especially one who insists that the act is not a sin, and apparently does it with impunity. Adultery is the root cause of every social evil.

        If a man cannot be trusted to remain faithful to his vow to his wife, than he cannot be trusted with the Oath of office of the President of the United States.


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      2. newenglandsun

        I’m going to have to stand by RBM. I voted for Trump but for issues centering around on more than just abortion.
        A) Clinton was basically threatening war with Russia. Russia was ending plutonium deals and working on nuclear missiles. Her “no-air” zone in Syria was even criticised by Pres. Obummer as threatening war with both Syria and Russia (two nations that are currently fighting ISIS and al-Qaeda right now, mind you). Meaning we would have potentially been fighting Russia, Syria, and ISIS all at the same time. Trump expressed interest in working with Assad and Putin.
        B) We have gang and drug cartel problems in America, especially at our borders, and Trump was the only one willing to call it out despite that it would make him seem racist as a lot of these gangs and drug cartels are predominantly Hispanic. And we really do need the wall and a lot of the people in these drug cartels are Mexican government officials. Mexico needs to pay every last penny of it.
        C) Working class. Trump was the only one who stood up for the working class. Clinton said with her gnarly voice, “We will raise taxes on the middle class!” Trump wants to lower taxes on not just the upper but on the middle classes.
        D) Obummercare. Clinton’s plan was founded on the same exact lie that Obummer’s was. You can keep your doctor (wrong) you can keep your current plan (wrong). Trump just wanted to alter the bad parts of it and completely revamp it.
        E) Drain the swamp in D.C. Trump promoted an ethical plan to end lobbying.
        F) Inner circles. Clinton was as crooked as a twisted spoon and Trump’s inner circle included the most wonderful of public servants.
        G) Syrian “refugees”. Chancellor Merkel let these “refugees” in and now the streets of France and the streets of Germany, you can’t go out on them any more. Most of these people aren’t actually refugees but terrorists disguised as refugees. Further, we wouldn’t have this refugee crisis in the first place if we had been able to quell the terrorists and rebels who were creating the situation!

        There’s other issues that I cannot think of right now.

        However, if your only reason listed above to vote for him was “to avoid communism, practice faith freely, and overturn Roe v. Wade”, that is simply just bad. Roe v. Wade is only going to be over-turned with time which means we have to do what we can in the meanwhile to prevent more casualties. The Libertarian candidate would have been just as good. Anarcho-Capitalist ideology allows Libertarians to take government funding out of the abortion industry effectively leaving it as victim to the free market society. The abortion industry is practically monopolised by Planned Parenthood right now which as capitalists know does not bode well for an industry. Watch the prices for abortion sky-rocket, and eventually, it will be the free market that runs the abortion industry out of business. Further, Clinton was no threat whatsoever to practice of faith or to promoting communism. Numerous Republican leaders were already considering impeaching her as soon as she got into office and you can vouch they would have impeached her. Even still, they want to pursue her (though it’s last priority now). Had she won, you can vouch that they would have locked her up and thrown away the key.

        So was it really necessary for salvation to vote for Donald Trump? No.


  2. Steven C. Post author

    Well, I suppose it’s a moot point since the election is finished, however, I still wish to answer your comment. For one, there have been many otherwise great leaders who had slipped because of this sin. The best known example is King David, who committed this sin with probably a greater severity than Trump ever did. However, God worked through His flawed instruments and much good was achieved.

    I have doubts about whether Trump believes that his adulteries were not wrong. Although he may never have said so publicly, he has seemingly indicated it indirectly. During the RNC, Trump thanked the Evangelicals for their support, while admitting that he might not deserve it. While proposing the repealing of the Johnson Amendment, Trump said “I figure it’s the only way I’m getting to Heaven.” There are a couple of more examples, but my point is that it appears that Trump shows some regret or at least an acknowledgment of the wrongfulness of his deeds. I also don’t believe this older, more presidential Trump we see now, who is not known to have committed these acts in some time, behaves exactly the same as the one we saw on magazine covers decades ago.

    That being said, it is generally assumed in modern elections that we vote primarily on principles and platforms, not necessarily everyone’s past personal life. One would not be giving an impression of scandal to vote for the best candidate, even if that candidate has committed such sins in the past. I am very happy for those I love that he was elected. His opponent would have handed America to the Devil and destroyed our God-given freedoms. For her defeat, Deo Gratias.


    1. rescuedbymary

      “I therefore propose that it would seem excessive to punish every adulterer with the Death Penalty, unless the adultery in question was surrounded by exceptionally severe circumstances…” ~ Steven

      And just what would those circumstances be, Steven…???



  3. Steven C. Post author

    I admit I am not much of an expert on this topic, but for questions such as these, there are usually exceptions because of the subjective, varying nature of individual actions. As for the particular circumstances, these would probably be an unusually violent or maliceful action surrounding the adultery. I do admit that I wish this issue would be addressed more. The good sources I provided in my original response to you were among the few I could locate.



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