False Altars

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“I don’t like going into the parishes and celebrating Mass on a false altar: all Churches must have altars facing towards the people.”

Actually, Excellency, your altars can be called false in every sense of the word, since you advocate the desacrilization of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Blessed Sacrament by relegating it to a simple meal, void of any semblance of the Sacrifice of the Cross.  By facing the people you turn your back on God, but you have actually done worse, for the Modernists have thrown the Blessed Sacrament from the altar and cast him into a closet. What does this tell us about you?  You do not hold the Catholic Faith.

With the likes of these Modernists, it is a great miracle that the Traditional Latin Mass has survived.  Due credit to Archbishop Lefebvre and our great SSPX, for preserving the Faith when it was under most attack.

“The survival of the Tridentine Mass until the post-Vatican II reform was, even from a cultural standpoint, something of a miracle.”   ~Michael Davies

“The new liturgy will delight all those groups hovering on the verge of apostasy who, during a spiritual crisis without precedent, now wreak havoc in the Church by poisoning Her organism and by undermining Her unity in doctrine, worship, morals and discipline.”   ~Cardinals Ottaviani & Bacci

May God have mercy on this disgraceful Bishop and move him to repentance for his hatred of the Mass of All Time and the True Catholic Faith of saintly generations.  Without these Altars, the world would cease to exist.

~Damsel of the Faith


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