BREAKING: Cardinals demand Pope make “formal act of correction”


It seems that these four courageous prelates are on the way to declaring the Pope a formal heretic, using the proper canonical procedures.  This is a historic development for our times.  It’s nice to see actions being taken for the Church, for the good of souls led astray by this Pope, who advocates and abets immorality in the Church, going so far as to commit sacrilege against the Blessed Sacrament.  May this heresy be banished from the Church and the Mystical Bride be restored to her fullness very soon.

We need a Pope to preserve and teach the Catholic Faith:

“To preserve forever in his Church the unity and doctrine of this faith, Christ chose one of his apostles, Peter, whom he appointed the Prince of his Apostles, his Vicar on earth, and impregnable foundation and head of his Church. Surpassing all others with every dignity of extraordinary authority, power and jurisdiction, he was to feed the Lord’s flock, strengthen his brothers, rule and govern the universal Church. Christ not only desired that his Church remain as one and immaculate to the end of the world, and that its unity in faith, doctrine and form of government remain inviolate. He also willed that the fullness of dignity, power and jurisdiction, integrity and stability of faith given to Peter be handed down in its entirety to the Roman Pontiffs, the successors of this same Peter, who have been placed on this Chair of Peter in Rome, and to whom has been divinely committed the supreme care of the Lord’s entire flock and the supreme rule of the Universal Church.”   ~Pope Pius IX, “Amantissimus”, 1862

~Damsel of the Faith


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