Prayer for a Catholic family


This past Sunday was the glorious Feast of the Holy Family. We would do well to consecrate or re-consecrate our families to God. The family, being the foundation of society, is satan’s first target. If he can destroy the family, an influx of evils will result, as is evident in the world today. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, give us Holy Catholic families, to be a light to the world and a contradiction to society.

~Damsel of the Faith

“God of goodness and mercy, we commend to thy all-powerful protection our home, our family and all that we possess. Bless us all as thou didst bless the holy family of Nazareth.

O Jesus, our most holy Redeemer, by the love with which thou didst become man in order to save us, by the mercy through which thou didst die for us upon the cross, we entreat thee to bless our home, our family, our household. Preserve us from all evil and from the snares of men; preserve us from lightning and hail and fire, from flood and from the rage of the elements; preserve us from thy wrath, from all hatred and from the evil intentions of our enemies, from plague, famine and war. Let no one of us die without the Holy Sacraments. Bless us, that we may always openly confess our faith which is to sanctify us, that we may never falter in our hope, even amid pain and affliction, that we may ever grow in love for Thee and in charity toward our neighbor.

O Jesus, bless us, protect us.

O Mary, Mother of grace and mercy, bless us, protect us against the evil spirit; lead us by the hand through this vale of tears; reconcile us with thy divine Son; commend us to Him, that we may be made worthy of his promises.

Saint Joseph, reputed father of our Saviour, guardian of his most holy Mother, head of the holy family, intercede for us, bless and protect our home always.

Saint Michael, defend us against all the wicked wiles of hell.

Saint Gabriel, obtain for us that we may understand the holy will of God.

Saint Raphael, preserve us from ill health and all danger to life.

Holy Guardian Angels, keep us day and night in the way to salvation.

Holy Patrons, pray for us before the throne of God.

Bless this house, Thou, God our Father, who didst create us; Thou, divine Son, who didst suffer for us on the cross; Thou, Holy Spirit, who didst sanctify us in baptism. May God, in his three Divine Persons, preserve our body, purify our soul, direct our heart, and lead us to life everlasting.

Glory be to the Father, glory be to the Son, glory be to the Holy Ghost. Amen.”
(Indulgence 200 days Leo XIII)


8 thoughts on “Prayer for a Catholic family

  1. Renee

    Beautiful. Our nation is under siege with left’s activism in promoting same sex unions! How lovely to remember the Holy Family and to be able to turn towards their intercession for the sanctification of Traditional Catholic marriages!

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  2. Augusto Pozuelos

    Thank you very much; it is a beautiful prayer I use to pray at living moment, after the Sanctus; it comes in a book from Fr. Lasance I bought at Angelus Press. It is very complete and very connected with Sacred Nazareth Family.
    Again, thanks for your blog.

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  3. Mark Thomas

    Dear Damsel Of The Faith,

    Thank you very much for your important and uplifting comments about the family, as well as the vital need to place God at the center of family life. Catholic families (all families) need you, a holy and important person with an important blog that reaches many people, to promote the True Faith — The Catholic Faith — as you are correct about the collapse of families within and without the Church.

    Please continue to perform God’s work. Again, Holy Mother Church needs you to help announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our fallen world.

    In line with your post, I would like please to offer the following from His Holiness Pope Francis:

    “The nuclear family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is for each believer and especially for families an authentic school of the Gospel. Here we admire the fulfilment of the divine plan to make of the family a special community of life and love.

    “Here we learn that every Christian nuclear family is called to be a “domestic church”, to make the Gospel virtues shine and become a leaven of good in society. The classic traits of the Holy Family are: reflection and prayer, mutual understanding and respect, and a spirit of sacrifice, work and solidarity.

    “From the exemplary witness of the Holy Family, each family can find precious guidance for the style and choices of life, and can draw strength and wisdom for each day’s journey.

    “Our Lady and Joseph teach us to welcome children as a gift of God, to beget them and raise them, cooperating wonderfully in the work of the Creator and giving to the world, in each child, a new smile.

    “It is in a united family that children bring their existence to maturity, living out the meaningful and effective experience of freely given love, tenderness, reciprocal respect, mutual understanding, forgiveness and joy.

    “If the door of the family is not open to the presence of God and to his love, then the family loses its harmony, individualism prevails, and joy is extinguished. Instead, the family which experiences joy — the joy of life, the joy of faith — communicates it spontaneously, is the salt of the earth, and light of the world, the leaven for all of society.

    “May Jesus, Mary and Joseph bless and protect all the families in the world, so that in them may reign the serenity and joy, the justice and peace which Christ by his Birth brought as a gift to humanity.”


    Mark Thomas

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