International Planned Parenthood defunded in U.S.

Yesterday morning, President Donald Trump signed an executive order revoking funding for Planned Parenthood’s international affiliate. Americans should be relieved that their paid taxes will no longer go towards funding international organizations that perform this abominable act. This order was a reinstatement of a policy revoked shamelessly by Barack Obama within days of his respective inauguration. Catholic and pro-life websites are correct in praising the new Administration for this swift action even if it is but a comparatively minor step in the restoration of a true culture of Life. It is now up to Congress to vote on whether Planned Parenthood will be defunded entirely in this nation.

It is truly stunning how vile universities, media, and members of government have spun the ravenous wolf of PP into an innocent lamb in the public eye. How so many know so little about the true nature of Planned Parenthood, extending beyond its abortions and even its selling of butchered baby parts! Since Margaret Sanger first founded the “Birth Control League” in 1921(later changed to “Planned Parenthood” to mask its true nature), the organization has always focused on eugenics, to control the population and to exterminate those most “unfit” in society. All methods of controlling the birth of children are employed with a particular diabolical fondness for abortion. Sanger particularly despised the diseased and disabled, as well as those with African heritage. If any children are to be born at all, they must come from “elite” races and possess “elite” qualities. A true exercise of Darwinism at its cunning finest.

This demonic hatred for everything Christian is, of course, certainly not portrayed in the public eye. In fact, the opposite position is. Planned Parenthood is always said to be “helping” mothers making these very important choices… and how dare we even question how they should treat “their” bodies! Also, PP provides supposedly so many wonderful services and very few abortions.

Well, perhaps we should consider these statements of “Ms.” Sanger and see for ourselves whether Planned Parenthood is as nice as they claim:

We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

Birth control is nothing more or less than…weeding out the unfit.”

They are…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ’spawning… human beings who never should have been born.”

I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world.”

But for my view, I believe that there should be no more babies.”

What is amazing is how the evil in this country have managed to turn the tables on us, so to speak. Christians and conservatives are the ones chastised for being so “intolerant”, “racist”, and “rigid”, when it is obvious that the same applies to them in the greatest degree! And who are the babies most often aborted? African-American and/or disabled children. PP even makes significant efforts to put the vast majority of their centers in or near African-American communities. We also have doctors straight out of pseudo-communist medical schools who constantly encourage abortions if it is found that the baby has a disability. Yes, this wicked, satanic spirit of Sanger is alive and well.

Unfortunately, much of the American Church hierarchy shoulders a considerable amount of blame. As John Vennari noted in the January 2017 Catholic Family News, there was an overall very weak response by most(although not all) U.S. Bishops against abortion during a year when the issue was most significantly debated in the public forum. Seriously, how is it that so many bishops can barely make a mealy-mouthed statement, when such a bishop as Bishop Bernard Fellay, for instance, flies from Switzerland to take part in the two biggest American pro-life rallies and offers extensive pro-life conferences and Mass?

We must now especially pray for our civil authorities. No matter what we might be tempted to think of them, it is through their power and authority, supplied to them by God, that these evil laws might be overturned. Congress and the new president will certainly have ample opportunities to gain much ground in the pro-life battle. If one reads the traditional Catholic and pro-life websites, the early signs thus far appear to be somewhat encouraging. But we must pray and stand up for our uncompromisingly pro-life stance! May the restoration begin now!

Bp. Carroll’s famous prayer for those in American Government:

We pray, Thee O Almighty and Eternal God! Who through Jesus Christ hast revealed Thy glory to all nations, to preserve the works of Thy mercy, that Thy Church, being spread through the whole world, may continue with unchanging faith in the confession of Thy Name.

We pray Thee, who alone art good and holy, to endow with heavenly knowledge, sincere zeal, and sanctity of life, our chief bishop, Pope N., the Vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the government of his Church; our own bishop, N., all other bishops, prelates, and pastors of the Church; and especially those who are appointed to exercise amongst us the functions of the holy ministry, and conduct Thy people into the ways of salvation.

We pray Thee O God of might, wisdom, and justice! Through whom authority is rightly administered, laws are enacted, and judgment decreed, assist with Thy Holy Spirit of counsel and fortitude the President of these United States, that his administration may be conducted in righteousness, and be eminently useful to Thy people over whom he presides; by encouraging due respect for virtue and religion; by a faithful execution of the laws in justice and mercy; and by restraining vice and immorality. Let the light of Thy divine wisdom direct the deliberations of Congress, and shine forth in all the proceedings and laws framed for our rule and government, so that they may tend to the preservation of peace, the promotion of national happiness, the increase of industry, sobriety, and useful knowledge; and may perpetuate to us the blessing of equal liberty.

We pray for his excellency, the governor of this state, for the members of the assembly, for all judges, magistrates, and other officers who are appointed to guard our political welfare, that they may be enabled, by Thy powerful protection, to discharge the duties of their respective stations with honesty and ability.

We recommend likewise, to Thy unbounded mercy, all our brethren and fellow citizens throughout the United States, that they may be blessed in the knowledge and sanctified in the observance of Thy most holy law; that they may be preserved in union, and in that peace which the world cannot give; and after enjoying the blessings of this life, be admitted to those which are eternal.

Finally, we pray to Thee, O Lord of mercy, to remember the souls of Thy servants departed who are gone before us with the sign of faith and repose in the sleep of peace; the souls of our parents, relatives, and friends; of those who, when living, were members of this congregation, and particularly of such as are lately deceased; of all benefactors who, by their donations or legacies to this Church, witnessed their zeal for the decency of divine worship and proved their claim to our grateful and charitable remembrance. To these, O Lord, and to all that rest in Christ, grant, we beseech Thee, a place of refreshment, light, and everlasting peace, through the same Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. Amen.

~ Steven C., “The Knight of Tradition”


3 thoughts on “International Planned Parenthood defunded in U.S.

  1. Renee

    President Trump has put the do-nothing-comprosing RINO’s to shame! He will go down in history as one of our greatest president!


  2. Joshua

    I fell for the liberal madness as a child, thinking communism was “cool,” defending homosexuality, loathing anyone labeled as “Nazi,” and, of course, being incredibly lazy and worthless despite feeling superior and entitled. But even I could never get behind abortion. Only the truly wicked could willingly support the murder of the most defenseless of creatures. Pro-death Americans know who and what Sanger was; a lesbian, feminist Jew, and they’ve read her thoughts on abortions and those receiving them, yet their minds are to weak to overcome the lifelong indoctrination they have been subjected to.

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