Did the crisis in the Church begin at Vatican II?



The upheaval and turmoil of heresy and apostasy did not begin with Vatican II. Spoken in 1846 by Pope Pius IX:

“…As a result of this filthy medley of errors which creeps in from every side, and as the result of the unbridled license to think, speak and write, We see the following: morals deteriorated, Christ’s most holy religion despises, the majesty of divine worship rejected, the power of this Apostolic See plundered, the authority of the Church attacked and reduced to base slavery, the rights of bishops trampled on, the sanctity of marriage infringed, the rule of every government violently shaken and many other losses for both the Christian and the civil commonwealth. Venerable brothers, We are compelled to weep and share in your lament that this is the case.”  ~Pope Pius IX, “Qui Pluribus”, 1846 A.D.

And again by Pope Pius VIII:

“In the first place, the Roman See is assailed and the bonds of unity are, every day, being severed. The authority of the Church is weakened and the protectors of things sacred are snatched away and held in contempt. The holy precepts are despised, the celebration of divine offices is ridiculed, and the worship of God is cursed by the sinner. All things which concern religion are relegated to the fables of old women and the superstitions of priests. Truly lions have roared in Israel. With tears We say: ‘Truly they have conspired against the Lord and against His Christ.’ Truly the impious have said: ‘Raze it, raze it down to its foundations.'”  ~Pope Pius VIII, “Traditi Humilitati”, 1829 A.D

The Second Vatican Council was just a tumor, a viral tumor, that infected the entire Body.  That tumor developed since Satan rebelled against God, ultimately; however, the Church and world has never been the same since the dreadful atrocities of the French Revolution – the overthrow of God and the glorification of man.  The Catholic Church has never had worldly peace or perfection from its every member. As a matter of fact, persecution is a sign of heavenly favor, for God is always showing his providential care by preserving the Apostolic Faith, at all times and in all places and for all people.

The errors of the French Revolution have led to a deification of man, where man is given pride of place in the Church.  What are these errors. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Sound familiar? Religious Liberty, Collegiality, Ecumenism. The current Faith being propagated as Catholic, is nothing more than the worship of man; the cult of man was even literally spoke of by one of the post-Counciliar Popes, Paul VI.

Cardinal Suenes famously stated that Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in “Open Letter to Confused Catholics” quotes one of the liberal prelates at Vatican II as saying, “We had struggled for a century and a half to bring our opinions to prevail within the Church and had not succeeded. Finally, there came Vatican Il and we triumphed. From then on the propositions and principles of liberal Catholicism have been definitively and officially accepted by Holy Church.”  In my opinion, the Modernists are the successors of the French Revolutionaries, in a spiritual way, for they murder the Faith and her glory and beauty.

Yet, in the end, God will triumph over the revolutionaries, once and for all:

“Verily no one of sound mind can doubt the issue of this contest between man and the Most High. Man, abusing his liberty, can violate the right and the majesty of the Creator of the Universe; but the victory will ever be with God – nay, defeat is at hand at the moment when man, under the delusion of his triumph, rises up with most audacity. Of this we are assured in the holy books by God Himself. Unmindful, as it were, of His strength and greatness, He ‘overlooks the sins of men’ (Wisd. xi., 24), but swiftly, after these apparent retreats, ‘awaked like a mighty man that hath been surfeited with wine’ (Ps. 1xxvii., 65), ‘He shall break the heads of his enemies’ (Ps. 1xxvii., 22), that all may know ‘that God is the king of all the earth’ (Ib. 1xvi, 8), ‘that the Gentiles may know themselves to be men’ (Ib. ix., 20).” ~Pope St. Pius X, “E Supremi”, 1903 A.D

May we always love our great and glorious Catholic Faith, protecting and preserving it with our lives, lest the Modernist Revolutionaries destroy our life and our hope, that is the Church.

~Damsel of the Faith






4 thoughts on “Did the crisis in the Church begin at Vatican II?

    1. Steven C.

      Thank you for the comment and your support. We love Roberto de Mattei! The initial rebellion and consequently the beginning of the Fifth Age of the Church was certainly begun by Luther. However, I would add that the specific philosophies that inspired Vatican II, those eighteenth-century Freemasonic ideas of “Liberty”, “Equality”, and “Fraternity”, have their roots largely in the French Revolution.


  1. Renee

    The errors of Vatican II are without a shadow of a doubt, by far the greatest cataclysmic affront which has been directed against the Roman Catholic faith since Luther’s Protestant rebellion! Even then, the Church was able to retain her glory and universal authority. Due to the courage and zealous spirit of a number if saintly Pope’s who excommunicated a number of heretics who refused to subject themselves under the authority of the Holy See. That is not the case today.

    For Vatican II, which began taking shape during World War II, as Bella Dodd confirmed, is a completely fabricated church. Which has also ushered in a succession of popes who can clearly be identified as anti-pope’s, due to their support of a number of heresies once condemned by our pre-Vatican II Popes. They have also invented a Protestant based mass which has also bred an entire new generation of heretics!

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