Pope Francis disparages Medjugorje ‘apparitions’- why all Catholics must reject them


In marking the 100th Anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, Pope Francis traveled top Fatima and canonized the two younger shepherd children, Francisco and Jacinta.  Despite the numerous problems associated with this act(the horrendously modern-looking church used, the dubious canonization process), this recognition should be praised as positive for the universal Church and her members.

Pope Francis unfortunately spoke several more questionable statements and novelties over the weekend, many of which you may read about on other traditional websites.  However, many statements made were quite interesting, such as these remarks on the Medjugorje “apparitions”(from the attached link above):

“‘The (commission) report has its doubts. I personally am more nasty. I prefer the Madonna as mother, our mother, and not a Madonna who is the head of a telegraph office, who every day sends a message at such-and-such an hour. This is not the Mother of Jesus,” he said.

“Who thinks that the Madonna says, ‘Come tomorrow at this time, and at such time I will deliver a message to that visionary?'” he said.

But Francis acknowledged that some people who go to Medjugorje experience a spiritual renewal and “encounter God, change their lives.

Although these remarks were made in another off-the-cuff airplane interview and in his usual speaking style, the Holy Father has done much good here.  He notes the questionable results of the Commission to investigate these apparitions and comments on the rather erratic, unusual behavior of who supposedly is the “Madonna”.  Will all of those Medjugorje devotees preach obedience to the Holy Father here, as they usually criticize us for not obeying?  Some may, but others have highlighted his words that this is his personal opinion.

While these are good reasons to question these claimed visions, there are other reasons why Catholics are obliged to reject them.  For one, it is doubtful that the children are often even in ecstasy much of the time, as proven by the French journalist who made a seer flinch when he snapped his fingers by her face.  But the main reason we must condemn the Medjugorje craze is the many “ecumenical” statements made by “Our Lady” to multiple seers affirming that all religions are dear to her Son and that we cannot be believers if we do not respect other religions as well.  Clearly such remarks are both blasphemous and heretical.  So the Mother of God would not distinguish between individuals and the false religions themselves?  We are required under pain of sin not to accept these statements, and this is what particularly dooms the Medjugorje visions.  It is unsettling that the Pope did not mention these questions, perhaps because he unfortunately finds no problem with them.  These affirmations differ very little from those made at Vatican II concerning the ecumenical movement.

But why then are there several examples of conversions from visiting Medjugorje?  A short excerpt from sspx.org:

“…However, Dan Burke at the National Catholic Register points out that although God can bring good out of evil if He chooses, among the evil fruits of Medjugorje are disobedience and disrespect of the local bishop in a matter clearly within the purview of his authority. It is concerning that this disobedience supported and encouraged by the supposed messages of Our Lady through the “seers.”

Moreover, the personal lives of a number of the disobedient clerics involved with the apparitions do not stand up to scrutiny.”

The good intention of a soul may move the Hand of God to provide the necessary graces, but this does not justify these supposed “visions”. We must reject the falsehoods present and defend the honor and glory of Our Lady.  For a comprehensive refutation of the Medjugorje apparitions, here is the full, acclaimed work of the late traditional writer, Michael Davies:


Mr. Davies’ book has been of great assistance to souls trying to see through this dangerous cloak thinly covering such a diabolical manifestation.  Let us act accordingly and help souls to see the truth, while praying that the Authorities continue to oppose these visions, but in a more clear, defined manner.


~ Steven C.


7 thoughts on “Pope Francis disparages Medjugorje ‘apparitions’- why all Catholics must reject them

  1. rescuedbymary

    Medjugorje is a horny headed demon with hooves.

    Medjugorje was hatched out of the bowels of hell – An adulterous marriage between charismaticism and Mariolatry. It is a stench in the nostrils of a Holy God.

    Nobody has the ability to speak in languages they have never studied. You can’t do it and you don’t know anybody who can.

    The roots of this phenomenon can be traced back to a grave yard where is buried a deacon; a disciple of Cornelius Jansen. What Jansen is most famous for is his treaties entitled “Augustinus” which he left for publication upon his death, after spending some twenty years of his life in its preparation. In it he readdresses the age old argument between Augustine and Pelagius in his attempt to dismantle the theology of the Jesuits and justify his rebellion against Rome in establishing the “old catholic church” in the Netherlands. His writings which have come to be known as Jansenism have been condemned as heretical by the Church.

    The deacon we are considering had a reputation among his peers for sanctity and was quoted as saying that if any miracles were performed on his grave he wanted them attributed not only to Catholicism but to Jansenism and well. Now this is where history takes a curve.

    It is the theological writings of Jansen that has gotten so much attention in many circles in the study of the history of the “old catholic church” and its origin. What has fallen between the cracks however, is the answer to the request of that deacon. Satan showed the reality of Jansen’s pact with the devil when he showed up at that deacon’s grave with some of the most bizarre manifestations to make their debut in all of Church history, many of which bear a striking resemblance to what we have seen happen in the heretical protestant sects over the last fifty years, even creeping into the Holy Roman Catholic Church in the late 1960’s. The men who are responsible for this are creeps. They crept into the pulpit when nobody was looking, and have been spreading their false spirit throughout the Church like a cancer up to our present day – which brings us back to Medjugorje.

    Now, the fornicating franciscans which are in rebellion to both their superiors in Rome as well as the Diocesan authorities in Mostar, where these sensational happening originated, have taken to concocting a false authority for themselves by going to none other than what is left of the “old catholic church” which is still there in the same geographical location, to get – you guessed it – a deacon! masquerading as a Bishop to ordain priests for their new religion that they have desperately been trying to pawn off as Catholicism to the unsuspecting masses.

    They have been successful in separating the people of God from their Bishops in the True Catholic Church by inundating them with what are supposed daily messages straight from Heaven via the ‘Mother of God’, thereby deceiving untold thousands through brainwashing techniques accomplished with the help of internet technology and old fashion gullibility. It’s been an amazing feat to observe. Truly the work of some of the best con men the world has ever seen. The used car salesmen’s old bait and switch pales in comparison to what we have been seeing take place right before our eyes.

    The connection between Jansenism and Medjugorjeism is spiritual in nature. Basically, it’s the same demon. The little rat has been hovering around in that area just looking for his opportunity to strike; and he found it in the disobedience of the six minions of the fallen angel that have been perpetrating this fraud for over twenty five years.

    When disobedience in not checked, it leads to rebellion. And this is exactly what happened in the former Yugoslavia when six young people refused to obey their Bishop, who was eventually kidnapped and severly beaten by crazed Medjugorjists. Think what you will of his Church – the man was just doing his job. And when rebellion is not swiftly put down, it leads to mutiny, on the high seas! Now somebody’s got to die in an attempt to restore order, and prevent chaos. If this is unsucessful, then you’ve got witchcraft. And this is exactly what happenend to the fella that started Medjugorje – God smote him dead of a heart attack right there on his hill of abberation. He died outside the sacraments of his Church.

    Rebellion is as the as the sin of witchcraft.

    And the fraud continues to be perputrated by his disciples to this day.

    There is nothing more powerful in opening up a way to the demonic spirit world than rebellion; it’s more powerful that pharmaceuticals. And the devil has taken advantage of this to demonstrate his wares to his unsuspecting visitors. Nothing has ever happened at Medjugorje that the devil couldn’t do.

    If you can convince the catholic faithful that something is Mary – they will believe anything!

    So beware, my friend – Beware.



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  2. Steven C. Post author

    Marysong, thanks for your comment. Of course, one could say he probably should have stated more than his “personal opinion” here, but I doubt he’ll end up approving it.

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    1. Steven C. Post author

      Maria, thank you very much for the question.

      Garabandal is a very complex topic and more difficult to outright affirm (e.g. Fatima) or condemn(e.g. Medjugorje). In fact, I could probably write entire posts about it. However, to briefly summarize:

      Garabandal is not an officially approved apparition of the Church. There is no requirement for a Catholic to believe it or even endorse it. The seers were clearly in ecstasy, but the question is whether these apparitions were from Heaven.

      Much of the messages given do not contradict Church teaching. There are even some very interesting sentences, possibly explaining a crisis in the Church. In this video, Fr. Gruner discusses a couple of these points, but makes clear that this apparition is not officially approved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2T55nsW5PU

      However, there are many arguments given in favor of great caution. You might read a few of them here: http://www.unitypublishing.com/Apparitions/Garabandal2.html I do not necessarily endorse every single statement made in this document, but I find the argument to be overall a certainly valid one.

      A couple of additional points in response to rumors:

      IF Garabandal in any way affirmed how great of a council Vatican II would be, then it is definitely not from Heaven.

      IF Padre Pio believed that Our Lady was appearing in Garabandal (a claim which I am not sure has substantial proof), it would not necessarily then have to be an infallible statement.

      Although the seers often contradict each other and seem confused, the seers say that Heaven has indicated that this is because they will mirror the crisis in the Church.

      I hope this answer will help you. I might dedicate a post to it one day, but let us by all means remain faithful to the Message of Fatima, which we are confident is from Our Lady, as a most important message for our time.



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