Traditional Catholic Representative stands strong against “homosexual agenda”, is scorned by “LGBTQ” movement and media

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Last November, we were delighted to write on the election of Mr. Francis Awerkamp to the State House of Representatives in Kansas.  For this was not simply the election of yet another so-called “conservative”, but a true sign of Hope.  Mr. Awerkamp has been a lifelong attendee of the Society of St. Pius X’s priory in St. Mary’s, Kansas and ran for office on a platform that was 100 percent faithful to the timeless teachings of the Catholic Church and even the Natural Law. He is also a devoted husband and father, having a wonderful, growing family of his own.

The election of such a candidate is definitely miraculous in our day and this one may be attributed in large part to the good fruits of the strong traditional Catholic community in St. Mary’s.  Located right in the heart of America, this pleasant, humble town holds a profound Catholic history dating especially back to the early 19th century.  It was the Jesuit missionaries who started this wonderful work, building an already devout Indian area into a great force for the Catholic Church and the entire world.  The large parish has always been there, but there have been different areas of focus for the mission from the famous boys school and college to the Jesuit seminary.  After the Second Vatican Council, the Jesuits ended their mission at St. Mary’s.  For a decade, St. Mary’s was mostly dormant and slowly deteriorating, but its greatest work was about to commence.  In 1978, Divine Providence allowed the Society to acquire the property.  Abp. Lefebvre then visited St. Mary’s and admired especially the former Immaculata Chapel  and saw it as “a symbol, raised up in the heart of America, and destined to favor the Catholic renaissance of our great country.”  The chapel was unfortunately later destroyed by fire, but the mission has thrived.  St. Mary’s is now home to 13 traditional priests, approximately 4,000 faithful, a complete elementary and high school with several hundred students, a Liberal Arts College, and much more than I could ever fit into this post.

The town of St. Mary’s itself may be the most Christian town in America. Having so many resident traditional Catholics does make quite a difference after all.  Thank God, it is even illegal to purchase a contraceptive here.  This is one of very few places in the world where traditional Catholics stand a reasonable chance at being elected to higher positions in government and having a say in making laws.  Of course, the cultural degradation in America and the deep political “establishment” have allowed for the most vile of protests against one who even seeks to uphold the most basic precepts of the Natural Law. We are now all of a sudden so “enlightened” and the previous generations archaic and stupid?  What has this modern world produced with its enlightenment?  A few technological advances and pure chaos. It is by no means “tolerant” for anyone to attack and denigrate Christianity, which has given everything to the world, and subsequently embrace all rights for Sodomites.  The true aim of this present-day movement is to subvert the Christian West, not to “love” everyone’s “choices” and backgrounds. Truths of the Faith and Natural Law do not change; they remain constant for eternity.

Mr. Awerkamp is one of very few in a political position who fully understands and accepts the Law of Almighty God and good common sense.  On Monday, he published a newsletter online detailing his positions in regard to certain major issues.  Many of them addressed topics concerning taxes and education.  Inside the newsletter was this paragraph to summarize issues surrounding the family:

Pro-Life/Pro-Family:  The Legislature passed and the Governor signed a Bill updating the Women’s Right to Know Act. This Bill gives women access to more information about her would-be abortionist on abortion consent forms.  This bill represents a small victory for the pro-life efforts in Kansas as it sheds much-needed light on some of the more troubling elements of the abortion industry; hopefully, this Bill will help a mother to chose life for her child. Governor Brownback consistently supports pro-life bills, signing more than any governor in Kansas history, and continues to preserve Kansas as one of the most pro-life states in our country.  Regarding Family issues, many attempts to undermine parental rights or advance the progressive agenda against the natural law were defeated this year.  The so-called “LGBTQ” movement surprised many legislators this year: Organizers brought students to the Capitol to promote the homosexual agenda.  After I explained my clear position that “a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and marriage is between a man and a woman, and this is a reality that we can not change,” the teachers, one of whom was a man wearing a skirt ‘identifying’ as a woman, quickly led the students away.  Re-establishing family values in our country will require effort, but a great first step is to stop using taxpayer dollars to teach, promote, and encourage the homosexual agenda.    

Again, this would have made sense to the vast majority only a few years ago, but in our age, the media has wasted little time in pouncing upon this paragraph.  Although they claim to present “neutral” stories, the tone is obviously a left-wing slant designed to undermine these stances. There are also attacks coming from “Equality Kansas”, an “LGBTQ” rights group.  Executive Director Tom Witt commented, “Awerkamp is letting stereotypes control his thinking, and his comments about the people that were there are nothing but disrespectful and demeaning.” Predictably, many left-wing, pro-death individuals have invaded the media with vitriolic remarks about Mr. Awerkamp and his Faith, to the honor of both.  It might never truer than in our age for groups and individuals to be shunned by the world for being faithful to God.

We ask our readers to consider taking a few moments to thank Mr. Awerkamp for his stance against this immoral legislation.  The thanks might not have to even come in writing, but perhaps through good prayers for himself, his family, and for those he represents.

To conclude, an excerpt from on this gender identity disorder:

“Until now, everyone has followed common sense that the sex makes the gender. The human person is male or female according to one’s biological constitution which, implying a certain kind of education, is the base of the specific psychology. It followed that homosexual behavior was considered as being against the order of nature, thus anti-natural. Now, in order to explain and justify homosexual behavior, modern ideologues affirm that the gender makes the sex. Thus masculine and feminine behavior would not correspond necessarily to the biological sex. For them, “the sex is a social category”, meaning that it corresponds to the desires of each in connection with the “construction” of the social models. Also, as being dependent on desire and education, but no longer on nature, the gender could be changed.

Yet such an approach is based on puerile argumentation. Social influence cannot affect the subject so greatly that the person’s gender is determined solely through social influence. “The sexual identity is inscribed on each cell of the body and can be determined by the ADN test. This is not subject to change.” Male and female identities rest on the being[3] of the person itself. “Agere sequitur esse” says the saying: one acts (or not, in the case of disorders) according to the physiological and psychological construction made by the Creator, although original sin and poor education may twist the plan of God and induce disordered tendencies.

The gender ideologues “denature” the sexual difference in order to achieve the equality between men and women more efficiently, to the point of rendering them similar, and of legitimizing any sexual orientations whatsoever. To be a man or a woman would be a mere question of personal and free preference.

This ideology is also used to draw anthropological conclusions which institute particular realities like homosexuality, but also to modify the sense of human sexuality. If the male and female identities are no longer rooted by God in the nature of beings by means of sexual differences and complementarity, but left to free choice, the use of sexuality itself happens to be disconnected from its objective and realistic goal: generation (i.e.,procreation).

Here, we are facing a dilemma between practice, as it is lived between men and women (men and women, because they are such, and not because they want to be such, thus having sexual intercourse in order to procreate), and a system of analysis, of conceptual representation codified by the gender theory which play with words pretending to free oneself from the reality of things.

Despite its flaws, this ideological current is inspiring political decisions in first world countries. In others, like Africa or Asia, it imposes the “new colonialism” of this modern Western thought, under the pressure of international institutions to the point of destabilizing society in a way similar to Marxism.

The Church calls us to respect all persons in their dignity but this does not mean that she agree with sexual practices which depart from the dignity of human sexuality nor that she admits marriage and adoption by same sex “couples.” It is an abuse of language to speak here of “couples” and of “family” since both always imply something only represented by sexual differences and the generative couple.

The gender ideology’s main aim is to give equal rights to all persons. The pretension to spread marriage to persons of the same sex in the name of equality is both nonsensical and an anthropological transgression since only a male and a female make an alliance which supposes complementarity and therefore sexual differences, whereas certain people make believe that marriage could be contracted on the mere basis of sexual orientation.

In line with this, the gender ideology intends to re-invent and solve the relations of authority between men and women and the prescription of their mutual roles. But injustice and mistreatment cannot be solved by emancipating women from the social role of spouse and mother, by marking their autonomy and independence from man and by liberating themselves from the “unjust constraints” of maternity. The promotion of contraception and abortion by means of the modern notion of reproductive health will bring neither peace to women nor more respect and responsibility to men, let alone peace between men and women.

Only the will of the Creator, with the help of grace, can bring peace and joy by instilling justice and charity. That is the good news that the angels sang on Christmas Eve by announcing the coming of Emmanuel, the Savior.”

~ Steven C.



Mr. Awerkamp’s newsletter:


Post from last November on Mr. Awerkamp’s election:




4 thoughts on “Traditional Catholic Representative stands strong against “homosexual agenda”, is scorned by “LGBTQ” movement and media

  1. Nodda Nothen

    A young traditional Catholic man? I was born and raised Catholic. How is demonizing gay and lesbian people “fighting for Holy Mother Church”? It is nothing but a statement of cowardice to hide behind your religion as an excuse to demonize people who are the way “god” made them to be. Francis AwerKamp is an embarrassment to the Church and to our nation. He is a despicable coward who got himself elected by spreading hate and ignorance.


    1. Louise Anna

      Nodda – Can you quote where he was “demonizing gay and lesbian people”? No you cannot, because he did not. Can you prove your assertion that he “got himself elected by spreading hate and ignorance”? No you cannot, because he did not. Your usage of “god” indicates you have lost the Faith of your childhood – which explains the bitterness and viciousness and dishonesty in your comment. Go back to God, the joy of your youth.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Steven C. Post author

        Louise Anna, I entirely concur.

        The laws of God and Nature cannot be changed and legalized on the same level as Truth for the sake of “equality”. This has to do with the actions themselves, not for condemning individual persons. For those who have developed(not predetermined at conception) a same-sex atttraction, they must simply live chastely, as we are ALL called to do in differing degrees depending on our state in life. Hopefully, with good efforts and love and prayer, they may even correct this attraction as best as possible.

        I highly recommend this article:



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