Queen of Angels impacted by flooding


It appears the source of the water in the sanctuary was from a leak in the roof. That Queen of Angels stands untouched in this midst of an inundated city is a miracle. Thank you, Jesus & Mary, for your protection.

Fr. Frank Kurts, Prior at Queen of Angels, offers an update. Water has gotten in the Church. Please pray that it doesn’t continue to rise and there is not extensive damage on this beautiful House of God. Have mercy, Lord, have mercy.


UPDATE Tuesday 8/29, 10:15am CT:

Fr. Kurtz has recorded some new video and passed along pictures. Please see above, or view on YouTubeVimeo, or Facebook.

From Fr. Kurtz:

We had a full nights sleep for first time since Friday night. County Constable checking in church right now. Priest and brothers safe at two guest houses. Fr Haenny and Fr Post safe at San Antonio chapel where they went on Thursday afternoon.”

Father was able, with permission from local law enforcement, to enter the chapel to assess damage. Water has sadly entered the chapel, and the level is rising, as shown in the video above.

The National Weather Service showed a single day rainfall record for the Queen of Angels Church area of 16+ inches yesterday alone. The Army Corps of Engineers is releasing water from spillway, but Father says this is on the other side of the Houston Metro.

More faithful of our Texas chapels are becoming affected by the rising flood waters, but have, for the most part, been able to be evacuated.  We request your continued prayers for the situation, and the repose of the souls of the two in the Queen of Angels family who have lost their lives.


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