The Consecration: To make Something out of nothing


The Consecration is the greatest miracle in the Church. God created out of nothing, but the priest makes nothing into Something.

“The Roman Rite, in important parts, goes back at least to the fourth century, more exactly to the time of Pope Damasus (366-384). The Canon of the Mass had attained by the time of Gelasius I (492-496) the form it has kept until now, apart from some modifications made under Gregory I (590 -604). The only thing which the popes have unceasingly insisted upon since the fifth century is that the Roman Canon must be adopted; their argument being that it went back to the Apostle St. Peter.”  ~Monsignor Klaus Gamber, The Reform of the Roman Liturgy: Its Problems and Background

“The moment of Consecration is the moment most important and solemn, the most sublime and touching, the most holy and fruitful of the whole sacrificial celebration; for it includes that glorious and unfathomably profound work, namely, the accomplishment of the Eucharistic Sacrifice, in which all the marvels of God’s love are concentrated as in a focus of heat and light.”  ~J.A. Jungmann, The Mass of the Roman Rite

“And thenceforth, the Apostles, and their successors in the priesthood, began to lift to heaven that ‘clean oblation’ foretold by Malachy, through which the name of God is great among the gentiles. And now, that same oblation in every part of the world and at every hour of the day and night, is offered and will continue to be offered without interruption till the end of time: a true sacrificial act, not merely symbolical, which has a real efficacy unto the reconciliation of sinners with the Divine Majesty.” ~Pope Pius XI, “Ad Catholici Sacerdotii”, 1935 A.D



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