He is risen!


Our Lord Jesus Christ has risen just as he said! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

He is risen! Christ has triumphed over satan, sin and death. He has left us the means of salvation, the Church. He remains for a short while and then returns to Heaven, His mission in this world having been accomplished through His Passion, Death and Resurrection. Our Redemption has been accomplished.

Indeed, He is risen as he said! Alleluia! Come, Lord Jesus, renew the earth and restore Your Holy Catholic Church and make her triumphant over her enemies.

A Blessed, Holy and Happy Easter to you all!

“Therefore we observe Easter in such a manner as not only to recall the facts of the death and resurrection of Christ to remembrance, but also to find a place for all the other things which, in connection with these events, give evidence as to the import of the sacrament. For since, as the apostle wrote, ‘He was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification,’ a certain transition from death to life has been consecrated in that Passion and Resurrection of the Lord. For the word Pascha itself is not, as is commonly thought, a Greek word: those who are acquainted with both languages affirm it to be a Hebrew word. It is not derived, therefore, from the Passion, because of the Greek word paschein, signifying to suffer, but it takes its name from the transition, of which I have spoken, from death to life; the meaning of the Hebrew word Pascha being, as those who are acquainted with it assure us, a passing over or transition. To this the Lord Himself designed to allude, when He said, ‘He that believeth in Me is passed from death to life.’ And the same evangelist who records that saying is to be understood as desiring to give emphatic testimony to this, when, speaking of the Lord as about to celebrate with His disciples the passover, at which He instituted the sacramental supper, he says, ‘When Jesus knew that His hour was come, that He should depart from this world unto the Father.’ This passing over from this mortal life to the other, the immortal life, that is, from death to life, is set forth in the Passion and Resurrection of the Lord.”

-St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church

“At the [Easter] season, which commemorates the triumph of Christ, our souls are filled with deep interior joy: we, accordingly, should also consider that we must rise, in union with the Redeemer, from our cold and slothful life to one of greater fervor and holiness by giving ourselves completely and generously to God, and by forgetting this wretched world in order to aspire only to the things of heaven: ‘If you be risen with Christ, seek the things that are above…mind the things that are above.’ (Col. 3:1-2)”   -Pope Pius XII


3 thoughts on “He is risen!

    1. editor

      Tim McGee,

      I’m not a fan of this “we’re Easter people” fashion. It’s led to the mentality that we have to have 15 instead of 14 Stations of the Cross, number. 15 being the Resurrection. Which means, of course, that the Stations are no longer Stations of the Cross! If you get my drift 😀

      And as for “Saint” Pope John Paul II… We must certainly hope and pray that he has saved his soul, but a canonisable saint? Not in any authentic Catholic sense. By his own admission, he failed to govern the Church firmly, dealing properly with dissenters (which is a key purpose of the papal role) and he dispensed with the central office of Devil’s Advocate in the canonisation process which means that a future pope will have to re-assess all the fast-track canonisations which have taken place during this crisis in the Church, including that of Pope John Paul II himself. Only those which would have passed the rigours of the original process, which was so rigorous that canonisations could be regarded as infallible acts, will be retained, in my highly fallible opinion 😀

      All of that said – a very happy Easter to you and all at Damsel of the Faith blog!



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