This is goodbye

It’s been a good few years bringing you Catholic truth but I have to go now. I just don’t have the time, energy or passion for this anymore. I can’t rail against the crisis in the Church when my own life is in crisis. I have to focus on my own life, my responsibilities & trying to be a young person again. My entire world was flipped upside down & we’re only one month into this year.

If you want to still follow me, I post on my tumblr at & on my twitter – @tradcatdamsel.

I will keep this blog up for reference.

Thank you all for your support. If any of you want to friend me on facebook, feel free – the name is Hannah Newchurch.

Hannah ~Damsel of the Faith~

8 thoughts on “This is goodbye

  1. Clare Fabula

    God bless you, Hannah. I have not known your name, but, have been most appreciative of your love for God and your commitment to share the Truths of the Faith with those who are not able to recall their childhood teachings or have a blind spot that they are trying to remove so that they will be once again able to hear the Truths. It is difficult in this world, but, with God’s help, anything is possible.

    As you have stated that you are young in your farewell post, I would like to ask you a question. My family has a plant nursery and we have been trying to find a good young man who is hard working and appreciates God’s opportunity for a man to work. The young man should be able to manage to keep things in order and timely as planting at certain intervals in necessary to maintain the crops. If you know of someone, would you kindly direct the young man to our web site: He can give us a call.

    The nursery is located in central – northern Maryland close to the PA line. There are good places to rent nearby. Thank you for your consideration. Best regards for maintaining your faith and re-aligning whatever has been out of whack. If you would give me your father’s name, I would like to have a Mass said for him.

    God bless you,

    Mrs. Clare Fabula


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  2. Chris Fletcher

    Hannah, you are grieving for your beloved father. This is not the time to make big decisions. Give yourself time and rest with Our Lord and His Mother. Our Church is going through a terrible time and we are weary of the struggle but be of good heart, we know that in the end grace will prevail. My prayers for you and for your father.

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  3. newenglandsun

    Hi Hannah,
    Sorry I’ve been a bit disconnected from you lately and also sorry to hear about your father’s repose–memory eternal!

    I’d been meaning to tell you that I have finally been formally received into the faith. I was chrismated into the Melkite Greek Catholic Church on January 25 and had my first communion February 2 (complicated issues with a Ukrainian Catholic priest delayed my first communion one week).

    Any way, hang in there.



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