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Reparation for the OKC Black “mass”

An important post from The Knight of Tradition on the OKC black “mass”:

As some of our readers may know, there will be a Black “mass” performed publicly in Oklahoma City on August 15, the feast of Our Lady’s Assumption.  The circumstances surrounding this particular Black “mass” may be even worse than the one performed in OKC in 2014, as a particularly diabolical ritual blaspheming Our Lady will also be performed.
Good Catholics, we are called to true Catholic Action here!  The Society of St. Pius X will be offering a public Solemn High Mass in Oklahoma City and is calling Catholics to do needed reparation!  I provide for our readers below the press release from the Society of St. Pius X concerning this matter and all of the necessary information from the SSPX US District.  I highly encourage all of our readers to consider attending this public act of reparation if they can possibly do so!

Public Mass of Reparation: August 15, Bicentennial Park, Oklahoma City, OK, 12pm

In reparation for the blasphemies to be committed in the Civic Center later that day

Bethany, OK, July 25, 2016 – St. Michael’s Chapel of Bethany, OK and the Society of St. Pius X announce a public Mass of Reparation at 12 p.m., noon, on August 15, 2016. As has been widely reported in public media, a group of Satanists will be permitted to perform a black mass and a blasphemous ritual they call the consumption of Mary in the public building of the Civic Center. These acts, the details of which are so shocking and repulsive that they would even scandalize non-Christians in their unnatural depravity, are transformed from a private outrage to a public act by their occurrence on public ground. A public act requires a public reparation. Therefore, priests of the Society of St. Pius X will offer a traditional Latin Solemn High Mass in Bicentennial Park, in front of the Civic Center, 201 North Walker Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73102, at noon on August 15.

The Society of St. Pius X and St. Michael’s Chapel invite Catholics from Oklahoma and the surrounding region and anyone of good will who is outraged by this disgraceful public event to participate in this public act of prayer and reparation and to defend the honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of all society, and His Blessed Mother. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be sung in Latin according to the ancient rite of the Church which dates to apostolic times and was codified by St. Pius V after the Council of Trent and which is sometimes referred to as the Tridentine Mass.

Those attending may wish to bring an umbrella for shade cover and a folding chair or blanket as the Mass will be offered in the outdoor park.

Father Patrick McBride, who services St. Michael’s Chapel, explains:

In 2014, we offered in a nearby downtown hotel a public Mass of Reparation in atonement for the first publicly performed black mass. This time we wanted to bring the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to the very ground on which these blasphemies will occur. We will raise up to heaven Our Lord’s Most Precious Blood in reparation for the insults that He and His Blessed Mother will receive from these people who regrettably respond to His loving embrace with insults and outrage. We particularly implore the protection of the Blessed Mother as we make reparation to Her Divine Son.”

Father Jürgen Wegner, Superior for the US District of the Society of St. Pius X commented:

It is even more urgent that the faithful participate in a public act of reparation this time. One of the goals of this Satanic group is to desensitize all of us to the gravity of the acts they perform with public sanction. In 2014, the faithful responded very generously to a call for reparation with between 900 and 1000 participating in the Mass of Reparation. This time, the response must be at least as generous. We must publicly demonstrate that those who truly love Our Lord will not simply come to see these public acts as now a normal part of public life.”

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Brian M. McCall or Jeromy Jones at St. Michael’s Chapel by email at

St. Michael’s Chapel is a Roman Catholic chapel that celebrates only the traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments, ministered by the priests of The Society of Saint Pius X. It is located at 4701 N. McMillan Ave., Bethany OK. Sunday Mass is offered at 9:00 a.m. every week.

For those of us who simply cannot attend, there are many other means by which we can make reparation.  One, of course, would be to devotedly hear a traditional Mass on that day, as the Feast of the Assumption is already a Holy Day of Obligation in many countries, including the USA.  We could also offer many kinds of penances and prayers.  Next month would certainly be a good month to begin our 5 First Saturdays in reparation to the Immaculate Heart if we are not already doing so!  Not only would we be making good reparation for Our Lady, but we would also finish exactly 5 First Saturdays in time for 2017, the 100th Anniversary of Fatima!  What a good preparation this would be!

May God bless you all!  May we all be found faithful!  Faithful to Our Lord and Our Lady and our beloved Catholic Faith!

~Steven C., “The Knight of Tradition”