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Earthquake shakes Norcia; Basilica of St. Benedict destroyed; Rome shaken

BREAKING: Earthquake destroys Basilica of St. Benedict in Norcia, Italy

The Cathedral of St. Benedict:

Surely there’s great symbolism behind this? Only God knows.  The Cathedral of St. Benedict, site of the birthplace of the great Father of Western Monasticism, was destroyed, but his statue was left standing.  The earthquake was felt in Rome and damaged the Basilica of St. Paul outside the walls, causing cracks to form in the ancient landmark of our holy religion.

A crack can clearly be seen 

This earthquake hit the morning of the Feast of Christ the King.  Christ the King who is dethroned and dishonored in the Church and will be all the more when the Pope travels to Lund, Sweden to explicitly endorse the false religion of Protestantism, placing it on par with the true Church of Jesus Christ.

Might this be a warning to the Pope, who is about to travel to Lund, Sweden to celebrate the Protestant Revolution and vindicate Martin Luther?

Readers, what are your throughts?

St. Benedict, pray for us and for the Pope, that his destructive path of heresy will be destroyed.

~Damsel of the Faith