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Chartres Pilgrimage 2017 – Restoring Catholic Tradition

Each year, tens of thousands of young Traditional Catholics make a 70 mile pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres to witness to the Catholic Faith, to do penance and to win graces for heaven, leaving them fortified for the spiritual battle that is required of them to be fervent Catholics and gain the Kingdom of Heaven.  This year’s pilgrimage reportedly had record numbers, some saying around 17,000 made the pilgrimage. For nearly 30 years, pilgrims have been making this march for the Faith. Far have they come, for they used to not even be allowed into Notre Dame Cathedral to offer the Holy Latin Mass. This year His Eminence, Cardinal Raymond Burke offered a Pontifical High Mass in the great Cathedral of Notre Dame.  In procession were many young traditionalists carrying banners of all different kinds of Saints, including Our Lady, Our Lord; in procession was also the Bishop of Chartres, followed by Cardinal Burke and the veil of Our Lady, one of the most precious relics of the Church.  What a grace to be in the presence of so much that is holy!  What a reminder that this is the glory of Christendom, the pomp and splendor of Heaven, considering that the traditions of our Faith is a foretaste of the beauty of Heaven’s eternity.

Michael Davies called the pilgrimage “the most important annual event happening in the Church today.” Indeed it still is today and I would say even more so during this centennial of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima.  The early efforts of the pilgrims and those ‘catacomb Catholics’ that preserved our Faith bear fruit today in a growing restoration movement of the young, who want the Faith and nothing but it.  The witness of these young Catholics prove that the old Faith is not forgotten; Europe and Christendom is not dead but lives on in the Traditional Latin Mass, in the lives of the countless saints and martyrs that have lived and died for the cause that we now take on as our birthright and heritage.

Pictures from the Society’s group, as well as the Remnant’s group:

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Below is a photo of Bishop Alphonso de Galerreta, SSPX, at the conclusion of the Society’s pilgrimage, ending in Paris. As I understand it, the Remnant’s group ended in Chartres at Notre Dame Cathedral, with Cardinal Burke offering the Holy Sacrifice in that great gem of Christendom. I was not aware that all of the traditional Catholics did not walk in unity. Does anyone know why the Pilgrimage is arranged this way?

The official website of the website can be found here, with many beautiful photos of the pilgrimage:

Michael Matt has a good article on Chartres here:

As a young traditional Catholic, I call all of you, most especially my generation, to take up the sword of tradition and to lay claim to our birthright and our heritage.  It’s up to you and I to save the Faith.  With Faith we walk the narrow path, with joyful hearts we sing, with fervent words we proclaim the greatness, the superiority of the Faith of our Fathers. Together we slay the Goliath of Modernism, the monster with many heads that has sought to devour the world and the Church, to send it to the bowels of hell, where all is ugly, unholy, satanic and modernistic.  Onward, Christian Soldiers, faithful sons of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Daughters of St. Joan of Arc, onward to victory, to God be the glory!

~Damsel of the Faith