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Prayers for Texas


As Hurricane Harvey nears the shores of Texas tonight, I call upon all of my readers to pray for the coastal cities of Texas, soon to be ravaged and torn apart by this Hurricane, which is to bring catastrophic, life-threatening flooding and storm surges. Being in Louisiana, we are not out of the woods yet and are expecting severe rain, while this hurricane could possibly head this way and strengthen in the Gulf again. If any of my readers are in the path of Harvey, God be with you all. Prayers for us all.

It’s been quite a week, both of the solar eclipse and the hurricane. There are signs here. Corpus Christi – the Sun of the Church. The Sun being eclipsed. Corpus Christi being ravaged, while the Body of the Church is ravaged by Modernism and the Body of Christ is torn apart in His Own Church.

These are chastisements.

Pray for Texas.

~Damsel of the Faith