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Introducing “The Knight of Tradition”



St. Joan of Arc and her most devoted soldier, Jean de Metz. (The Damsel of the Faith and The Knight of Tradition!)

“Chivalry is the Christian form of the military profession: the knight is the Christian soldier.” ~Leon Gautier, “Chivalry”

A new chapter in my blog begins. I would like to introduce to my readers my assistant blogger, Steven C., ” The Knight of Tradition.”  He will be permanently assisting me with my blog starting in August, with sporadic posts in the meantime.  Steven has been attending and supporting the Society for 15 years and he has been an altar server for 8 years.  He enjoys participating in Catholic functions and activities.  He is particularly devoted to Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. I actually met Steven at one such function, our recent SSPX picnic, of which I posted photos not very long ago.

Steven has been a great blessing to my life, a providential one, even. Most of you who read this blog and like what I do won’t have the opportunity to meet me. Steven did and he is basically the male version of myself. I could not have wished for a better friend to offer support and encouragement, and with this blog, participation in this fight for our Holy Mother Church and her tradition. He has most graciously accepted my offer to assist me in defending the truth for which I thank him. Steven and I possess an unbreakable bond of love for Our Lord, Our Lady, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Blessed Sacrament, the Priesthood, Medievalism, tradition and the SSPX. How great is it to know that we all are united in one Faith! He is prepared to defend the truth. I can only hope that this blog will be greatly enriched with his writings.

I dedicate our apostolate to Our Lord, Our Lady and all of the young canonized and uncanonized Saints of the Church, especially St. Joan of Arc, that we may be more holy like them and be ever ready to give an account for the Faith that we so greatly love.

As young confirmed Catholics, there is one purpose for which we were born and according to Pope Leo XIII, that is for combat!

Thank you to all of you who read this blog, to those who comment and those who silently read. I appreciate all of the support I have gotten with this blog over the past year and a half. I never expected to have 10 people read my posts but now there are many of you.  I only wish to be a small light in this cesspool of Modernism we live in, both in the world and the Church. May God bless you.

And Steven: May you always strive to live up to your desire to be a Knight for Our Lord and Our Lady.  Love truth and hate error.  With the armor of Faith and the Shield of Virtue, every enemy can be conquered, even those we are up against in the Church and we know what we are up against most of all, the deadly dart of Modernism.  I encourage you to keep the Code of Chivalry and you will be a true knight.  May God bless you, “Jean de Metz,” my most devoted knight. Ad majorem Dei gloriam! In the name of the King of Heaven, we raise our swords of truth, long live the holy and true Catholic Faith! And anathema be Modernism!

Some videos I dedicate to the Knight of Tradition:

2012022332col_catholic_knight_250           joan_of_arc_by_archangelgabriel-d6wvgip.jpg


As members of the Church Militant, it is our duty to fight!




May you always keep these virtues, Steven!


Keep this Oath always, Knight of Tradition!

Steven, I dub thee Sir Steven C., “The Knight of Tradition,” my most faithful and devoted knight. Be ever ready to assist me in the defense of our Catholic Faith. May the peace of God be with you. Deus vult!