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Mother Angelica passes away!

Mother Angelica passed away today, March 27th, Easter Sunday, at 5:00p, CT. What a glorious day for her to go after the “Good Friday” of her Purgatory to be “resurrected” at Easter. May She rest in peace. Thank you, Mother, for your unwavering love and fidelity to the truth of the Catholic Faith, despite all odds against you. The Church has lost a great warrior of the Church Militant. She had a great, great love for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin. She will be missed and lovingly remembered for all time!  Please pray for the repose of Mother’s soul.

Some of her beautiful quotes and prayers:

“If you’re not a thorn in somebody’s side, you aren’t doing Christianity right.”

“It’s your obligation to speak the truth, and everyone can either take it or leave it. But truth must be in us. We live in such a poverty of truth today.”

“We did not happen to be–we were chosen by God to exist.”

“Pray with love. Pray as you love. Love as you pray. Prayer is your heartbeat in rhythm with His.”

“If you have a problem in your life that you cannot fathom or understand, you have to examine your prayer life, not the problem.”

“If you’re Catholic, keep going. If you’re a Protestant, come home. If you’re an atheist, shape up!”

“When they want an excuse for killing a baby, they call it a fetus”

“Jesus is giving you such an opportunity to be holy, holier than all the saints that have ever been, because the world is in such need of shining lives, beacons to see by.”

“I love you enough to tell you the truth. You can judge someone’s love for you by their willingness to tell you the truth.” – Mother Angelica

“The way it is today with the priest facing the people, it’s something between the people and the priest. Too often, it’s just some kind of get together, and Jesus is all but forgotten.”

“Latin is the perfect language for the Mass. It is the language of the Church, which allows us to pray a verbal prayer without distraction. So much is spoiled in the vernacular.”

“We [priests] hide the truth from people because we want them to be pastoral. There’s nothing pastoral about leading souls to Hell.”

“Most Blessed and Immaculate Mother of Jesus, I place myself entirely under thy protection. Instruct, enlighten, and direct me. Support me in my weakness, and adore our dear Lord for me, since thou art my only refuge….pray for me and obtain the grace that this may be a day of true conversion. May it be so spent as if it were my last here on earth, thus serving as preparation for a blessed eternity, for which my soul longs, in order for ever to adore, love, and possess my God. Amen.”

“Be courageous and brave. Fight for your Mother the Church. You are on the winning side. You have nothing or no one to fear. Be Catholic, and be proud of it.”

“This is it. I’ve had all I’m going to take … You know, as Catholics we’ve been quiet all these years…. I’m tired, tired of being pushed in the corners. I’m tired of your inclusive language that refuses to admit that the Son of God is a man. I’m tired of your tricks. I’m tired of your deceit. I’m tired of you making a crack, and the first thing you know there’s a hole, and all of us fall into it. No, this was deliberate… I am so tired of you, liberal Church in America. You’re sick…. You have nothing to offer. You do nothing but destroy. You don’t have vocations, and you don’t even care — your whole purpose is to destroy… You can’t stand Catholicism at its height, so you try to spoil it, as you’ve spoiled so many things in these thirty years….”