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The General Chapter of the SSPX



Let us continue our prayers for the Society’s preservation in the Faith as they continue the fight, under the guidance of a new superior.

The Society of St. Pius X is a priestly society whose statutes were approved by a decree from the bishop of Fribourg, Bishop François Charrière, on November 1, 1970.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre founded it and organized its hierarchy with the approval of diocesan authority, at a time when the Catholic priesthood was collapsing.

Its constitutions, placed under the patronage of St. Pius X, were hailed with an official letter of praise from the prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal John Joseph Wright, on February 18, 1971.

In his preface for the second edition of the Society’s statutes on March 20, 1990, Archbishop Lefebvre spoke of the action of Providence that, “in His infinite Wisdom has raised up a work for the restoration of the Catholic priesthood in order to preserve the Treasures which Jesus Christ entrusted to His Church. Namely, the Faith in its integrity, Divine Grace through His Sacrifice and His Sacraments, and pastors destined for the dispensation of these Treasures of Divine Life.”

The Status of the SSPX in 2018

Today, the SSPX has 637 priests, with 123 professed brothers and 79 oblate sisters working by their side. In its seminaries and novitiates throughout the world, about 250 young men are currently being formed in the service of the altar.

The year 2018 will be marked by an important event in the life of this priestly society. Indeed, the General Chapter comes together every 12 years to elect the Superior General and his two Assistants, but above all to ensure that the statutes are faithfully followed, always in the spirit in which the Society was founded.

A man of the Church who had acquired an important amount of experience in missionary lands, Archbishop Lefebvre warned against all innovations, except those having to do with the administration of the society that are made necessary by the development of the apostolate and the Society’s multiple works.

General Chapter Dates Announced

Thus, from July 11 to 21, 2018, the fourth General Chapter of the Society will take place in Switzerland, at the St. Pius X Seminary in Econe. The members of the General Council, the superiors of all seminaries and districts, and the priestly members with the most seniority will gather to designate the Society’s authorities and examine the different aspects of the life of the Society: community and liturgical life, apostolate and administration, sanctification of the members, and the fight of the Faith.

On this occasion, the Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, has prescribed prayers that are to be recited daily in all the houses of the SSPX beginning on January 11, six months before the beginning of the Chapter: the recitation of the Veni Sancte Spiritus to ask the Holy Ghost for enlightenment, and the invocation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Pius X to obtain their protection and intercession. The faithful and all men of good will are cordially invited to join in these prayers.



The life of an SSPX Seminarian

Follow the life of an SSPX Seminary, those earthly angels of the Lord, called forth to continue in the restoration of the Church.

“He is an angel purifying, illuminating and perfecting the souls that God has entrusted to him. He is a seraph sent by God to teach men the science of salvation which is concerned only with knowing and loving Almighty God and His Divine Son, Jesus Christ.
The priest is an archangel and a prince of the heavenly militia, waging constant war against the devil who strives to drag countless souls into the depths of hell.”  -St. John Eudes

A call for priests – An overview of the priestly seminary in Zaitzkofen, Bavaria, following the path of one seminarian as he undergoes his priestly formation.

This impressive video shows the importance of priests in today’s world, and traces the both the formation of the seminarian and Archbishop Lefebvre’s insight by forming the SSPX on the backbone of the preservation of the priesthood.

Archbishop Lefebvre on the Priesthood


The great Archbishop Lefebvre founded the Society of St. Pius X for the Catholic Priesthood, during the most catastrophic crisis in Church history.  He knew that without holy priests, souls could not be saved.  In these sermons, we read the words of a great saint, with a great love for the True Church, who wanted nothing more than to pass on what he had received, for the salvation of souls.

“Now, the cleric, that is, he who intends to participate in the Priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, engages himself to holiness by his very function. It is no more the matter of a promise made in front of God, in front of Heaven, in front of the Elect of Heaven, in front of the Church, to profess holiness, but his very function is one of holiness because he participates in the Priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. To be a priest and not to search for holiness is a contradiction in terms. The priest must essentially be holy because of his function, because of the Order that he receives. Every admonition the bishop gives on the occasion of each ordination recalls this exigency. You, my very dear friends, who received the Orders of Lector and Porter yesterday, you remember well that the bishop told you: you must give the example by your life; you must sanctify the faithful by the example of your life, not only by your words, not only by your functions, but by the example of your life. And the same is true of every ordination, and much more by the priestly ordination. This is very important; it is a very profound commitment.”

The silent angels of the SSPX

The life of the Brothers of the Society of St. Pius X is sadly not well-known. The US District has produced this video to make their mission more well-known.

The U.S. District of the Society of St. Pius X has thus produced a short video to help inform everyone of the crucial mission Archbishop Lefebvre entrusted to them. God, grant us many holy religious vocations

Credidimus Caritati – the motto of Archbishop Lefebvre – was chosen out of zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. From the early days in Ecône, Switzerland to growth and expansion across Africa, Asia, America, Europe, and beyond, the life blood of the Society of St. Pius X’s mission has always been: the Catholic priesthood.

Each year, numerous priests join ranks in the Society’s apostolic mission which aims to give souls the grace they thirst for – through the Traditional Latin Mass, the traditional sacraments, and even through the formation and education of the faithful.

Founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the Brothers of the Society of St. Pius X work to support this apostolic mission of the priests.

The Novitiate in the United States, called the Holy Angels Novitiate, has recently taken new roots in the spiritually fertile and historically formative grounds of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary’s former campus in Winona, Minnesota.

Rooted by voluntary vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, the vocation of the Society Brother is both simplistic and sublime.

Free app for the the 1962 Ordo


The Society will soon be releasing an app to make the Church calendar more easily accessible. See below for more info.

The U.S. District of the Society of St. Pius X is happy to announce its newest project: an online Ordo that follows the 1962 calendar.

As a web app, it can be used on any device: personal computers, smartphones and tablets, whether Apple or Android. We present this as a free service to everyone, especially priests who are offering the traditional Latin Mass.

This calendar begins with the new liturgical year on the First Sunday of Advent. It includes even local feasts in America and possible votive Masses. It will be completely populated in the near future.

It will be available by the end of this week, in time for Advent, the beginning of the liturgical year.

May this help spread the Mass of All Time and make it easier for everyone to find the information they need!

SSPX restores St. Willibrord Church in the Netherlands


The fruits of the Traditional Faith as kept by the SSPX are blooming in full fruition, evident in the story of this church preserved for what it was built for – the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

On November 12, 2017, the day after the feast of St. Martin, patron saint of the archdiocese of Utrecht, Bishop Fellay, Superior General of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X, reconciled the church of St. Willibrord.

The church is situated in the historic center of the city of Utrecht, and 600 faithful from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany were present. The ceremony began with the rite of reconciliation that the Roman Pontifical prescribes for restoring a sacred building to Catholic worship after it has been used for secular purposes. The bishop first blessed the “Gregorian water”, a mixture of water, wine, salt, and ashes, then sprinkled the interior walls and the ground in the form of a cross, in order to purify the church of its profane defilements.

In his sermon, Bishop Fellay reminded the faithful that the artistic beauty of this place of worship is a reflection of the divine beauty, of which the Christian soul is also an image. He went on to point out that this sacred building has now been restored to the traditional liturgy for which it was built and that “has never been abrogated”, as pope emeritus Benedict XVI declared in his Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum on July 7, 2007, although certain members of the hierarchy claimed it had been. The ceremony continued with a Pontifical High Mass celebrated from the faldstool, directed by the seminarians of Zaitzkofen, and enhanced by the magnificent sounds of the sumptuous organ and the baroque pieces that were sung most excellently and professionally.

After a luncheon attended by most of the faithful, the day drew to a close with Eucharistic adoration and the recitation of the rosary in this splendid church that is henceforth destined exclusively to the true worship of the one true Lord and Master of the universe.

The church was built in the 1870s, when the Catholic hierarchy was reestablished in the Netherlands. Nestled in the historic center of Utrecht, it is one of the city’s hidden treasures and one of the country’s most beautiful neo-Gothic churches. The Society of St. Pius X has just purchased this monumental jewel.

Richly decorated and perfectly preserved after a splendid interior restoration, the edifice offers a unique example of the spirit of medieval art from before Calvinist iconoclasm. The monumental organ – built by Michaël Maarschalkerweerd – is one of the building’s major attractions.

After the disaster of the Second Vatican Council, this jewel came close to being destroyed. It was saved thanks to the persistence of Fr. Winand Kotte and was classified as a historical monument and designated as a trial project for the preservation of the European architectural heritage.

By restoring true worship to an architectural jewel consecrated to St. Willibrord (657-739), the first bishop of Utrecht, apostle of Frisia and the Netherlands, where his feast is celebrated on November 7, the Society offers a concrete illustration of its holy Patron’s papal motto: omnia instaurare in Christo.

Source : FSSPX-News – 11/15/17

Archbishop Lefebvre’s youngest sister dies


Without a doubt, Archbishop Lefebvre came from a saintly family, that fostered his vocation and molded him into the militant Archbishop that he became for the Church.

Pray for the repose of the soul of his sister.

On October 17, 2017, Mme Guy Toulemonde, née Marie-Thérèse Lefebvre, the youngest sister and goddaughter of the founder of the Society of St. Pius X, breathed her last.

She married Guy Toulemonde and left the country with him for Columbia, where their five children grew up. She was the last of Monsieur and Madame Lefebvre’s eight children, five of whom embraced the religious life.

She offered a moving testimony on her brother Marcel in the movie Archbishop Lefebvre – A Documentary.

Requiescat in pace.