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Brought to you by the Society.  I’ve signed up this year and am enjoying the meditations. I encourage you all to do the same.

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Meditation, as we are speaking of it, is simply prayerful thought. We may not, because of our other duties, be able to spend long periods in silent meditation, but there are so many spare moments, between times, often idle, that could be filled with prayerful reflection with great glory to God and simply incalculable good to our soul. We could all make “minute meditations.”

The Daily Propers
The season of Lent is the most rich, liturgically speaking, of the year. While all may not be able to attend daily Mass during the upcoming 6 weeks, that is no reason to miss the beauty and reverence of Lent.

Each email will contain the Epistle and Gospel of the day, and any other notable selections from the Proper of the Mass, as contained in the Angelus Press Daily Missal.

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13 Our Fathers in honor of St. Francis of Paola


It is piously believed that St. Francis of Paola recited 13 Our Fathers and Hail Marys in honor of Our Lord and His Apostles. A most worthy endeavor for us to take up. The following is from The Racolta:

Pope Clement XII., in the Brief Coelestium munerum dispensatio of Dec. 2, 1738, granted –

i. A plenary indulgence to all the faithful who, upon thirteen Fridays continuously preceding the Feast of St. Francis of Paola (April 2), or at any other time of the year, shall, in honour of this Saint, being truly penitent, visit, after Confession and Communion, a church of the Minims, commonly called the Paolotti, either already erected or hereafter to be erected, and pray there for our Holy Mother Church; this Indulgence may be gained on any one of the said Fridays; and

ii. An indulgence of seven years and seven quarantines on all other Fridays.

Moreover, wherever there are not churches of the above named order, or where they are distant at least a mile from a person’s own dwelling, the same Clement XII. granted in these two cases, by a Brief Nuper editae of March 20, 1739, the same indulgences to the faithful as are mentioned above, conditional of course upon their previous Confession and Communion. In this Brief permission is given to visit any other church whatsoever dedicated to God in honour of St. Francis of Paola, or any altar existing in any church where there is a picture of this glorious Saint; and if none of these conditions can be complied with, the visit may be made to their own parish church.

This devotion originated with St. Francis himself, who practised it in honour of our Lord Jesus Christ and His twelve Apostles with this intent, on each of the thirteen Fridays he used to recite thirteen Pater noster’s and as many Ave Maria’s, and this devotion he promulgated by word of mouth and by letter to his own devout followers, as an efficacious means of obtaining from God the graces they desired, provided they were for the greater good of their souls.

Since the death of the Saint, which took place April 2, 1507, the day on which Good Friday fell in that year, this devotion has always been practised by the faithful throughout the whole Catholic world in honour of the holy Founder; and so it came at last to be approved by the said Clement XII., who granted the Indulgences above named, in order to animate good Christians to adopt it.

God spray, Tritheism and the Pope

Could the Pope be on the verge of preaching heresy, God forbid?  He says here God does not exist.

“He accompanies us and teaches us to pray. And our prayer should be Trinitarian. So often [people ask]: ‘But do you believe?’: ‘Yes! Yes! ‘; ‘What do you believe in?’; ‘In God!’; ‘But what is God for you?’; ‘God, God’. But God does not exist: Do not be shocked! So God does not exist! There is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, they are persons, they are not some vague idea in the clouds … This God spray does not exist! The three persons exist! Jesus is our companion on the journey who gives us what we ask; the Father who cares for us and loves us; and the Holy Spirit is the gift, the extra gift from  the Father, that our consciousness does not dare to hope for”.

The Holy Trinity is God.  Is he is denying that the Trinitarian nature of God as three in one?  He is saying if you pray to God you must do so in a Trinitarian way.  But it appears as if he is using the teachings of Christ to propagate a new and strange doctrine, that the Trinitarian nature of God is three but not in one.  Let us pray for our great Pope that he begins to speak clearly and concisely about our faith.

This is the mystery of the Godhead:  The mystery of the Godhead is revealed in Christ’s teaching on the Father.  The God of the Isrealities that they worshiped, this is the God that Christ came to reveal to His own people.  Is this the God that the Pope denies?  Apparently so?  The Pope Himself believes in a god that does not exist.  A new and strange god that is trinitarian, but is three different gods.  Christ came to reveal the Trinitarain nature of the God that the Hebrews worshiped.  Is Jesus just one of three gods that the Pope believes in – a god that is totally unrelated to the Godhead of the New Testament?  The True God is three in one.  Apparently the Pope denies the One True God that is expressed in three divine persons?  Jesus Christ did not come to reveal to us that God is three different gods, each with its own person.  God does not exist?  What god doesn’t exist in the Pope’s mind?

What in the world is God spray? Faulty translation?  If not, what is it?  The more you read of the Pope, the more you wonder if he is a Christian man at all.

The Pope said, “that God does not exist.”  He said it twice. His words, not mine.  What is he trying to do – divert our attention away from what the Synod is doing?

If God does not exist, then how can the Islamists and the Christians worship the same God, according to the Vatican?  How can a Jew be saved if his god does not exist?  How could the Greeks have been ignorantly worshiping the unknown God that St. Paul said he would reveal to them, if He doesn’t exist?

He is saying that Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father are three distinct Gods, but they are not contained in One.  The Trinity is not an expression of the Godhead anymore. It’s a polygamist God.  Very strange indeed and outright, blasphemous,perhaps?

Is the Pope a closet Tritheist?

Tritheism is the belief that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three independent divine beings and three separate gods who share the ‘same substance.’

It’s not enough that the Romans are decimating the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Now, they’re throwing Tritheism into the mix?  There can be only one explanation for this – They are trying to divert our attention away from all the heresies being promulgated by the Synod.

It is very bizarre for the Pope to come out and say something like this in the middle of the Synod.  The whole thing is getting more strange as the days unfold. At one point he said he didn’t believe in a Catholic God, now he says he doesn’t believe in God at all? No wonder the Pope doesn’t believe in a Catholic God.  This is the God the Pope insists that does not exist.  He has replaced him with some sort of tritheistic three-headed beast?  What is the Pope – a Tritheist or an atheist?  I pray for you, Holy Father.

Speaking of the Synod here we see more slander of Catholicism, from Archbishop Rino Fisichella:

“There has been too much emphasis on the Canonist, or legal, dimension of marriage, which has led us often into the waters of legalism. Recuperating the sacramental dimension would make it easier to find different solutions, in continuity with original doctrine. Here we return to the primacy of conscience. Nothing and no one can intervene in this. Of course, it must be a conscience that is illuminated by the Word of God, that is reflected upon and that accepts the obedience of a path.”Rino Fisichella

It seems that Archbishop Rino Fisichella is accusing every Pope of the past of being a legalist by insisting that people repent of their adulteries.  We all know what legalism is, but to put the emphasis on mercy and grace by allowing people to live in sin is even worse.

There has been too much emphasis on the canonist or legal dimension of Marriage? Oh, really?  That must account for the booming skyrocket of annulments that are being granted in the Church.  People are paying too much attention to their moral obligations, apparently?  Why don’t you go ahead and tip the whole thing over while you’re putting the emphasis on the pastoral dimension of Marriage?  When these people get finished, Marriage will no longer being Marriage.  It will be nothing but a civil contract between adulterers.  Here it comes – a complete corruption of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, brought to you by the Pontificate of His Humbleness himself, Pope Francis, you know? The one that doesn’t believe in God?

One can have an illuminated conscience from the study of God’s Word, as the Archbishop has described, but it can be a terribly malformed conscience if it’s not properly catechized.  I would hate to think that the Archbishop himself is an example of this.  I thought we were illuminated by the catechism.  I thought a malformed conscience was one that has not been catechized.  No one can intervene in the primary of conscience?  What about the traditions of the Church?  It is not just the Word of God.  What is being advocated here is the same old Protestantism warmed over.

This man is slandering Catholicism. Apparently, Catholicism is legalism.  What he is saying is there is too many rules to Marriage.  Without rules, there is chaos.

From the same article:

Will the Church modify its doctrine on marriage?

“I haven’t heard one single speech that calls the indissolubility of marriage into question. The dilemma is a pastoral one: how to welcome people without excluding anyone, whilst remaining faithful to Jesus’ teaching, in a world in which there is a great divide between dominant cultural trends and the Christian idea of the family.”

How can they ever hope to welcome everyone without excluding anyone?  This is Unitarianism.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the Catholic Church has ceased to exist, it seems.

The Christian ideal of the family?  The indissolubility of marriage is not an ideal to be lived up to.  It is a fact of nature.  The two become one flesh.  They are no longer two, but one.  Divorce and remarriage is adultery.  There is no pastoral remedy for this. Pat people on their back on their way to hell, if you will, they will curse you for it on the Day of Judgment.  The Church of Nice is loving people, alright.  They are “loving” them to death.

At the Synod, one couple spoke about how a family should act toward gay sons and daughters…

“I have had a chance to speak to families who experience these kinds of situations. I try to explain to them that the Church cannot recognise marriage between people of the same-sex but it embraces everyone like a mother, not like a judge.”

Here we see a subliminal attempt to introduce sodomite “marriage” into the Church. I’m reminded of the story of a man who was on death row for his criminal past and on the day of his execution, they strapped him down on the gurney and he asked if he could speak to his mother one last time.  The warden granted him this unusual request.  As his mother bent down to try to embrace him, she placed her ear close to his lips to hear what he had to say.  He summarily bit her ear off.  She jumped back and said “Son, why did you do this?”  He said “I hate you, mother, because you never gave me correction.  You allowed me to do whatever I wished.  You never truly loved me.  You loved me to death.”  This is the kind of mother this Bishop wants the Church to be.  It is gross, it is grotesque and all these adulterers will come to hate you in the last day, Archbishop Fisichella.  You don’t truly represent Christ.  You don’t represent truly His Church.  You are loving all these people to death.

This is in from the Vatican Canonist:

“But meantime, some very interesting comments came today from an unlikely source. Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, reviewed with reporters some of the pastoral options that are being proposed for Catholics who have divorced and remarried without an annulment.

He noted the suggestion that the church should look into the Orthodox Church practice of accepting, to some degree, second and third marriages, and said it deserved study. But he foresaw problems, and did not appear at all convinced that the Catholic Church would go down that road.

Instead Coccopalmerio favored streamlining the annulment process. He is a key member of a commission recently named by Pope Francis to study that very issue.”

It seems the Cardinal is placing the emphasis on how can the Church remedy this situation.  The adulterous marriage is little more than a technical problem that can be solved by streamlining the process of “annultery.”  Is there not one single Bishop among them who careth for these people’s soul?  A pastor should be a true shepherd, but these people are ravenous wolves in shepherd’s clothing.  “I’ve come to marry you in adultery.  I’ve come to deceive and to eat you.  The wolf comes to deceive and to eat you.  He careth not at all for your soul.”

Is the defender of the vow not among us?  Has he surrendered and laid down his sword?  What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.


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