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St. Jose Sanchez del Rio


Brutally martyred in the wake of the religious persecution of 1927 in Mexico, a boy, at the young age of 14, was put to death for Christ, while courageously shouting Viva Christo Rey.  This young martyr was St. Jose Sanchez del Rio, just recently canonized on October 16, 2016.  He was one of those called the Christeros, that band of militant Catholic men, who took up arms in defense of their Church and country.

The parents of young Jose instilled in him a love of the Faith and the Blessed Sacrament from an early age. This great love of God and the Church was Jose’s strength to face the severe persecution that Plutarco Calles, the President of Mexico, inflicted upon the Church. This persecution originated from the anti-clerical laws written in the Mexican constitution.

This boy was the epitome of courageous militantism. He eagerly desired death so that he might die for Jesus Christ. With this mindset, St. Jose begged the Christeros to allow him to fight alongside them, for God and Country. Relenting, the General of the Christeros allowed him to be their flag bearer.

Jose’s final courageous act cost him his life. The General’s horse was wounded in the fighting and Jose replaced it with his own. The revolutionaries captured him and locked him in the sacristy of a church. The church they used as a barn for roosters. Seeing this, Jose exclaimed, “This is not a barnyard! This is the House of   God!” The climax approaches, as the revolutionaries become enraged, demanding Jose renounce Jesus Christ. They tell him to say “Death to Christ the King!” He refuses and they torture him by stabbing him with a machete. They cut his feet, while forcing him to walk on salt. With every torture, he shouted all the louder, “Long live Christ the King!” Finally, Jose is shot in the head, but before he expires, he draws a cross on the ground and kisses it. What saintly fortitude and love of God! May we have a fraction of St. Jose’s virtues!

The Modernists could learn from St. Jose, for the event leading to his death involves disrespect to the House of God. The churches have turned into a barnyard of sin, immodesty and sacrilege. What would St. Jose say today if he saw the despicable atrocities that happen in the House of God? The small always confound the “great.”

St. Jose, ora pro nobis!

~Damsel of the Faith







Peter To Rot – Martyr for Holy Matrimony

Image of Bl. Peter To Rot

Peter To Rot, the martyr of marriage, a married man, raised to the Altar in giving his life for the Holiness of Catholic Matrimony.  A Blessed for a time such as this; a time of turmoil in the Church, of confusion that could be set aright by a man such as this, Peter To Rot.  He sacrificed his very life for the honour of not only his marriage to his 16 year old young love, Paula La Varpit, but for the dignity of his Catholic Sacrament, the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.  He was a martyr for his wife, for his faith, for his Church, for his Lord.  And today what do we see, but marriage trampled underfoot, desecrated by the defender of the vow, if there is one that still exists.  A John Baptist of his time, Peter To Rot took a stand for his faith in the face of an occupying army, a fierce and ruthless tyrant hell bent on extinguishing every and any vestment of the Catholic faith within its grasp.  And knowing full well his fate that awaited him, he pushed forward with supernatural and heroic faith, to leave behind his beloved and three little ones he held so dearly in his heart. 

I’m sure To Rot remembered the words of Father Laufer as they echoed in his mind, “To Rot, I am leaving all my work here in your hands. Look after these people well. Help them, so that they don’t forget about God.”  All the missionaries were imprisoned at Vunapope when the Japanese landed in Rabaul,  New Guinea, and Peter was left as the only spiritual leader of the Catholic people.  As the invading Japanese began to lose the war they felt threatened by the worship of the locals led by Peter To Rot, and started to persecute the Christians for gathering in caves for their Sunday worship.  Soon afterward they would pass that dreadful law, in an attempt to gain favor with the people, that a man could take a second wife.  Peter of course would begin to object and reprimand those who would do the polygamous deed.  It would eventually cost him his life. 

 I am here because of those who broke their marriage vows and because of those who do not want the growth of God’s kingdom.  ~ Peter To Rot









~ Damsel of the Faith