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The SSPX’s Pilgrimage to Lourdes

The following are the videos about the SSPX’s recent pilgrimage to Lourdes, one of the greatest Marian Shrines in the world.


Fr. Rostand, the former SSPX US District Superior on the Pilgrimage:

Pilgrims speak on the Pilgrimage:

A Pontifical Mass was offered by Bishop Alfonse de Galerreta, in the presence of Bishop Bernard Fellay and Bishop Tissier de Mallerias at the St. Pius X Basilica in Lourdes. Glorious day! This is the Church, in action!

The SSPX’s Marian Procession in Lourdes.  How beautiful! :

The blessing of the sick.  Bishop Bernard Fellay blesses the sick with the Most Blessed Sacrament:

Bishop Bernard Fellay carries Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, joined by Bishop Tissier de Mallerias and Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta:

The SSPX recites the Rosary in Latin at the Grotto where Our Lady appeared:

A compilation of photos of the Mass offered by Bishop Tissier de Mallerias:

Full video of Bishop Bernard Fellay’s Solemn Pontifical Mass:

Long live the SSPX, custodians and defenders of the True Unchangeable Catholic Mass!

~Damsel of the Faith